Tid-Bits: Shinigami-Hime no Saikon Chapter 4

Lol I really need to stop with the FFXIII icons xD
I’m finally done with the game but damn was it a struggle D: My goodness! If my Japanese were better, I’d have gotten the Japanese version of FFXIII because they had an easy option!
Before you scream pussy, I play games for the characters & story, not the challenge D: I’ve never enjoyed yelling at the tv and slamming my controller into the floor as tears of rage spring forth from the corners of my eyes because I was inches away from making it to the end…

I ain’t got time for that shiz anymore ~ Not with college D: *shakes cane*

Angry is the boy sitting, Pussy Lamington is the guy leaning over Angry :3

Shinigami hime no saikon (死神姫の再婚) Chapter 4

(mangaupdates information)

Main girl: Alicia
Lolicon: Raisen
Honkers: Nora
Angry: Theonardo
Pussy Lamington: Yuulan

New Addition ~ ♪( ´▽`)

Peppers: Treys

The chapter starts off with main chick making breakfast. For reasons I’m not sure why, when someone is alerted to the fact Lolicon be swaggering their way, the chef boots Main chick from his kitchen (I guess because she’s nobility, she has no place in dah kitchen?)

We speed up to Lolicon and chick eating their breakfast. Main chick is happy Lolicon is eating her food. They talk (mostly about politics which I don’t care about xD). Lolicon is entertained by main chick’s eccentric personality/stupid comments. He pets her head like he would his favorite dog – much to Honker’s chagrin –and leaves.

Oh, wait. He tells Main chick not to leave the premises. He wants people to think Main chick is the scary Death Princess. Because one look at her and everyone will be all:


Now he leaves.

Main chick goes to her room to read her books. Honkers comes in and is all, sooooo you wanna see what things look like outside the mansion? xDDDDD

Main chick is hesitant. Didn’t Lolicon say not to go? Hmmmm (・ε・)Honkers plays coy, saying she had clothes made up for Main chick so no one would recognize her and had a horse and carriage all ready…shucks :<

Main Girl: Well if you went to all that trouble 8D ~ LET’S GO HONKERS! (((((ノ☉∇☉)ノ

Honkers: Wait what? I’m going too? No no that’s cool I’m just gonna – (●ε●)ノ ”

Main chick drags Honkers off with her. Love that Honkers tells Main chick, hey if we get caught – not that we are – you make sure not to mention that this was my idea to Lolicon…K? ( ̄∀ ̄|||)

Lol ~ Honkers is trying to save her own ass xD

They leave. Honkers pulls over at a random spot. She tells Main chick that if she goes to the top of the hill in front of them, she’ll be able to see the village.

Main chick does as told and when she turns around to ask a question, she notices the carriage is gone. Honkers has left her.

Well, shit.

Main chick decides to go to the village Honkers was indicating to, since Lolicon does nightly portals around the villages he governs, so chances are she’ll either run into him or she’ll be given directions to where the castle is.

So she goes into the forest and finds out she’s lost ~ Oops ~ and she’s hungry too ~ ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ tee hee (lol this heroine xD). However, a sweet smell catches her nose. She finds the source to be some plant. It smells okay so it can’t be dangerous right? She breaks off a piece and has a nibble.


Some bishi pops out of the bushes and flips the fuck out. He says hello by shoving one of his hands into her mouth to get Main chick to barf the plant back out.

Wow, great way to meet someone huh? 8D

He’s like, wth!? Don’t you know these plants are toxic to eat-  that’s why we have a buttton of these around the village to scare monsters and Jehovah Witnesses away!?

Girl: No :) but I do now.

Dude: ಠ_ಠ; oh

When asked what she’s doing in the forest, Main chick tells him she’s lost and she’s trying to find her way back to Lolicon’s mansion. Hearing she wants to go to Lolicon’s place, dude freaks out some more. ADFJA;JFLKADJFAFJOAWJOIJEF YOU WANT TO GO THERE!? WHY!?

Girl: Because he bought me despite hearing rumors I had 3 eyes and was the size of a mountain who crushed her first husband by stomping on him 8)

Coming to the conclusion the girl is a re-re, Peppers (my name for this stranger) tells the girl she can rest at his place and they’ll arrange some transportation to take her back to her real home.


Annddddd, it turns out this is the last chapter in volume #1. Sad news guys. Volume #2 probably won’t be out until around this time next year. I’m not sure if it’s the magazine or the series, but Shinigami-Himi no Saikon chapters come out bimonthly. It took about a year to get this volume out so I’m assuming if they stick to 5 chapters a volume, that’ll be a about a year (give or take a month or three)

You could always read the light novels ~ Heck, I would but…I’m not up to that level yet. Maybe in one year I’ll be 8D

Thanks for reading ~

6 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Shinigami-Hime no Saikon Chapter 4

  1. I love final fantasy, but I have no gamer skills. I watched the whole final fantasy xiii series online (not the cenematic version, it had the gameplay,boss battles and everything). Took me a week to watch the whole game played out from begining to end.


    • It took me 9 months of on and off play to finish the game, orz…
      You’re not missing much. Grinding took way too much time out of the game. By the time I got to the end, I forgot why the heck I was even rushing off to kick the evil bad guy’s butt in the first place xD
      But at least I got to enjoy the visuals ~ FFXIII was definitely kind on the eyes :D


      • Indeed! I know that the xiii-2 game is releasing in japan on the 15th but for some reason I was able to find a site to watch it. and it’s dec 14th! The japanese guy that i’m following must have some wicked connections to get it so early. he’s already ten hours in playing so I better start watching. lol I’m too impatient for the american release, but once it’s out I will be looking out for some eng sub videos :) . i’m so jealous that you know japanese, because i have no idea what they are saying. Still, its very kind to the eyes.


        • 8Y The game is already out!? Holy crap I’m behind!
          I wonder if anyone has beaten the game yet?
          I want to know wtf is going on…
          Also, does Lightning get with someone?
          Crazy dude that never dies?

          Indeed ~ you gotta love the graphics of games now and days. I remember it took me so long to beat FFVII because I hated the graphics which reduced my incentive to try and save the world. Also, Cloud was too emo. I wanted to slip him some Happy Pills to loosen him up xD


    • She is indeed derpy in this 1st volume. She’s like…in her own world. I’m not sure if this is actually how she is or if she’s doing it on purpose but she is definitely unique ~ It’s refreshing actually :3 (or maybe I just like that she’s not drowning me in angst and pointless drama?)


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