Sylph Tweets: December 21, 2011

Sylph Retweets:


[New Arrival] BROTHERS CONFLICT Character CD #3 (featuring Yuusuke** & Kiori**) (Audio CD) (Mobile)

**I don’t follow the series so I’m not sure if I got their names right. When it comes to names, I need furigana ^^;


[Limited Time Offer!] The prices on the DGS Hibiki Neko Masshigura Hibiki Tins (Premium Caramel Tins) have been slashed ☆ The cookies/candies in the tins are nearing their expiration dates (in March) so we’re taking 30% off the retail price for a limited time!


[Recommendations!] Need something for the winter? We have you covered with our DGS Hibiki goods – from travel mugs (complete with a selection of teas) to coffee cups to much more! (PC) (Mobile)



Murasaki Midori-Sensei (Scarlet Prince, Storm Lover), Mayuzumi Haruta-Sensei (DADADADAN), & Choujin-Sensei (Hana Ori Soushi) – three manga-ka who each made their debut by winning the Sylph Comic Grand Prix. All three will have their respective manga volumes released on the same day. To commemorate this moment, we (Sylph) have planned a special booklet with pieces drawn by prominent figures such as Ruru-Sensei (Hakuouki Jurenka, Arcana Familiar), Udasho-Sensei (BROTHERS CONFLICT), Matsumoto Kazura-Sensei (Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi), and many other fabulous guest artists. For more details, click on the link ★

; A ; OMFG do want! (DADADADAN AND HANA ORI SOUSHI!? YES PLEASE!) But damn, why does this booklet have to be something you mail in for!? I DON’T LIVE IN JAPAN! JUST RELEASE IT WITH THE FEBUARY SYLPH ISSUE, SYLPH! DON’T BE A HO D8


[Blog Update Notification] Tomorrow is 12/22, which means the February Issue of Sylph will be out! To coincide with the release of its second volume (out this month), the February Issue’s cover and front page will feature [Hakase Ga!] ☆ The cover is full of New Year goodness – don’t miss out! Visit the Sylph Official Blog for more details. Looks like the professor is getting a little TOO into the New Year spirit (^q^) hshs


Oh, hello there! This is Asahina. To the many followers of Sylph, I present to you some BROTHERS CONFLICT spam. Just to let you know, Sylph has a special project in the works for its blog. You all better check it out ★ Well, see you in a few days!

*I’m not sure if I translated this right. I couldn’t find an adequate explanation of what 垢 means. 垢 can mean filth/dirt or getting a big head but I wasn’t sure how that fit in. I thought maybe it was something like “dish out the dirt on” but… o____o



[Site Update Notification] Sorry to send this so late at night! We’ve updated Sylph’s Official Site to showcase the February Issue of Sylph. We’ll have more details come the afternoon so until then, please hold tight. (人´∀`)

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