Tid-Bits: Kokoro Rental oneshot and Doll Rebirth Oneshot


Throwing this one in too ~ Here are some quick summaries of 2 Kuro Lala oneshots ~ These 2 have actually been scanned so there’s no point in reading this unless you have a fear of pictures xD Or would like to give your opinion about the oneshots ~ :3


Kokoro Rental/Rental Hearts (ココロ・レンタル) oneshot
By Hano Chise (羽野ちせ)

(Mangaupdates information)

“It’s feasible. All it takes…is a rental”

Main plot: Chick likes this dude. But dude doesn’t really know she exists, because Chick is quiet and keeps to herself. One day when renting a movie, some creepy cashier is like, hey you want to win his heart? I know all about your situation. And your name. And where you go to school. And I know what color panties your dad has on right now. Don’t question why I know all this. Just accept it because this is a oneshot and I’m making a creepy face (and we all know creepy faces mean something in the manga world). He explains she can win her dude’s love by renting him…lol that’s sounds so dumb and wrong xD (if you have the power to control people, why waste it by giving school girls a hard lesson? xD). And girl feels the same. She goes f you freak and leaves but since this is a oneshot dedicated to creepy stuff, her reasoning goes out the door and so she goes back to the cashier later like, sure why not. I haven’t questioned why you know about me or my dad’s Victoria Secret fetish so why question about a shop that rents people? And also, we’d have no plot to this oneshot ^___^.

She acquires a DVD starring her man from cashier. However, like all rented items, she has a set time limit on how long she can rent the DVD (this is important). While watching the DVD, she discovers that whatever she wants to happen when watching the DVD will happen in the movie played on the DVD. Then what happens in the movie happens in real life. All of a sudden, the man of her dreams is now her man! YAY! Things are going sweet save for his fanclub bitches who are confused with what’s going on and treat Chick like shit (I call them bitches because they treated Chick like shit before this). However, the return date is quickly approaching. Cashier tells Chick that if she wants to rent the movie for an extended period of time, she has to pay $100/night (or she can just work on her appearance and personality like other shojo heroines instead of relying on devil magic to possess her man into liking her. But she quickly rejects the latter option xD). Desperate to keep her man, Chick tries to steal money to pay cashier. But then she thinks instead, hey I’ll just say I lost the dvd, pay a fine, and keep my boy toy forever without having to pay $100/night! Brilliant. She tries this approach. Cashier dude is all =___= you really expect me to believe that shit? Chick flips and tells him to f it hard in the butt because she’s the customer and so what she says is true *crazy face* Later that night, while going home with her man, she receives a letter demanding the return of the DVD or else ~ She’s like, wtf!? Her man suddenly stops being her man and leaves her. Girl: D: wtf!? My man! If that didn’t suck, then this next part will! Later at school, the bitches rat on Chick for stealing (they had been watching her closely to get some dirt on her. Beware the fanclub, for they are strong in their hate). While running from the law, Chick is losing it – I didn’t do anything wrong ~ tee hee hee *crazy face* Two crazy faces always = screwed. Out of no where, creepy cashier appears. He tells her he’s here to collect the late fee on the dvd. Also that she can f it hard in the butt. The scene blanks out. She’s on the floor and he’s got a DVD in his hand. And a creepy face. The oneshot ends with chick hanging with the bitches, buying them whatever they want. We pan out to look at others on the street to see certain individuals have due dates on them (including chick). Turns out they’re all rentals. Cashier is smiling like a creeper. He lols at what people will do for their desires (Chick for her man, her man for his parents <- so that’s how he’s in the rental library. But does that mean his parents rented a dvd and tried to stiff the late fees and became rentals too??? o3o). A boy walks in & the cycle repeats

“To rent or to be rented. I wonder, just how many hearts out there are rentals?”

Moral of the story: When a guy tells you he can loan out the organ of the one you like so you can control said person, and he knows all your personal information, don’t listen to him. Leave. Call the cops too.


Ningyou-Saisei-koujyou//Doll Rebirth Workshop (人形再生工場) oneshot
By: Nakamura Yukichi (中村ユキチ)

(mangaupdates information)

“Welcome to the Doll Rebirth Workshop.”

Here’s what we got: some pencil dude runs a doll shop. He can grant your dreams but at a cost. Today’s victim is a young girl who sings like an angel but I guess doesn’t look like one. Really, she doesn’t look that bad but apparently in manga terms, she’s fat and ugly >___> She likes this dude who, unlike the dude in Rental Heart, knows she exists and talks to her a bunch. Like Rental Heart, we have a bitch. In this case, it’s his childhood friend. Ugh, she’s such a douchebag. The bitch knows the girl likes dude and does everything in her power to stop the girl from confessing – talking shit to her, calling the girl fat and in need of plastic surgery to cure her looks, etc (she’ll go more dramatic later). And we all remember high school (or maybe you’re still in it *feels old*) where little things like this could rock our worlds hard. Due to her looks, the girl has no confidence in herself. One day, she receives a text about a place that can grant any wish. Because she’s the heroine of a creepy themed oneshot (girl: shit!), she goes to check out the place. The pencil dude inside says he can make her a babe, but it’ll cost her her singing voice. Girl: Normally I’d question how you got my number and what kind of shady operation you are holding here behind your doll shop front that requires the payment of my voice but meh. Let’s do this so my actions can serve as a lesson to the readers. And so her face and body get remodeled (using woodcarving tools o____O). She’s a new woman with confidence! She asks her man out but it turns out he’s liked her for a long time – she’s nice, her voice is beautiful, and she’s not his bitch childhood friend. Wow, this one-shot could have had a happy ending had it not been featured in Kuro Lala

Girl says yeah, let’s hookup ~ Bitch gets pissed and flips out. Dude tells her to shove a tampon in it. Later, Bitch confronts girl about dude. Girl tells bitch to get some plastic surgery on her attitude (lol I can so see the girl mentally high-fiving herself over this). Bitch instead pulls out a box cutter and tries to attack girl (o___O holy shit). While trying to shank girl, bitch rants about how she likes dude and she wants to marry him but girl is taking him away from her wah wah. (You’re trying to stab someone with a sharp object, ma’am. And you’re an asshole. Is it not clear on why he doesn’t like you?). Girl pushes her off only to knock the bitch through a glass window o___O. Really? How the hell do you push someone through a glass window!? What kind of cheap Wal-Mart shit is this school using!? Girl runs for it xD

Yadda yadda. Everyone is shocked about bitch jumping out a window. So far the incident has been labeled as a suicide attempt (not going to question that box cutter right next to her? Or the slash on her face? Do girls who commit suicide really fark up their face before jumping through a pane of glass?). Girl is shitting herself over the event but decides to forget about it to concentrate on the school festival coming up. She’s to sing a solo but she’s nervous because she doesn’t have her voice…right? After hearing dude say he would feel better about the whole suicide thing if he could hear her sing, girl attempts to…and succeeds! Only to have her head explode off and instead bitch’s pops out from her neck stump.


Turns out bitch made a contract with pencil doll dude (not sure how he got into her hospital bed room but whatever). So now girl is dead and bitch is back ~ Wow. I feel bad not only for girl but also the dude. If I were him, I’d be committing myself to an institute right now. Girl I love explodes and out comes my crazy friend who is an ass? Fuck this shit.

The story ends with a visit to the doll shop. We see a doll just like the girl. So I guess clients in the end turn into dolls? Well, that sucks. A girl enters the store and the cycle continues…

“Ah. Seems our next customer has arrived.”

Moral of the story: Don’t open stuff from people you don’t know, whether it be packages, texts, or emails. Bad things usually follow.

6 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Kokoro Rental oneshot and Doll Rebirth Oneshot

  1. Oh, i read these stories, hated the first one because of the over the top stupid main chick, hated the second a bit less. But they both left me seriously wondering about what the hell their moral was supposed to be. Play fair? Don’t do plastic surgery to get the guy you like? But then why is it that in each one of them the bitch characters get their way?
    After reading your comments i must say i like the way you explained them. :P Can’t get more sophisticated than that. At least not in Kuro Lala.
    Also, gotta agree with you about remembering high school…
    /feels old :<


    • Yeah, not sure why the main chick in the first one went all crazy. I think it’s because she’s the main character of a one-shot set in a horror magazine so she had to be crazy to get the plot moving where it’s supposed to?
      Haha, I had no idea what the moral of those stories were. Don’t be the shojo heroine of a horror story? Don’t trust cute guys with creepy rape faces? If a guy offers to make you pretty via woodcarving tools and your singing voice or says he’ll loan out the mind of your crush, don’t accept it? Call the cops instead?

      Yeah…high school…those were definitely some interesting days ^^:


  2. oh wow the first store the guy acted like a high class pimp. I swear that sounds like it could of been a comedy “lol I’ll sell you your crush for $100 bucks~”

    The other one was a little :/ wow…..
    If I get a text from someone random I would not even react to it. Then again I’m not a star of a shojo manga


    • Haha right! Had the story not taken place in a horror magazine, it could have gone a totally different direction xD

      Or are you Meni? This could be your shojo story right now…dun dun DUNNNNNN


    • Haha, nope! These one shots came from Kuro Lala, a spin-off of the Lala Magazines. Kuro Lala’s contents are specifically “darker” than the usual shojo stuff (not to say there aren’t one-shots in Kuro Lala that don’t have romance. Just sayin’ the characters had to work for it a bit more!)

      I think I’m more biased towards Shiro Lala’s one-shots than Kuro Lala’s. I’m not into series where things end bad for the main character ^^;
      If I were you, I’d look into finding some Shiro Lala one-shots which have been translated. Those are more cutesy type shojos 8D

      Thanks for your comment!


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