Tid-Bits: Shining Tears Chapter 2


Lol Shining Tears caters to all shippers: both straight, GL, and BL xD I kid about the last two but really, I fear for Shion’s butt when it comes to PJs now. PJs is a little TOO interested in sticking his sword into Shion o___O


Shining Tears (シャイニング・ティアーズ) Chapter 2

(Mangaupdates information)

Shion: Xion
Elf Girl: Elwyn
Pissy: Neige
Nacho: Volg(?) – they keep calling him Dancho/Leader
Mao: Mao
Glasses: Piosu (not sure what his Eng adaptation name is)
PJs: Keiner

***No new characters

The chapter starts off with a recap of what happened in chapter 1 – 1.) some dude (Batman) is trying to take over this city whose name I can’t spell, 2.) there is a band of mercenaries who have nothing better to do and so are protecting said city (yeah, now that I think about it…why are they protecting the city again?), 3.) a boy with amnesia named Shion enters the ranks of the mercenaries (because it was either that or death), 4.) turns out he has a schitzo problem that manifests when someone wears one of his matching rings, and 5.) he like murdered an army because that’s what you do when you go schitzo I guess o___o;

Lot of (wtf random) shit happened in chapter 1…

We continue our story of swords and magic with Elf girl complaining about how sore she is (wow had she been a dude…so many yaoi jokes could have been made xD). Glasses reckons she’s probably tired due to the Twin Dragon Rings – the rings Shion has. Since everyone is staring at him like, wtf you talking about, you dress wearing cracker? ⊂•⊃_⊂•⊃, he explains about the rings because that’s his expected job as a glasses wearing character – to talk about shit no one cares about. Hey, stereotypes wouldn’t exist if they weren’t true :P Yadda Yadda, the rings give the wearers the power of the gods but also misfortune. Blah blah the last person to have owned the rings met an unfortunate end. Whooooo ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ At his story, everyone in the room gets a bit creeped out. His point taken by his audience, Glasses says it’s probably best not to use the rings much. Shion reluctantly agrees. Elf girl thinks differently. She accuses Shion of not wanting her to wear the ring because he doesn’t like her and so doesn’t want her to have the matching pair (ugh you are such a stupid bitch. Did you not hear the part about misfortune and unfortunate ends? Ծ_Ծ). She takes the ring and shoves it into her cleavage which is probably akin to throwing a needle in a haystack (meaning, she has monstrously huge honkers that I’m sure a couple rats fell down into and died there…so chances of getting that ring back are slim). She taunts Shion – there you go ~ grab it and it’s all yours. However, Shion is Pansy Shion so he’s not the type to slap her across the face and take back what’s his. Damn, if only Homicidal Shion were the personality in charge right now…

However, Pissy has no qualms about dumpster diving into Elf girl’s junk. She retrieves the ring, saying it’s her turn to have Shion since he’s her bitch too xD (Shion: ŎםŎ; what?). She turns to Glasses and pretty much tells him to shove his concern where the sun don’t shine. They need the rings because without them, the gang sucks. Realizing the truth to her words –that they do indeed suck – everyone agrees the rings should stay lol xD And with that, the matter is settled.

The next item on today’s agenda is to work on kicking some army butt. Glasses is the strategist of the party and decides the best route right now is to tackle the army indirectly by hitting their supplies (wait, I thought Shion killed everyone yesterday? There was like NO ONE left except Centaur dude and PJs >___>). Pissy says sweet, me and Shion will handle this.

Shion: >8U why me!?

Pissy: Because I will bite your penis off if you refuse (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Shion: 8U

[but that doesn’t make sense…]

And off the two go (poor Shion). Pissy and Shion take the back gate because apparently the army did not think to station guards out back… xD Yay for lazy evil bad guys! (or probably because there are like 5 guys left in this so called army because Shion killed/raped/ate the rest…). After some walking and near panty flashing, Shion and Pissy find themselves on the top of some cliffs. Down below are a shitton of soldiers marching by. Rather than hide and strategize, Shion and Pissy instead feel the need to chat, standing straight up, making no effort to conceal themselves. Really…thank goodness for lazy bad guys xD Pissy believes the large number of soldiers below are reinforcements since Shion pretty much mass murdered everyone in the army back in chapter 1.

Shion: Tee Hee ~  (ノ◕▽◕)ノ


After a bit more dialogue, Pissy decides it’s time they activated their Wonder Twin powers ~ Shion says he doesn’t want to use the rings because he turns into an ass. As she slips the ring on, Pissy mumbles that she doesn’t mind her men crazy and abusive.

Shion: ŎםŎ; that’s not healthy…

BOOM! Pissy puts the ring on. Thankfully her facial expression is just one of someone who finally let out a fart she has been holding in xD She looks over to Shion expectantly but is severely disappointed when a fist doesn’t come flying at her. Instead of Homicidal Shion, we have…Ideal Man Shion. He’s a polite talker who can still kick ass when needed ~  Which is not what Pissy was looking for at all. She takes her irritation out by kicking him (poor Shion D:) which somehow causes the cliff they are on to collapse ((ಠ_ಠ) wow she WAS looking forward to being beaten by Homicidal Shion!).

In case you all didn’t believe me ^^

Despite falling from a cliff, the two land safely on the ground because this is a manga. However, knocking a rock formation apart is something that even our lazy bad guys register a glance at. They surround our duo and demand to know wtf is going on. Pissy says LET’S KILL THEM ALL >8D and the two mass murder once again!

(omfg how many orphans and widows have been made from these two chapters alone D:)

Soon, the army is taken down and all that remains standing are our two heroes in midst of a sea of limbs and frozen body parts ò .ó Ho damn this manga is violent!!! However, something flies at Shion – it’s PJs! PJs is horny to battle Shion because Shion is strong and PJs likes strong men ;D

Shion: (ಠ_ಠ) why did he just winky face me?

Lol, I like that PJs holds his sword like it's a 2 x 4 - you stab with a sword, not beat someone over the head with it haha xD

Battle horny, the two fight. Pissy tries to stop them but the two are too focused on pounding each other to care (don’t worry, they have their pants on folks xD We’re not talking about THAT kind of pounding haha). Eventually Pissy says GADDAMMIT! and stops their man on man action with a spell that freezes them in their tracks (which 6 pages ago, was the spell used to reduced a good chunk of the male population and left many families with one less family member o___o;). Unable to poke each other with their swords, the boys are forced to talk. Turns out PJs is Pissy’s brother. Also they are royalty. And both are the siblings of Batman (the dude trying to take over the world or whatever). PJs said he left the throne to Batman so he could go travel the world to find strong men <3 …ohohoho ~

Pissy: =____= …and here we thought Batman was the fruity one…

When asked if he’s working with the bad guys/Batman, PJs looks at his sister like, what you talking about, girl? The only reason he stepped in last time was because Centuar dude is cool and having him die right there because it turns out he wasn’t that strong would suck (lol what!? xD That’s dumb but whatever). PJs is back to stop his brother (and find those worthy of making him produce a battle boner ~ ) – but first, back to fighting Shion >:D Before the two can start their fight again, Pissy pulls off the ring so Ideal Man Shion turns back into Pussy Shion. Shion trips and headbutts PJs in his man-nipples, which I guess must really hurt because PJs is on the ground crying >__>


PJs: No man has ever been so bold as to touch me there. I think I'm in love (。・_・。)

Despite her brother clutching his man boobs in pain, Pissy ignores his plight and tells her brother to join them (wow, this group of mercenaries will take just any Jo Blow off the street D:). PJs says f that but when Pissy sweetens the deal by offering Shion’s ass, PJs quickly changes his mind.





The chapter ends with Shion donning on a chastity belt Mao making an appearance. She comes running up to the gang saying whatever city the gang is trying to protect has been attacked. The gang look behind to see giant plumes of smoke in the air (lol! If you look behind Mao the first time, there is no smoke. But switch one panel and suddenly there is smoke behind her xD Nice).


Ah, I said “ugh what a dumb bitch” only once this chapter 8D Yay! Probably because Elf girl wasn’t here! I thought I’d hate Pissy as well but she’s got spunk. Gotta admire that (even if she lacks pants…). Plus I like that she blushes a lot around Shion, and doesn’t come up with stupid logic like Elf bitch. But the character I’m happy to have around is PJs. There was just wayyyyyyyyyy too much cleavage for my interest. I like bro friendship a lot (that’s what gets me through a lot of manga orientated for dudes) so I’m hoping for good stuff from Shion and PJs. Also, I’m hoping Shion goes for either Mao or Pissy. Elf girl can go hump a tree for all I care xD

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