Tid-Bits: Shining Tears Chapter 1

The next up for TID-BITS is the manga Shining Tears, based on a video game of the same name. There are only 3 chapters in this first volume so these Tid-Bits will be a bit longer than normal. Also, you  may not want to read this. I start bitching when one of the characters appears and I keep bitching about her until the end xD

Shining Tears (シャイニング・ティアーズ) Chapter 1

(Mangaupdates information)

Shion: Xion
Elf Girl: Elwyn
Pissy: Neige
Nacho: Volg(?) – they keep calling him Dancho/Leader
Mao: Mao
Glasses: Piosu (not sure what his Eng adaptation name is)
PJs: Keiner

Story starts when Shion is found washed up on shore. He awakens in a room, confused. He can’t remember anything. When examining himself, he finds his wrists are bound with handcuffs. This is when Shion starts to freak the fuck out. No memory. In a bed that’s (prob) not his. Handcuffs.

Shion: o___o …ohhhhh crap, what genre is this manga…?

Before he can check his pooper hole and question if he was slipped some super ruffie, the door opens. In comes two individuals: a dude in a dress and a guy in a furry costume.

Shion: o____o|||

1.) No memory
2.) In a strange place
3.) Handcuffs
4.) *new* Creepy people

Conclusion: Date Rape

(just for the record, the dude in the furry costume is actually a Beast man thing. I just like how Shion was all, wtf is this!? *indicating the wolf dude* Oh ohhhh do-don’t eat me. *shakes* I figured for a guy with no memory, seeing a wolf guy would make one think of a costume rather than an actually wolf guy xD )

The two start to question Shion. Shion tells them he doesn’t know shit because he has no memories. Nacho doesn’t believe him – you think that’s going to work on me boy? This ain’t no JRPG >:/ Glasses on the other hand is all, oh you poor dear…Nacho, go scare the crap out of him. I read somewhere trauma makes people remember ∩( ・ω・)∩

Shion: (ಠ_ಠ) the hell you reading!?

However, Nacho translates “go scare the crap out of him” as “go beat the shit out of him.” He lifts a claw and brings it down on Shion, who manages to dodge at the last second. Glasses is surprised that Shion was able to dodge the attack (um, what!? ( ̄□ ̄;)). Shion says fuck this shit and tries to make a run for it. Okay,I’m still trying to figure this next part out. The only way this could have worked was if the girl was levitating during this one moment…or she spontaneously changes height o__O Shion opens the door both Nacho and Glasses entered through and slams into a wall of cleavage. He looks down to see a girl (and her cleavage) glaring up at him (See! How the hell did those boobs get down there now!?). Shion goes fml and runs around her. Nacho comes out of the room and tells Elf Girl to stop Shion. Pissed that Shion slammed into her honkers (to which I’m thinking, then wear a real shirt, you stupid bitch), Elf Girl “stops” Shion by lobbing arrows at him

(ಠ_ಠ) Really? Ugh, what a stupid bitch. What if he gets hit? (`×´)

But thankfully her accuracy is equal to her IQ and all her shots miss Shion. However, Shion trips in the confusion. He looks up to see another girl glaring down at him. She’s got her hands on her t-shirt thing, trying to cover her panties because the bitch is too dumb to wear pants :/

Shion: =___= oh great…first getting boob, now looking up a girl’s skirt. Might as well pull my pants off and walk around a playground to solidify my new status as sexual deviant.

The girl, who I’m calling Pissy because that’s what she looks like, takes a wand out and blasts an ice spell at Shion. She too must need glasses, because she somehow misses Shion. Shion doesn’t care. He continues to run. Up ahead, ANOTHER girl appears (Mao). However, this one has pants and a shirt that covers her hooters so she’s okay in my book. Before she can attack though, Shion trips on the ice (man, Shion trips more than a shojo heroine xD), and slams into the girl. Both go flying off the second story floor. Shion pulls a NICE GUY and twists the two around so he smacks into the ground and cushions the girl’s fall. Because this is a manga, landing on your head from a one story fall means only seeing stars for a second instead of paralysis or death.

Now caught, Shion learns the gang thinks he’s a spy. They’re trying to figure out what to do with him. Elf chick and Nacho think they should kill Shion.

Shion: (ಠ_ಠ) what!?

Mao likes Shion because he helped her when they fell. She wants to add Shion to their team. Glasses also wants to increase their membership with Shion.


Both sides are even. The tie breaker goes to Pissy.

Shion is confused with wth is going on. He has no memories and doesn’t know where he is at. The only reason he knows his name is because it was written on his armor like Wal-Mart nametag. The gang explain some dude who wears strap-on-bat wings (I shit you not) ousted his old man and is now trying to take over. He’s been conquering cities and countries. The next on his list is where Shion and the crew are. The city has good strategic value and apparently is useful for transporting troops and whatnot through it. The only things stopping Wannabe-Batman from taking over is a giant boulder that acts as protection and the people who tried to kill Shion/scare him into remembering moments ago. Seeing that Shion is a swordsmen (from his armor), part of the crew wants to add Shion to the roster list.

Shion: (ಠ_ಠ) really? You wanna add a complete stranger to your team just for the sake of having hands available? Why does no one see a problem with this?

Shion has only two options: death or joining them.

Shion: щ(゚ロ゚щ) WTF!?

Shion’s fate is in Pissy’s hands. And, she surprises all when she says they should keep Shion. Even Shion is like, damn bitch. Really? Did you forget when I saw your thong??? Spared, Shion thanks Pissy but she tells him he’s her bitch now. Elf girl gets pissed and says he’s her bitch too because she’s the one who found him in the beginning of the manga.

Ugh, what a stupid bitch (`×´)

That settled, the gang decide to welcome Shion by attacking the enemy Ծ_Ծ; Okay…nice. Nacho and Mao go first to lure the enemy while Shion, Pissy, Elf girl, and Glasses wait in the shadows. Shion decides now is a good time to admire the ring he found on himself. Pissy is curious about the ring and tries to grab it. Shion shrieks and tells Pissy to keep her mitts off his goods – this is the only link he has to his past. Pissy isn’t happy about not being able to touch Shion’s goods (xD) so she tries to take the ring by force – and when I say force, I mean that bitch is hard core mounting that fool, trying to crawl up him ( ̄□ ̄;)Elf girl gets jealous about Pissy scaling Shion like a horny mountain goat and grabs the ring for herself. Shion freaks because, again, that’s his only tie to his past. As Shion reaches for the ring, everyone notices he has a matching ring on his other hand (didn’t think to look there huh Shion? xD). Elf girl reasons that Shion doesn’t want her to have the ring because it’s a matching ring to the one Shion is wearing and he doesn’t like her wah wah. So she puts the ring on her finger to show him. Ugh, what a stupid bitch. Weren’t you just advocating for his death earlier? (`×´) The ring flares up and her face twists into a facial expression that can only be described as a hybrid of what one would make if she were having an orgasm and was taking a large dump at the same time o__o I think it was supposed to be sexy but it’s just creepy. Shion doesn’t get this expression on his face thankfully but he does fall to the ground. Elf girl freaks out about the ring and says Shion is a spy.

Ugh, what a stupid bitch. (`×´)

Shion just laughs. We see his face and it’s crazy looking. He’s like, I’m going to kill babies and wear their skin, and jumps off a damn 3 story wall. He lands just in time for Mao and Nacho to come by. He pretty much says gtfo of my way, and goes to mass murder all the guards who followed the duo. As he’s slicing limbs off, Elf girl gets over her constipation-orgasm and shoots her arrows like she’s on crack – I mean, shit, is that a bow and arrow in her hand or a damn machine gun!? Together, the two massacre an army worth of soldiers.

(ಠ_ృ)  …okkayyyy….

Suddenly a centaur dude appears. Everyone freaks. Apparently, he’s like, some awesome ass kicker who isn’t someone to mess with. In fact, they’re all screwed. Like, they should all just surrender now. Shion, now Homicidal Shion, says screw that shit and takes a swipe at centaur dude. Centaur dude falls like a ton of bricks (me: lol).

Homicidal Shion: (ಠ_ಠ) really?

As he’s about to finish the centaur dude off because it’s Homicidal Shion and he’s not named Homicidal Shion because he likes to bake killer cookies, he gets cock blocked by some thug in a tube top and pajama pants.

(ಠ_ಠ) Really? Walking into battle dressed as a college freshman? What part of you thought going in with your sister’s pajama bottoms was a good idea?

PJs tells Shion that he’s taking centaur dude and Shion can go play with himself until they next meet. Shion says f that and is about to attack but suddenly loses strength and becomes Pansy Shion. Rather than take this opportunity to kill the now defenseless Shion and prevent the ass kicking he’ll indubitably get later, PJs says peace out and leaves, dragging the half dead centaur dude with him.

Mao and Nacho run over to Shion. In the distance, we see Elf girl, holding the ring in her hand. She wonders if it’s the ring that gave Shion power and because she took it off just now, Shion returned back to normal. Ugh, you stupid bitch. Shion could have died had the evil side not been lazy because you felt like taking off the ring you stole from Shion that made him go crazy in the first place. Just leave please :/

End of Chapter 1

Lol, I see I do NOT like Elf girl xD She pisses me off way too much. Hell, this whole Tid-Bits post was about me bitching about what a dumb ho she is xD

4 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Shining Tears Chapter 1

  1. (ಠ_ృ)…

    ahaha! I love your text emoticons! Seriously how do you make them?
    The manga is quite lively for chapter one. Who wants to wake up to people that were debating whether or not to kill you XD.

    Hey, good luck on your internship. i assume you are at your final stages before finally graduating. Back then I would freak if you told me to wait 6-8 months for some hardcore sylph, now I wouldn’t since I know how fast 6-8 months can go by. i enjoy reading your life blogs from your sweet alchemy website so I’ll be entertained no matter what kind of update you make.


    • I just find them randomly xD I think I found that one on tinierme haha.

      Shining Tears is definitely…different from what I remembered. I played like 10 minutes of the game a while back before giving up (whoever designed that game needs to be kicked in the balls) but I don’t recall the dream team trying to kill my character or handcuffing him 8Y I just remember…shit, all I remember was how painfully slow the character was. It took a damn minute just to walk from one side of the building to the other D8 (not exaggerating)
      I’m reading the manga because I want to find out why there was game art of Shion (the main dude) with one black wing and one white wing o3o That’s badass in my book xD

      Thank you 8D Yes, next semester is my last semester and I’ll hopefully be walking the stage with my Masters degree in hand!

      ; A ; Bless you child for your understanding. I’m so ashamed by how behind I had gotten with Sylph. I did not expect the Fall Semester to be as nasty as it was. And now I’m leaving so I won’t have a scanner with me (I refuse to take pictures with my phone because I want only the best for Sylph <3 xD). I'll have to decide when I get set up at my new place if I want to try and play catch up with the issues I'm behind on, or if I should just say f it and start with the latest one ~

      Ah, I didn't know you read my Sweet Alchemy blog 8D I loved posting it but the app I was using kept deleting all my posts :< Once it deleted a post I had spent an hour on. I raged so hard that I finally said screw this and left.

      Thanks for your comments as always Cici ~ BTW Hope you have a good Christmas/Happy Holidays 8D


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