Tid-Bits: Genei Realism Oneshot


I’m trying to get in more shojo practice so I’m reading a special volume of Lala called Kuro Lala. I also have Shiro Lala but I’m planning on taking that with me when I leave to intern. Kuro Lala looks too freaky to take with me xD I don’t want to scare my fellow interns with the cover haha!

Nothing too lol-tastic here. I’m just blahing to have some update on this blog :P


Genei Realism (現影リアリズム)** Oneshot by Toone Suga (十音颯)

No mangaupdates info as of right now. Mangaupdates does not have oneshot information unless a group has scanned it. Which is why they pretty much told me to go die when I tried to add a oneshot long ago :,< Mangaupdates scares me…>____>|||

**現影 is a play on words. While “genei” means “phantom” or “illusion,” the kanji used in the title is different than in the dictionary –> 幻影 vs 現影. The kanji in the title, when broken up, means “present/current” and “shadow,” which I believe is related to the heroine’s ability to see the true nature/sins of individuals via their shadow. Or I’m just reading too much into it :P

“The shadows…continue to haunt me.”

Genei Realism was an interesting one shot. Not bad for my first Kuro Lala title (*Genei Realism is actually the last oneshot in the magazine. I have a habit of reading Lala magazines from the back instead of the front. I think it’s because of the issue’s massive size xD Reading from the end makes me feel less intimidated haha). The story follows a student who is able to see freaky ass shadows. When she sees one of these weird shadows, it pretty much means bad shit is going to happen. The plot for this oneshot revolves around a serial offender on the loose. While the main girl is able to identify the individual based on his shadow (she can’t see his face because he’s dressed up like he’s about to go stab someone…you know, face hidden with a hoodie and all that), she believes she can’t do anything without proof so she just sits back and lets the guy stab girls o__o;

But before you go, wtf (like I did), realize the girl herself has it rough. Because of her powers, everyone thinks she’s a freak and has no friends. Hell, some girls even beat the main girl just because she was in the vicinity of where a victim was again (oh shojo…your logic sometimes…). The girl has no confidence in herself and just lives her life with her head down. Thus the “I’m a useless piece of dried dog poo in someone’s yard so I can’t do anything” mentality.

Her life takes a change though when one day, a dude pops out from her shadow (yeah, I was like, um what the hell!? o__o;). He explains to her the nature of the shadows she sees (again, what the hell? xD). Shadows are strongly connected to the person they are attached to. If the person has done something bad, his or her shadow will reflect that. Thus why the girl sometimes sees super freaky shit shadows instead of not-as-freaky shit shadows. Normal people don’t see the shadows but special ones like her can ~

(There is also talk about the shadow world but meh. I got the main details out)

From this encounter, the girl changes a bit now that she knows what the shadows mean (to which I’m thinking, you honestly never saw the connection between the shadows and the people? Really? I’m not the fastest turtle on the racetrack when it comes to finding things out but even I got that one… ・ε・ *feels special because I’m smarter than a shojo heroine* xD). Some time later, as she’s walking to class, she sees the brat pack (the bitches that like to beat her up). She overhears one of the girls talk about wanting to go visit some cutie she took a picture of (lol creeper (^O^) ). As she’s describing the guy, the bitch mentions the bishi has a badass spider tattoo on his hand. Girl recalls seeing a spider tattoo on the assailant (to which I’m thinking, OMFG THERE’S YOUR EVIDENCE RIGHT THERE! THAT’S SOMETHING TO GIVE TO THE POLICE щ(゚ロ゚щ) IT’S BETTER THAN TAGGING AFTER THE GUY THEN STOPPING IN THE SHADOWS! IT’S SOMETHING!). Girl jumps out and says STAY AWAY FROM THAT CRACKER! HE TROUBLE, GIRLFRIEND!, surprising both her and the bitches. When asked, wtf, girl decides to be proactive and tells the bitches she recalls seeing the assailant and he had a spider tattoo on his hand. Not comprehending her words, the bitches instead settle for beating the girl and locking her in the gym shed ⦿__o wow, a simple, STFU and GTFO, would have sufficed. Seriously shojo…

Stuck in the gym/shed, girl pounds on the door until her hands start to bleed. She looks at her hands and starts to think that maybe it’s better if the bitches bit it. If they’re dead, that means no more beatings. She looks down at the floor and stares at her shadow. Girl recalls Shadow Man’s words – people and their shadows are connected. Falling into darkness is easy. If she just sits by and says fuck it, she’ll be the same as the those evil people…I guess. Pumped from her monologue, she devises a way to get out of the shed – by using a baseball bat to smash open a window (ノ◕▽◕)ノ Whoa, a shojo heroine being badass!

“Light and Darkness. The two are always together. Which means, we have another side to us!”

Okay then xD Girl runs into town. To help pass the time, girl monologues about how she was wrong to look the other way when people were being stabbed and how she was just scared of her powers so that was why she didn’t do anything. She navigates the streets until eventually she appears right in time to stop Mr. Spider Tattoo from stabbing one of the bitch girls (not sure how girl knew where the two were. I mean, how did she know they would be in this alleyway? Thank goodness for lazy offenders who stab near their workplace I guess). Girl tells Mr. Spider Tattoo to drop the knife because she’s called the cops and they’re on the way here. Raor. (。ノ`Д´。)ノ. Mr. Spider Tattoo just looks at her like, really? (ಠ_ಠ) That’s the best you got? You realize it’s going to take like 10 minutes for them to get their lard asses here. And you know, it doesn’t take 10 minutes to slit a throat. Do the math.

Girl: (ノ☉∇☉)ノ … Oh. Well, shit.

Wished you kept that baseball bat now, huh? xD Mr. Spider Tattoo hurls the bitch at girl, knocking them both to the ground. Bitch is out and has girl pinned to the ground with her bubble butt. With the option to run away disabled, girl hugs the bitch to shield her from Mr. Spider Tattoo’s knife. Why? Because this is shojo. However, Shadow Man makes an appearance. He says he can’t have girl die because she’s too entertaining.


Instead he turns the tables and takes out Mr. Spider Tattoo via pointy shadow spears. But this is shojo so he doesn’t die :) The death rate in standard shojo is usually in the single digits ~ (unless the person in question is of relation to one of the main characters. Because parents/family are always getting run over in shojo xD)

The police come. Mr. Spider Tattoo goes to jail. For those who are curious, the reason he went on a stabbing spree was because his girlfriend dumped him and rather than STFU and get over it, he decided to take out his feelings via a knife :/ Girl comments about how things haven’t changed much. She still has her powers. She still doesn’t have friends. At least the bitches don’t beat her up though :3

In her shoe cubby, she finds some bandages left by the bitch who almost got shanked. I know this is supposed to be touching but really. Can’t you just go up to girl and say thanks for saving your ass and give out a “my bad” for beating her up all those times?

“Nothing has changed but…my gaze is no longer glued to the ground.”

The chapter ends with girl looking up at the sky, smiling.

“Where there is darkness, you will surely find light.”


Genei Realism wasn’t a bad one-shot. Didn’t like how the bitches kept beating up the main girl. But this is shojo and beating the main character adds more flavor to the drama I guess ^^; I hope the girl becomes a cop or something and uses her power for good instead of crying about it like in the beginning :) Maybe she can become the next Medium or whatever cop x mystical powers based tv show is out there right now (<- does not watch tv much). And Shadow Man can be her bitch 8D Go Shadow Man! Pull them into the Shadow Realm where they will be forced to play a children’s card game for all eternity ~ (Ah, Yu-gi-Oh. How you amuse me ^^). Also create sexual tension between the two of you! xD

I’m sort of glad Kuro Lala isn’t as dark as I was thinking it was going to be (thus far). I totally thought this would be filled with murders, limbs being chopped off, eyes melting, etc. You know, super scary shit. That was why I only wanted Shiro Lala because Shiro Lala looked all cute and fluffy (which is right up my alley 8D). But I needed something for free shipping with Akadot, thus why Kuro Lala is next to me as I’m typing this xD

7 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Genei Realism Oneshot

  1. “But this is shojo and beating the main character adds more flavor to the drama I guess ”
    it must be because in every shojo there is a gang of bitches that beat the shit out of the main girl. The only time I don’t mind that kind of thing is if the main girl is strong and doesn’t take that crap no more or when the bitch and main girl end up as BFFs~

    Not just oh… I guess we get along now


    • I tend to be very selective in the shojo I read. If I even smell some bullying, I’m usually out of there. Kitchen Princess is one example. I can’t even COUNT how many times that girl was bullied. What’s dumb is she’d cook up some awesome food, everyone would love her for it, and then the next chapter would appear and she was hated again :/ Like, what da fuq, brah!?
      (in some cases I can see it, but in a lot of these cases, I’m just like, why? No person with a sound mind would even contemplate being with this person…she stabbed you…why? *shakes head*).

      Thank you Meni. You know my pain *hugs*


      • There has been a couple of time were the bully ends up being cooler then the main character (getting all tsun tsun because it turns out she just wanted to be friends with the main character along~ happy end~)
        But that almost never happens in shojos (it mostly a Shounen thing)
        I hate when they get really violent like thumb tacks in shoes violent, WHO COMES UP WITH THIS CRAP????

        And it in no ways helps the main girls love at all. The guy says some to her (in no way helps, unless the main guy isn’t a dick but that is rare.)

        haha no prob Michi. But even thought shojos piss me off I always find myself reading them xD


      • That’s true…I think most of the “I hate you but not really” stuff has been in shounen manga :U See, this is why guys are cool. They just beat each other and bond. Girls…are a bit more difficult to understand.
        (this may explain why I tend to read more shounen shojo or shounen than shojo xD That and I love the ass kicking you find in shounen!!!!)

        8U YES! I have no idea why they go so far as to put thumbtacks in the shoes! Or razor blades in the notebook? Then there’s the “let’s all gang up on the girl and beat her” event too. o______o Females are scary…

        What makes the situation worse is the main girl usually keeps quiet about the bullying. “I don’t want to inconvenience, Kenji/boyfriend” or some bull like that. When you start shedding blood because of these bitches’ actions, that’s when you need to speak out and get the school involved. I don’t care if keeping quiet gives the girl’s situation more drama (because usually when she stays quiet, things get worse to the point where she is either about to be pushed off a flight of stairs or knifed) or that it makes the dude look badass when he comes to save her, it’s dumb! And what kind of message is this giving the readers? Stay quiet, endure it, and your man will come save you ~ <3
        (/¯ಥдಥ)/¯ i________i *flips table*

        xD Same here (even though I just bitched for like 400 words about how shojo sucks haha).
        Maybe it's because we're female? 8Y
        Or M? xD


  2. I try to not read oneshots. It’s not like I hate them, there’s just too many good ones. Then I get depressed that it’s not an ongoing series. The manga authors put a lot of thought and effort into a chapter since its a oneshot. So when I see a oneshot, I don’t read it because I don’t want to feel dissapointed if it’s realy good. T_T

    But thanks for this review. :D. Its nice to read reviews over oneshots, especially yours XD.


    • i forgot to mention about this oneshot. It’s so…..yeah. But your review makes it so funny! XD.
      still, the whole bullying the strange kid thing gets so old. :/


    • I understand my friend ~ oneshots can only have so much info in them ; ___ ; I hate oneshots that end ambiguously, so you the reader have to decide the ending in your head.
      Or the couple you are rooting for kind of get together but not really…

      But then sometimes there are good one-shots that make you happy that you read it ~ But you’re always thinking, damn I wish there was more…

      ; A ; DILEMMA!

      Haha, here I thought no one would like my Tid-Bit on this oneshot xD
      (or even read it for that matter!)

      Agreement on the bullying – especially since there was no point to the bullying in this case :/


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