Even if I can’t feel my butt, we still got the Christmas Tree :D

8D I’m testing this new doodle app on my iPhone. I must say, drawing with your finger is tough work xD

Journal ~

As you all probably don’t know, I’m getting ready to move out of my apartment. My dad came up a couple days ago to help me move. The main plan was to pack all my junk into his truck and drop it all at his place. Then I’d spend the holidays with him before heading off to my internship. However, we both were in for a surprise when it turned out I had a lot more shit than originally thought xD So instead of one run, we had to do multiple runs ~ Yesterday we drove back to my dad’s place – a lovely 7+ hour drive D: After unloading his truck and getting something to eat, my dad decided we needed to get a Christmas tree.

Me: (ಠ_ಠ) Really? Like, now?


And so off we went to grab a Christmas tree! Lol, we ended up grabbing the first tree we saw xD

Dad: *sees a tree* I APPROVE! BECAUSE I’M TIRED! (ノಠ Д ಠ)ノ

Me: ( ̄‥ ̄) …

That (effortless) task completed, we loaded the tree up and drove home. Dad tidied the tree up and sliced up a bit of the base off. We took the tree in and placed it in its holder thing (not sure what the official term for the apparatus is. That whatever you use to make your tree stand up straight). This is what the tree looked like:

Us: (ノ|||☉∇☉)ノ …




Our tree…

…was a bit…tilted xD

We haven’t fixed the tree yet xD We just said, fuck it and went to watch some tv haha. We’ll probably get to fixing it this weekend xD

The end ~

Lol, random journal entry is random xD Actually, I’m thinking of turning Spoils into maybe a tiny journal for the Spring Semester. I’m going on an internship so I’ll be away from my scanner and my tablet, so no more Sylph stuff until I get back ^^; I’ll probably do some Tid-Bits if I have time, because I just take a photo of the cover page and blah away like monkey on a unicycle ~ (lol what?) 8D

I want to keep Spoils at least some what active ~ (it’s fun to mess around on xD)

That said, if you’re here for anything strictly anime or manga related, I suggest coming back in like 6-8 months. While I will talk about anime and manga, it’s probably going to be in passing because I won’t be doing much nerdy stuff (probably) while away on my internship. I GOTTA NETWORK AND PRAY I CAN FIND A JOB AFTER THIS BECAUSE I’LL BE GRADUATING! HO SHIT!

So yeah…that’s about it ~ :3 Take it easy peeps ~


4 thoughts on “Even if I can’t feel my butt, we still got the Christmas Tree :D

  1. Haha I fully support the idea of turning Spoils into a tiny journal! (x Your real life stories are always funny to read, especially this one. I was quite entertained. Love the cute little doodles – had me laughing for a while xD Even though your tree was tilted, it looks like the holidays for you and your dad are starting off nicely ~


    • 8D Yeah, I hope you look forward to future entries then <3

      Those doodles were fun to draw. I never thought I'd be using my iPhone for something like that xD The only problem with the app I was using is the thing needs a better eraser. You can only erase once which sucks 8Y

      Dad fixed the tree finally because it was bugging him. We tried to put lights on the tree but…you know how the holidays go: bring out lights, cry in dismay as one of the bulbs is out and so the rest don't light up… ^^;


  2. hahaha That tree must be amazing. My family is too lazy to even get one Dx
    oh well its pain anyways but we might decorate the house this year (last year we did nothing…..)
    I don’t mind you turning in to a personal blog (thats what I do sometimes!~)


    • D8 are you serious Meni!? A Christmas Tree is what helps turn December into CHRISTMAS TIME! It smells great, sheds needles everywhere like a junkie, and is a fire hazard ~ what isn’t there to love about a Christmas Tree!?

      Decorating is fun ~ We call my area of the neighborhood the CUL DE SAC OF THE DAMN! because no one puts lights up. We don’t because our lights got lost when we moved here and we never got around to buying any. No point in doing that this year because my dad and I will be moving come next year (if everything goes right & I land a job someplace after graduation. My dad is leaving because he hates this location xD)

      8D Yeah ~ I’ll try not to be too boring with my entries 8D I like reading your blog Meni ~ I just wish my BLOG READER here on WordPress would update better. I usually end up missing your posts because WordPress doesn’t show you updated your blog D:


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