Dad: “That’s a bit pornographic” (ಠ_ಠ)

Today I finally did something productive! I went to the mall to buy some pajama pants 8D

Yeah, like a boss. (▼ヘ▼)

(Reason why I would risk my young future going shopping a week before Christmas for pajama pants: I was down to only 2 pairs of PJs. My dad’s dog chewed a hole in one of my pants (we’re still trying to figure that one out) and another old pair finally fell apart after many years of service).

I must say, the holidays really do make people…less happy =( It’s shocking how no one was smiling at the mall. Everyone looked tired, cranky, and just…devoid of life. Hopefully some eggnnog with rum will cheer these poor shoppers up. Or at least help them get through another day….

Shopping for PJs was nuts. I didn’t think people would be going rabid over at Old Navy. Toys R Us, yes. But Old Navy? D:

Another reason I went to the mall was to get Christmas lights for the tree. Turns out 2 strings of lights died so we had like nothing to put on our (still crooked) tree. Also, I needed to get my Christmas ornament for the year. Every year, my dad and I each get a Christmas ornament to jazz up our otherwise pathetic tree xD Target wasn’t the ideal place to go shopping for an ornament but I procrastinated and so I didn’t have much option :P

Going through the Christmas ornament aisle, I have to ask…do people even know wtf Christmas is about? Like, there were hamburger ornaments, lobster ornaments, flamingo ornaments…

(Why a lobster? Why?)

Frigging Shrooms…


Then this weirdness:


No idea wtf is going on but apparently Frosty is blindfolded and has his hands tied behind his back. All S&M and shit. I showed my dad the ornament. His reaction:

Dad: “That’s a bit…pornographic” (ಠ_ಠ)

xD lol whut, dad!?

That random anecdote aside, I did find a cute ornament…that was somewhat Christmas-y…


I got the owl thing because it reminded me of my dad’s dog. He just got the dog a few months ago so I wanted to get the ornament to signify her arrival into our family =)

Here’s a doodle I attempted on my iPhone of her xD

See? They look alike…kinda xD

Before we left, we stopped for frozen yogurt at my insistence/demand. Was a very nice place 8D I got Wedding Cake x Strawberry flavor and drowned my cup in fruit xD

After that yumminess, we worked on the lights ~

Manga News:

To those of you who are interested in Shinigami-Hime no Saikon, a scan group has picked it up (link). Power to them for choosing this manga :) Hope you all enjoy the series when it’s released ~

11 thoughts on “Dad: “That’s a bit pornographic” (ಠ_ಠ)

    • Ah, do you know what S&M is, Soyo-chan? It’s where individuals are tied up and do kinky stuff to each other. Usually one partner is tied up (sometimes a blindfold is used) and the other partner has his or her way with the other. Sometimes one person is even suspended in the air by chains and stuff or stuck to the wall…whips, candles, and car batteries are some items used to inflict harm on the person tied up. The person receiving pain is known as a M (Masochist – this individual likes to be in pain). The one inflicting the pain is S (Sadistic – this individual likes to dish out pain).
      Tying people up is something done in kinky pornos, thus why my dad said “That’s a bit…pornographic” to Frosty the Snowman, who had his hands bound behind him and had a blindfold on. The snowman looked like a character in a S&M porno xD

      [The reason I know so much about this is because of a class we had to take for my degree called Serial Crimes. One section we learned about rapists and the kinky shit they might be into. Scarred me much, that class o____o]

      Oh, the parking lots are scary! People don’t know how to drive! I swear one day I’ll go out there and find chalk outlines of people that were ran over in the parking lot due to holiday rage 8U Be careful my friend!


      • I love talking to you since I learn a lot. Thank you so much for the explanation.
        I guess even after holidays, people still doesn’t know how to give way =.=
        You too, be careful (I don’t have a license yet so XD)


      • Not a problem Soyo-chan 8D Glad to spread fruits of my wisdom (lol teaching people about kinky stuff. Haha, how my word…xD)

        We only went out once then stayed at home most of the time.
        I wanted to live to see Christmas! xD
        (Soyo-chan, you better not be one of those crazy drivers when you do get your license xD Think of me before you decide to mow someone down ~ lol I kid. You’ll probably be a safe driver :3)


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    • xD lololol, it would have made a great White Elephant gift 8D I would love to see the reaction of the one who got the ornament. Dah fuq brah!?
      (though granted I’d be worried if their reaction was ㅇㅂㅇ♥ my dreams personified in a Christmas ornament)
      (me: o______O)

      I believe so. Toys R Us was terrifying and we only walked past the doors to get to Target. I wouldn’t doubt if inside there were chalk outlines of people killed inside xD Oh Christmas, what have you done to us!? xD


      • Haha xD
        Now I’m thinking, if he’s excited about this kinky snowman, wtf does his tree look like!?
        *head explodes*
        :{ Santa…never wear leather…and take those high heels off. Stay away from the reindeer and elves…who also need to get out of that leather Dx

        8Y Them people crazy!? 40 is like…almost balls freezing off weather! Please don’t tell me the dudes are sporting Daisy Dukes too. I’ve seen men in those things and I’m thankful to still have my sight (though I need glasses…my vision purposely ruined itself for survival purposes I guess…)


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