Tid-Bits: Katakoi Oneshot


My second read into Kuro Lala. If you’ve ever watched Groundhog Day but wished it were drawn in shojo style with no groundhogs because of traumatic childhood reasons, then your wish has been granted ~


Katakoi // Unrequited Love (カタコイ) Oneshot by Nanri Jyun (南里純)

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“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Taku. This is all my fault.”

Katakoi follows a young girl named Niimi. She’s in love with her childhood friend but is unsure if she wants to admit her feelings or not. They have a pretty good thing going on right now and she doesn’t want to risk losing it. After a day of school, cleaning, and hanging with Taku (the childhood friend), Niimi settles into bed. She was unable to confess today (lol so much for being unsure xD) but tomorrow is another day. Or is it? Niimi wakes up to find the exact same scenario playing again. Today is September 9, 2011. But that’s not right…right? Reasoning she must have been dreaming, Niimi is able to get through the day in a non-freaking-the-fuck-out fashion. She even gathers the courage to finally say the BIG words to Taku. But as she opens her mouth, pain shoots through her. WTF!? Could this be warning signs of leaky diarrhea!?  Bad stinky gas!? :U DO SHOJO HEROINES EVEN FART!? Well, whatever it is, Niimi instead goes home rather than hang with Taku like in her dream and the day ends…only to start again.

“I’m the only one that notices.”

Niimi continues to relive September the 9th. However, it’s not all that bad because she gets to be with Taku. Every day she spends with him increases her feelings for him more and more. I’m actually quite surprised by how calm she is with the whole situation. I guess it’s like dude in Groundhog Day. You eventually just suck it up and go with the flow, rather than commit suicide by driving your car off a cliff with the town groundhog in the passenger’s side seat (I’m not sure if it was a cliff or if it was just a hole…been awhile since I watched the movie). Once again Niimi tries to confess her feelings. And again she gets the painful sensation, however, this time she also has images to accompany the pain. The images form a scene. We see Niimi and Taku walking home. Niimi is trying to confess but she loses confidence and instead tells Taku she’ll tell him what she wants to say tomorrow. He starts saying something as she starts backing away. However, Niimi backs up just as a car comes by. Taku grabs her, pushes her out of the way, and instead takes the hit.

I need to interrupt here for a second.

Witness how dude becomes roadkill:

Talk talk girl backs into traffic because there is no sidewalk..

This car is like, ho shit damn obstruction of view – can’t stop in time!

Dude: Being a hero by…wait, how did I get like this? o3o

Dude: Yay saved the girl – OH SHIT OUCH MY BALLS!

Now, for all of you that ever get into a situation like this, here is the correct way to react (if you were positioned like these two)


See, you both live and hey, you get a nice romantic scene going on.

Do not do as Taku did:


See the difference? Notice the lack of blood in scenario #1. This has been helpful advice from Sylphalchemist. Thank you.

Back to the story:

Somehow, and I’m not sure on the how part, watching her man take a hit (by a car, not from drugs xD lol oops bad wording) makes Niimi come to the realization that ho shit bitches, she’s in a coma because of the accident and that’s why she keeps repeating September 9 – the day of said accident!!!

[During this part I was like, (ಠ_ಠ) what? Did I miss something? *goes back and rereads* *doesn’t find anything* *reasons the answer is because this is a shojo* Then I started thinking, why is she the one in the coma? He’s the one that currently has no face because it’s splattered on the windshield of that car… *ponders* *reasons the answer is because this is a shojo* *nods head in understanding*]

“Because I’m too scared to awaken from this dream, the real me is trapped asleep.”

After telling dream Taku her theory about the reason September 9 keeps repeating for her (he’s just looking at her like (ಠ_ಠ) um, are you high? I thought you stopped doing shrooms…) she says she doesn’t want to continue dreaming because even though she gets to be with dream Taku, he’s beef jerky underneath someone’s car wheels in the real world and that makes this dream painful for her…

At her words, the world shatters and out comes some mass of hair wearing an Abercrombie vest.





Yeah……….. >___>

It starts chasing her. She naturally runs from it because 1.) it’s a mass of hair wearing a vest (or maybe a mass of muscle? Whatever, it’s freaky to look at) and 2.) it’s chasing her. As she runs, she thinks, wtf. If I die here, will I never wake up in the real world? This progresses to oh woe is me for not being able to confess to Taku and accidentally getting him run over (why isn’t she questioning why there’s a stylish hairball chasing her!?). We retrospect once again to the accident. Right before he gets bumped off by the car, Taku tells Niimi he loves her….BAM! GUTS FLYING!

Then, since we only have about 5 pages left, Niimi turns around and says f this. I’m going back to the real world. Come at me, bro! (lol so much for worrying about dying here and never waking up xD). The vest wearing hair that apparently has rocket boosters for legs (didn’t notice that before xD) catches up to her – it destroys the entire world and engulfs her.

The end. Thank you for reading!

Jk ;P

The sound of beeping wakes Niimi up. Above her she sees a nurse looking down at her. The nurse freaks that Niimi is up and rushes to the door to get the doctor. Niimi sees it’s September 9th from a calendar nearby. That means today is the day of the accident! Before the nurse leaves, Niimi asks where Taku is.

“He’s not here anymore.”

Niimi starts bawling because Taku’s dead and she won’t be able to say how much she loves him (she’s saying all this out loud mind you for drama reasons). A pair of hands suddenly pull her into a hug. She realizes the person is Taku! WTF MAN!? WHY AREN’T YOU A MEAT CARPET ON THE STREET!? Meh, whatever. TAKU <3

Turns out that it’s September 9, 2012. One year after the accident. Taku made it out of the accident okay but Niimi fell into a coma (for some reason). Despite doctors telling him she’s a lost cause (D: wow, nice) and he should give up/stop coming, Taku went to the hospital every day to visit Niimi.

Some time passes and Niimi is discharged from the hospital. The nurses talk about Niimi’s miraculous recovery despite the odds stacked against her.

“The power of love…is amazing.”


Again, not bad. I liked the cute ending. I’m still scratching my head about the clothed furball though. I was kind of hoping this was going to be like Groundhog Day and the main girl was going to do all sorts of things during this “repeat” in time situation – like learn secrets about her friend, become an ice sculpting expert, go crazy, etc :P

One thought on “Tid-Bits: Katakoi Oneshot

  1. I of all the dates they picked September 9. Um okay I guess.
    Love your drawing explaining saving someone’s life is amazing xD

    “it’s chasing her. As she runs, she thinks, wtf. If I die here, will I never wake up in the real world?”
    Girl never seen Inception?
    lol the fact that it’s a creepy hair suit amuses me!

    “He’s not here anymore.”
    buhahhahahaha trolling nurse!
    He’s not here anymore (he just left to go to the bathroom, fufufufufufufufu)


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