Sylph Tweets: December 19

Since I’m not able to work on Sylph stuff without a scanner, I’ll instead go back to translating Sylph Blog Posts and Official Sylph Tweets if I have time :3 I NEED TO GET MY SYLPH ON SOMEHOW щ(゚ロ゚щ)


The end of the year means it’s time for sales! Wouldn’t you all agree? The [DGS~Hibiki Neko Masshigura Hibiki Tins*] are nearing their expiration dates so we’re slashing the price on these beauties!  The sale will last until January. This is a limited time offer so grab them while you can! #dgs

(*shitty translation: DGS~Hibiki, Run-Straight for ‘Em Hibiki Tins)


Since shipping fees between the two are equal, how about making an order with some BROTHERS CONFLICT and DGS~Hibiki goods! goods) (DGS~Hibiki goods)

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