Life: Pee Pee Boy (ಠ_ಠ)

Man, I love this app called Free App Tracker. While a lot of the time it brings up crap, it pops up some amusing junk sometimes. Take for example, DiaperDoctor – the app you use to analyze your child’s fecal matter! (ノ◕▽◕)ノ Yayayayayayayayay ~ (take note that I did NOT download this app. I just read the preview because it’s called DiaperDoctor. Whose curiosity WOULDN’T be piqued by this title?). Is your kid pooping green logs? The DiaperDoctor has real pictures for you to compare your kids turds with that of others (I am not lying. There are RL pictures)! Kid pooping worms? DiaperDoctor has pictures of that too ~ and a list of possible causes for those worms in your kid’s stools. Screw taking your child to the doctor ~ With this app, you are the doctor (ノ◕▽◕)ノ *thumbs up*

Lol xD While I can see it’s value to mothers who are genuinely concerned with their kids’ craps, if your kid is constantly shitting blood, I don’t think consulting an app is the best course of action. Just saying.

Another random app I came across was Pee Pee Boy, whose name I used as the title for this post. Yes, this is real, people. I took pictures (I didn’t take pictures of DiaperDoctor because who wants to see turds o___O):

Here are your instructions:

“Help the young boy cleanly pee, without his, well “thingy” getting pinched while doing so.”

“…this is accomplished by touching the boy and holding your touch…”

“…let go too early [and] the boy pees all over himself and you lose.”

(ಠ_ಠ) wow, is it me or does this sound like some kinky child porno?


I won't lie...I lol-ed at this screenshot xD

“Let me tell you, I’m a fifty year old man and I have never had my “pee pee” smashed by no toilet seat.” – my dad after I showed him this game xD (he also has the Free App Tracker)


In manga news, I haven’t been doing much. I read 1-7 of Your and My Secret. Very entertaining. Just make sure, if you’re planning on reading this series, to take NOTHING seriously. Once you start that, you’ll be too busy judging to lol ~ Sad days though with Your and My SecretTokyopop crashed and died before the last volume was ever released in English. Guess I’ll have to import the last one. Oh damn you dollar to yen conversion rate ; A ;

And, while cleaning my room, I found my old copies of Gamerz Heaven. The re-read was still as funny as the first time 8D Man I love manga about video game parodies ~ as a video game nerd, it just tickles my humor bone for some reason ~ I need to find more manga like Gamerz Heaven. But we have sad days as well with Gamerz Heaven because ADV manga crashed and died before the last two volumes were ever released. Unlike with Your and My Secret, Gamerz Heaven is OOP so eBay is probably my only option to find the last two volumes 8Y damn…

ANDDDDD, that’s about it.

Oh, Boy Princess/Shounen Oujo has been picked up by a scan group ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ It can be found here ~ Yeah ~ more Sylph love!

7 thoughts on “Life: Pee Pee Boy (ಠ_ಠ)

  1. OMG I found the scans of Shounen Oujo and was like 8D “Hey, sylphalchemist did a review on this series. Even though I know what happens I MUST READ IT!”. Then I went to your blog and found this entry. Yeah, call me obsessed.I check up manga updates everyday. My sister has a jailbroken iphone so i’m always playing games on it because there are some really cool games in the apple store (aka: chaos rings _>
    I think the reason why its the No.1 app is because everyone wants to make fun of it and show their friends. If its not,…then I have nothing to say >_>
    I’m going to tell my sister about Shounen Oujo. THanks to your past review, I was able to know about this series. My sister and I were manga deprived because none of the manga we read are updated.
    I might sound like a stalker, but I read your comment about kitchen princess. I’m guilty to say that I read the whole series. I think the only reason I did was because I just felt sorry for that president guy (idk, forgot his name. The dude that lives off of vitamin tablets).


  2. ok something is funny about the comment box. If you didn’t understood what I just said. I mean that Pee Pee Boy is the No.1 app because people want to make fun of it.


    • Ah, wordpress is very anal when it comes to using the “>” and the “<" symbols
      I think it has something to do with computer code. When the above symbols are facing in opposite directions, wordpress thinks you're trying to hyperlink or add a picture, and ends up deleting all the words that were in between the two (I learned that lesson hard ; A ;).
      Very stupid IMHO. I think wordpress should give you commenters a toolbar to add pictures or what not like it gives me a toolbar option to include said pictures or what not in my replies :{ This way you don't have to fight the coding used

      Haha, you are quick, my friend! xD
      There's nothing wrong with checking mangaupdates everyday. I confess, I do the same for Comic Sylph xD I look to see if anyone is working on any Sylph series so I can go fan girl haha. Though in this case, I found out about Boy Princess due to anything Boy Princess related appeared as top hits on my blog for that day.
      Me: o___O that never happens!
      I hope your sister enjoys Boy Princess 8D It's definitely interesting. Though do prepare yourself for some dark events coming in future chapters. Right now, people are dying left and right D:
      (I really should finish my posts on volume #1. Maybe if I can find the volume… (all my stuff is kind of all over from moving xD)).

      D8 I hate it when you're reading a series and it stops updating. Especially when on a cliffhanger. Ugh, so painful! Dx That's one of the reasons why I'm trying to learn Japanese. I'm impatient :p

      Oh, Chaos Rings? That sounds cool *q* Why do I instantly think, I hope there's a hot guy player to control xD

      I seriously hope Pee Pee Boy is just for lols. Otherwise, I'd be one very concerned citizen o_____o|||

      Haha, I read other comments too xD ~ I love seeing what people have to say ~ (esp if we have the same tastes and they have a blog or something I can stalk them on :p)

      Ahhhhhhh, so you're a Kitchen Princess fan…LEAVE!

      Jk :p
      I don't troll on people ~ Just because I don't like a series means it sucks all over. A series will always have its haters and fans :) So don't feel ashamed about having read Kitchen Princess.
      If you liked it you liked it 8D

      Was the president dude the one that came off as a dick in the beginning? I only read 2 volumes before I rage quitted. He was the blond guy right? He acted all nice but later he's all muhahaha I'm using you Niji…ko…ka…ki…main girl! ~ because I can ~ muhahahhaha
      Wow, if I lived off Vitamin Pills, I'd be one PO'd brother.


    • Right??? xD
      What worries me is that first screen shot which has the words “this is not just another peeing game.” – does that mean there’s more??? Oh people and their pee pees xD
      What’s funny is this game is not made by Japan which would help explain its existence xD Because whenever we see anything strange in anime or something Japanese related, we tend to go “oh Japan lol” ~

      ; A ; I know! Now Bandai is closing its doors. So many companies are going out of business. I need to grab Tales of the Abyss while I still can…sadness


  3. I go to your blog and the FIRST thing I notice is “pee pee boy”. My facial expression was the exact same as yours in that title.

    I am concerned with our world at the moment.

    That first picture with the text saying “this is not ‘yet-another-pee-game'” also concerns me as well.

    And LOL at your dad. He has a lot of funny comments.


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