Going on Hiatus ~

Welp, I’m one week into my internship and based on my schedule from these past 5 days, I can tell I won’t have time to blog unfortunately.
Even if I did have time, the internet here sucks balls. I’ll be lucky if this post gets published!!!

I just need to time it before the connection drops, which is around every 5-8 minutes…

Don’t worry though. I’m still reading my manga as we speak ~ (yeah I brought manga with me on this internship because that’s how thug nerd I am) and I’ll be able to blog about them when I’m free in…April/May-ish? I’m not sure on the date because once I’m done with this internship, I have my PLEASE LET ME GRADUATE DAMMIT HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE I GIVEN YOU AND YOU’RE MAKING ME WRITE A XX PAGE PAPER TO PROVE I SHOULD GRADUATE I HATE YOU WAH MOMMY paper (I expect much crying around this time, on my part. My school doesn’t care. It ENJOYS my tears and charges me extra for giving it JOY! D: Yes kids. That’s how college works.).

Then relatives are coming over for my graduation.

Then I graduate and get drunk on the town and yeah… Lots of stuff happening!

Please keep safe you guys/gals/bananas/etc. and I’ll hopefully see you all again in April/May/the future 8D

PS. If you’re absolutely destroyed without my presence, you could always stalk me on Twitter 8D

6 thoughts on “Going on Hiatus ~

  1. Oh.. I exactly know what you mean by that XD (had to suffer a lot to graduate *shrugs*

    but good luck on your internship and graduation!! <3


  2. Please take care too~

    I hope you will have fun doing the internship (well the people who are with you ^^;;)
    The school wants to collect $$ as much as they can so they demand a load of works whenever a student is about to graduate – I know you won’t fall for their trap.


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