BBB August 2011 Sylph

OMG, actually got something Sylph related out! I’m really enjoying this blogger thing Windows 7 has :U So much stuffs you can do! And it really makes the content look nice ~ Dah, why am I blabbering!? To the post!



Storm Lover (ストーム・ラバー) 1st Storm
By Murasaki Midori (村崎翠)

“A stormy love has just arrived”

Almost forgot about this series xD It was when I was scanning in cover pages that I went, wait, where did this one go to? Oh shiz! xD

So yes, Storm Lover is a new serialization in Sylph. It’s based on some otome game. From the looks of things, it’s just a normal school life romance game. I really wanted that ALONE ON A DESERTED ISLAND WITH SOME HOT MANS theme…so exotic <3 Sigh ;__;)9

Nothing much about this first chapter. We just get run over with introductions ~ (expect lots of dudes…)

**Note: this is drawn by the manga-ka of Scarlet Prince ~


Hakase Ga! ( ハカセがっ!) Spec 10
By Sakondo Eri (左近堂絵里)

“We are so cool” <- pssft

More randomness. Elliot thinks the girl who hangs with Shiva is an evil ho so he infiltrates Shiva’s school to unmask her secret. Lots of hilarity. Turns out the girl isn’t a ho. The end.

O__o really, I don’t think there is any real story in this series…


Shiro Ari! // Snow White and Alice (白アリっっ)
Check #13 The Queen of Hearts / Qa5+
By Pepu (ぺぷ)

“Oh my. They’re acting awfully friendly”

It’s the Red King’s Unbirthday Party ~ Alice and Snow White sneak into his territory to gauge his strength and all that stuffs. Also, we meet a new character – the Queen of Hearts.

[I’m not sure if she’s jelly of Snow White or what. See, earlier, the Red King told her while he was out exploring the grounds (think that happened in chapter…6ish?), he ran into Snow White and he was able to touch her with no problem (before you think, fucking pervert >:U, he’s a germaphobe so he doesn’t like touching people…or himself xDDDDD I couldn’t resist!). This causes the Queen of Hearts to storm off all pissy.]

The chapter ends with Alice and Snow White surrounded by the Queen of Hearts’ army of women, with the Queen herself pointing her whip at Alice, demanding his ring.

PS. Alice has a ponytail fetish…psfft!


Engage Knight (エンゲージ・ナイト) Chapter 2
By Writer: Isaka Chika (伊坂千佳) & Artist: Kosugi Mayu (小杉繭)

“Engage…it is a sacred bond between master and knight. This is a tale of those who have made such bonds”

OMG, this manga xD It’s like nothing special but it entertains me so. I think it’s because of how awkward the boys look when they’re holding their swords and are fighting (by swords I mean their weapons, not their penises xD Despite what the title makes you think, this isn’t one of those mangas!). I can’t take it seriously xD (maybe also because a lot of the times, the panels cut off around their belly buttons so the way their hands are positioned make it look like they’re holding something OTHER than their swords xD My dirty mind!!!)

Last we left off, Duran was getting into gang fight with some manwhores. Tia steps in and tells Duran, bitch, let’s get Engaged >:U Duran understandably says fark no. Tia tries to force her Engagement plans on him which ends up in a random explosion of light when their hands touch ~


Yeah…not going to ask. Some dude comes and says he’ll help Duran out (because the other rubberneckers are too busy recording the fight scene with their iPhones to help :/). They kick butt. The manwhores cry. End of first day of school ~ 8D Yay ~


Dadadadan  (ダダダダン) Ch-ch-ch-chapter 5
By Mayuzumi Haruta (黛 ハル太)

Another random chapter, only involving a power rangers scenario xD


Doubutsu no Naka no Hito //The Animal People (動物の中の人) Chapter 1
By Deathco Cotorino (ことり野デス子)

“Her beloved animals are hiding ONE big secret!”

The title really translates to “People Inside Animals” but gawd that sounds like a kinky porno title so I changed it to “The Animal People” instead. Bitch at me all you want, purists, but that’s how I’m rolling ~ ;D

I love this new title! It’s so cute ~ The premise is we have a girl who doesn’t like people. Due to always having to help her folks out at the zoo they own, she never had time to socialize with others and so is distant towards those of the human species. But she has her beloved animals to keep her company so screw human companionship ~ One day, she learns her parents have run off to go find some exotic animal and left her in charge of the zoo. While lamenting to her bunny friend, Yuki, she notices something:


Thinking it’s some kind of joke, Tsumiki (our heroine) pulls the zipper down and gets a shock:


Lol, I joke. A penis doesn’t come out. BUT A PERSON DOES! WTF!? In fear, she runs to her other animal friends only to find out…they too have zippers! AND THEY ALL HAVE PEOPLE COME OUT! WHAT IS GOING ON!?

PS. I love the names of the places Tsumiki’s family went to. One translates as “The Island of Porn” xD (ero manga island)


Fujoshissu! (腐女子っス!) Chapter 26
By Okachimachi Hato (御徒町 鳩)

“Who are you going with this year?”

(ಠ_ಠ) the hell you drunken bitches talkin’ about?

Any hoo…nothing really…happens. I guess one of the girls is having love troubles? I don’t know. Too many characters for me to keep track of.


Dear Girl Stories ~ Hibiki **no chapter given**
By Iwasaki Saya (いわさき砂也)

“All you need is courage to get there.”

Last we left off, some chick came into the office and was like, I need one of you to be my sugar daddy. Well, Hiro C is all ready to sign up for that position but Ono D, worried about Hiro C’s intentions and some other crap, cockblocks and says he’ll be ol’ girl’s manwhore.

Girl isn’t picky so all three end up going on a “date,” much to Hiro C’s irritation. The two boys ask the girl what does she want to do on their date? She shrugs her shoulders and says whatever. However, at all the recommendations that boys make, she says f that shit. Unsure what to do (lol the boys have a massive mancry because they don’t know what actually happens on a date – which makes me think, wow, how long have you two been cockblocking each other that neither of you has gone on a date!?) the boys ask what does she like to do? Well holy shit. Saying she looks like a man would have produced a less dramatic response. She flips the fuck out and says she’s a useless piece of snail dookie and runs off crying.



Da fuq wrong with that ho? Well, we’re still paid for this right?


Sora Kara! My Nanny! (空から!マイ☆NANNY) Chapter 13
By: Hido Ryoji (氷堂涼二)

“A field of flowers, always in bloom”

Nothing much. Victor is a little down about Allen not liking him too much. Jo thinks his brother’s a dick for treating Victor like crap (even though he himself does it all the time… xD). Victor sings to Jo that it’s all cool in school yo. Leo is experienced and knows how to handle kids (wow that came out so wrong) so Allen will be fine. But just because Leo is in charge of Allen, doesn’t mean Victor doesn’t care about Allen. He loves all the boys and will protect them ~ End of musical.

The chapter ends with talk of a Medical Witch coming to town to give the children their required vaccines. BUT IS THAT ALL SHE’S HERE FOR!?

PS. Lol, loved that Victor was all, “You cry like a little bitch Jo when you get your shots?” (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ <- exact face used xD

Jo: 凸(⊙▂⊙✖ )  DIE VICTOR!


Karakuri x Limit // Mechanical x Limit (カラクリxリミット) Chapter 4
By Tomine Naruse (十峯なるせ)

“What’s this? What’s that? What am I?”

Main dude freaks because the little robot kid is gone. He and ghost man run around trying to find the boy. They do. Main dude pimp slaps the robot boy and goes wtf. Yadda Yadda. Main dude realizes the robot misunderstood his command. He hugs the boy in apology. Ghost dude has a déjà vu moment. He’s like wtf. The end.


Café Café (かふぇかふぇ) Chapter 10
By Okamoto Satoru (オカモトサトル)

The boys decide to settle their differences with a contest – whoever can stomach Kazuno’s Coffee from Hell the longest wins. The contest ends in a draw because Kazuno won’t make anymore coffee, seeing how its hazardous properties are being used in a battle of endurance so instead she’s crying in a corner xD The boys try to comfort her but end up throwing up the coffee haha

PS. I love Cedric.
Kazuno: Ծ_Ծ my coffee isn’t that bad, bitch…



Devil S Princess (悪魔Sプリンセス) Chapter 6
By Tenkawa Ai (天河藍)

[For those of you looking at this and thinking, wait…didn’t the July Issue have chapter 1? you are correct in your memory recollection. Little BG info on Devil S Princess. Devil S Princess was being serialized in another magazine. Not sure what happened (like if the magazine tanked) but it resulted in Devil S Princess transferring over to Sylph. The July Issue had chapter 1 so people could get familiar with the “new” series. If you wanted to know what happened between chapter 1 and chapter 6, you’d have to buy the first volume Sylph released with chapter 1’s appearance ~ Sneaky but it works. I’m not too interested in this title because I have a feeling the main girl is going to get with the guy I don’t care for (the advantages of being 5 issues behind!)]

“Super smart. Super gorgeous. Super dangerous. This is their story.”

Lots of stuff happened. I guess Butler Boy doesn’t hate the main dude anymore…and I guess main dude likes the girl? *shrugs ┐(‘~`;)┌* This chapter is dedicated to the main dude trying to teach the girl Suzu how to swim. Because…we get fan service? After some problems and a man pep talk to Butler Boy, main dude does get Suzu to swim…only his efforts are futile because Suzu is all YAY ~ I SWIMS to Butler Boy and hugs him.

Main Dude: (ಥ_ಥ) Stupid bad boy…it’s the suit…bitches love dudes in suits…


Shinigami Doggy (死神DOGGY) Act 11
By Yamamoto Kana (山本佳奈)

“A shinigami slumbers…why won’t he awaken?” [眠れる森の死神 is supposed to be a pun on 眠れる森の美女 or Sleeping Beauty. Guess you’d read it as “Sleeping Shinigami, why won’t you awaken?”]

Shin somehow tore a hole in Chesty’s cage (…lol that sounds so dirty…I;’ve been saying that a lot haven’t I?) and broke free to Ken. Ken doesn’t know wtf to do so he leaves the shinigami at his place and goes to school xD While on his way, he encounters Chesty. Thinking Chesty might know how to help Shin out (without telling her it’s for Shin), he tries to get her attention. However, this proves difficult as shinigami aren’t supposed to meddle with humans and so she ignores his attempts to get her attention. Ken tries another method and shouts, hey I can see your undies (she’s on top of a light pole), to which Chesty proudly replies that’s not possible because she’s in COMMANDO!!!! ( ´艸`)

Ken: (llಠ ,ಠ ) you know this is a girl’s comic right?

Realizing her mistake, Chesty indirectly tells Ken to scat – she’s looking for Shin.

Ken: ODAIGHPIWAOGHALKDJGHKJAHS SHIN!? ŎםŎ; Oh shit I wasn’t supposed to say that…

Realizing Ken might know something about Shin, she follows him everywhere – to school, to gym, to the urinals…EVERYWHERE. Ken loses her when he genderbends at the maid café from chapter 9/10. What’s to happen next!?


Fujima-sanchi no Chounan-san // The Eldest Brother of the Fujima Family (藤間さんちの長男さん)ONE SHOT!

“Her next door neighbors are three hot but mysterious brothers ~”

:D RATS ~ another one shot ~ very cute ~ a girl moves in and goes to meet her neighbors ~ they’re weirdos but it’s so cute ~ xD As expected from RATS ~ <3


Hakuouki (薄桜鬼) Chapter 13
By: Hiraku Naki (ひらく椥)

Yadda yadda Okita and Saitou are dead.


Miyako (雅恋 ~ Miyako) Chapter 5
By: Hidou Ren (氷堂れん)


I totally hope Miyako ends with Sangou getting with Seimei ~ so many chapters have been hinting at this pairing x3 (especially since none of the boys have gotten any screen time since chapter 1 xD)

Chapter 5 is pure Abe no Seimei love ~ While investigating the bridge Sesshoumaru-wannabe was hanging on in the last chapter, Sangou finds a puppy that somehow got trapped under a bridge (don’t ask). She tries to save the puppy but ends up getting saved by Seimei. As all three are chilling, Seimei starts to have an emo moment which Sangou fixes by using shojo speech on him. She tells him he’s not alone and she’ll never let him go so he needs to stop whining like a little bitch. Her words warm the cockles of Seimei’s S heart and he stops feeling like shit. The chapter ends with Sangou calling for Seimei. We find him standing in the middle of a pentagram, decked in his “kicking ass” outfit.

“Sangou, I have a favor to ask of you.”


Himegoto wa Hanazono (ひめごとははなぞの) Chapter 25
By: Watanabe Asia (わたなべあじあ)

“Basically a story where You and Sakurai man bond.”

The gang goes on a field trip. Boys You and Sakurai get lost. They man bond in their underwear while eating their boxed lunches in some random cave. After sometime chillin’ in their briefs, they get dressed and find their way back. Turns out no one bothered to look for them. They cry at this. The end.

PS. WTF kind of hat are they wearing!? xD


Sylph Anthology, Europe in the Middle Ages theme

Jesus and the 12 Apostles get bishified,  Richard the 1st is drawn crying like a little bitch, Galileo gets nekkid in the streets, and Christopher Columbus breaks some eggs.

Don’t ask. Just…look away.


Boy Princess // Shounen Oujo (少年王女) Chapter 6
By: Yukihiro Utako (雪広うたこ)

“In the end, it was a short role.”

After her first adventure to town (chapter 5), the princess has been repeatedly visiting the city to learn more about its inhabitants (along with Gii in all his cross-dressing glory xD). This leaves Albert to stay behind to study, which  he suddenly finds interesting instead of laborious (tell me you secret! I’ve got finals coming up щ(ಥ益ಥщ)).

Everything is going good. The princess is getting ready for her “day of adulthood” where I guess she’ll take over as ruler? Not sure. But this does mean that when the princess becomes head honcho, Albert’s duties are over and he can go back to his old life.  Albert wonders what he’ll do – maybe be an accountant now that he knows what numbers are xD The princess and Gii are sad about Albert leaving.

Oh, and Gii, the little bitch! We get to see inside his head and it turns out the princess had a twin brother but Gii’s mom smuggled the baby out of the castle before anyone knew of the kid’s gender. HUH COULDN’T HAVE MENTIONED THAT BIT EARLIER HUH? THAT ALBERT IS PROBABLY THE PRINCESS’S BROTHER! HOW LONG WERE YOU PLANNING ON SITTING ON THIS INFORMATION, GII!? (●`ε´●)ノ ”

After some encouraging(?) words from her mom, the princess gets ready for her big day ~


Kira Kira Soda Chocolate (キラキラ・ソーダ・チョコレート) Chapter 11
Konishi Megu (猫西めぐ)

“I wonder why the world is so dazzling?”

Oh man, twin drama, dude! Amane is caught between two brothers, one that hangs on her (possibly likes her???) and one that hasn’t figured out he likes her. Megumu D: That pathetic face you made when you tried to stop Amane from going with your brother! YOU’RE SO CUTE! COME INTO MY ARMS D8

And what’s this!? The brothers are connected to Amane!? Is Ayumu the one who gave Amane the umbrella!?





Hana Ori Soushi (花檻草子) Season 6.5
By: Choujin (長神)

“It was a story, that happened a long long time ago. Back when the plants were on our side.”

The chapter is from Hisaya’s POV. He talks about how even though Chiharu is the reincarnation of the one who cursed the Sekka no Ko, everyone is getting along just nicely with her, even himself. And that’s it. Was a very cute chapter ~ Too bad shit is about to hit the fan here soon.


Brothers Conflict #015
Written by: Kanase Atsuko (叶瀬あつこ), Drawn by: Udajo (ウダジョ)

“So many Mofumofus…lots of Mofumofus…makes me happy.”

Yeah, stuff happens.

Preview ~



Freebies ~

***Sorry guys, but I don’t have the freebies on me (I packed them away last week) so instead enjoy these pictures from Comic Sylph’s official page ~


1.) You get an adorable as hell keychain ~ it’s of Hiro C ~ (and he’s so tiny! Like, maybe as big as your thumbnail D: How cute!!!!).


2.) And then you get this man-service. One of the few Comic Sylph freebies not on my wall. I just…no. I wouldn’t be able to explain this to people. “No, they’re not ghey for each other. They’re just brothers. And yes, they’re 25…and both nekkid…in a tub…quite content to have their penises touching each other with pink flowers in the background. No, like I said, they’re not ghey. They’re just…it’s Japan, okay. Now shut up.”

Omfg, if my dad had seen this…lol, he already thinks all anime/manga = porn xD This would only solidify his belief haha!!!!

And that’s it for August ~ Enjoys ~

PS. Was this new formatting okay? I’m behind on my Comic Sylph (and time orz) so I felt like condensing everything into these little bits. In the future, if requested, I may elaborate into more detail with summaries but for now…change is on the horizon and yeah, I’ll update about that later ^^ Hope this post wasn’t too image intensive. If this was too crazy on you all, I might break this up so it doesn’t take forever to load ~

Toodles <3

4 thoughts on “BBB August 2011 Sylph


    Shiro Ari: Aah… so this is where Volume 2 ended. I like pissy Queen of Hearts xD

    Dadadadan: Power rangers *_*

    Dear Girls Stories: *hugs Hiro C and Ono D*

    Cafe Cafe: First time I’ve heard/seen about this series… looks fun~

    Shinigami Doggy: I didn’t get what you’re talking about but I love seeing more of this series xD

    The Eldest Brother of the Fujima Family: I don’t think I’ll like the girl…. but I really liked the oneshot you did for Betsuender xD SO cute~

    Sylph Anthology, Europe in the Middle Ages theme: Look away? You mean, it’s horrible? B-but…. I LIKE THE JESUS AND 12 APOSTLES AND OTHER HISTORICAL CHARACTERS BISHIEFIED IDEA *_* Is this some tanks that consist of oneshot collections? *not familiar with Sylph Anthology, but I assume it’s something like Arcana Anthology… which might be its Zero-Sum equivalent*

    Kira Kira Soda Chocolate: There are twins in this too? …..*_*

    Brothers on a Bath: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And yes, they’re not ghey. They’re brothers. Simple as that.


    • Storm Lover: But wait! This adaptation doesn’t suck THAT bad (I’m so behind that the series is already over xD). It focuses more on one bishi and the main girl does get with someone. I think Sylph learned from Petit Four and Hakuouki that female readers like it when the main character gets together with someone instead of teasing us ~ xD

      Shiro Ari: I like her outfit ~ Personality wise, she reminds me of a player x onee-san character (a weird combo – she’s like a flirt with the girls but it’s more like she’s an onee-san flirt with the girls. Listen to Big Sis, girls ;D kind of deal)

      DADADADAN: It was hilarious because the boys agreed to scare a friend’s sister so her brother could come in and look like a hero as he saves her (the brother has a sis-complex). However, the boys dressed up as space villains + space squirrel (thanks to Doc). When they did meet the girl, she freaked and was like, DON’T YOU BE TAKING OVER THE EARTH, MAN! I’M A SUPER HERO IN TRAINING!

      Boys: =___= what?

      Brother: o___o what?

      And yeah…hilarity. I have a bit of a snippet written up but then my research paper demanded my time…sigh…

      Cafe Cafe: this series is so dumb it’s fun. I don’t like anyone’s personalities save Cedric but they make great comedy because of their personalities xD

      Shinigami Doggy: Yeah it’s complex. Basically Shin was kidnapped in a previous chapter by this shinigami with boobs but he broke free and went to Ken. However, he’s injured and Ken doesn’t know what to do since no one can see the shinigami except him (due to his circumstances). On his way to school he meets the shinigami with boobs but Ken doesn’t know it’s this shinigami who kidnapped Shin. Ken just knows her from a previous chapter where she freed him from Shin’s contract and said Shin wasn’t going to bother Ken anymore ~ He looks to her for help and yeah…now he’s being tailed by her ~

      The Eldest Brother of the Fujima Family: She’s really cute. However, it’s the brothers that drive the story… and the hamster xD

      Sylph Anthology, Europe in the Middle Ages theme: Lol no no it’s just…too random for normal minds to handle xD If I remember right, it’s kind of like the Zero-Sum version. While the Sylph one has shorts, it also has pictures (I can’t remember if Zero-Sum had stand alone pictures), like really pretty pictures @q@ I never got into the Anthology because they are too short for my tastes (like 5-8 pages max, some only 1 page).

      Kira Kira Soda Chocolate: Yes ~ Twin love triangle :D But it’s not dramatic and makes me want to punch someone ~ I like how the series balances between the main couple and the secondary characters/possible couples x3

      Those brothers hug each other way too much haha. Almost every shot of them is either them hugging each other or them hugging a brother of theirs. Like a monkey ahah xD

      Thanks for your comment ~


  2. “Omfg, if my dad had seen this…lol, he already thinks all anime/manga = porn xD This would only solidify his belief haha!!!”

    I can relate. Bloody parents.
    Personally, out of all the series you mentioned i don’t think there’s one as silly as engage knights. Damn, even the name sounds wrong.
    Also, what the heck is that medieval europe anthology thingy?! A nekkid Galileo? now THAT’s one thing i’d rather really not imagine. Not that a bishi Jesus would help me take christianity seriously…


    • Parents are so funny sometimes xD But thankfully my dad is understanding of my interest in manga/anime/learning Japanese. The other day, as I was cleaning my room, my dad came in & stared at my shelves in wonder.
      “You have a LOT of books,” was all he said before walking away stunned.
      As I always tell my dads, it’s better I buy manga than crack :3

      OMFG, right? Engage Knight…sounds so kinky xD

      The Sylph Anthology I guess is like Zero-Sum’s anthology (I guess comparing the two only works if you know what the Zero-Sum Anthology is ^^;). Except unlike Zero-Sum, where the entire volume is dedicated to a theme, in Sylph, you have multiple sections in one volume dedicated to particular themes. I think in next month’s issue, it’s Egyptian theme or something involving Egyptian clothing…and fake boobs o3o;;; I haven’t read it yet so I’m not too certain ^^;
      Yeah, when I saw bishi Jesus, I had to facepalm a bit. Like, really Japan? REALLY? xD


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