August 2011 Sylph – Color Scans

Thought I’d try something new :3
I notice for this new theme I have a gallery format option. It didn’t work with Slideshow since the pictures were horribly small so f that shiz. However, using gallery with the gallery turned out pretty cool haha xD And for a lazy person such as myself, I didn’t have to waste time posting each picture in one at a time ~ yay~

Nothing too different with these colors pages that haven’t been seen in previous Sylphs xD You have BROTHERS CONFLICT man on man action (okay  not really but still, those twins are really too touchy feely O___O), the forever virgins of DGS, new Hakuouki manga coming soon (Sylph will never let this one go will it?),  Uta no Prince-sama advertising (this one is new actually. The reason for this advertisement was because the anime was airing back around this time and Sylph wanted to remind people it had released a manga adaptation a while back ~), and of course, Miyako ~

Enjoy ~

6 thoughts on “August 2011 Sylph – Color Scans

    • xD I take it you like twins? Well, if you don’t mind these two clingers, they may be right up your alley haha!

      8D glad you like! I wanted to try something different since I’ve had that old layout for quite some time. I like how the headers come out <3


      • Ah! I didn’t know that 8D Nice! I’ll make sure to keep my eyes open for any manga in Sylph with Twins then! I know of one series, Kira Kira Soda Chocolate, but it may be too shojo for your tastes. It’s friggin adorable and sweet ~ I’ll probably get diabetes from this series if I’m not too careful xD

        SPOILERS ~

        Boy Princess has twins though you don’t find out until the end of the first volume (though we all pretty much had it figured out in the 1st chapter xD). I think you’d like Boy Princess more. While it’s sort of meh in the beginning, when one of the main characters dies, that’s when things get crazy!


        Oh, there’s also Himegoto wa Hanazono. It has twins…who randomly change gender xD Really wtf crazy. I’m not sure what’s going on since I haven’t gotten to read the 1st volume yet (it got packed away last week ;__;) but it entertains.

        Ah, and Hana Ori Soushi! This series has twins too though they’re kids. Boy & a girl. So cute :3

        Wow, did not realize there were so many twins in Sylph xD


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