Happy (early) Thanksgiving ~

Just wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING all ~ I’m going back home for a week so I’ll be away from Spoils ~ Hope you all get to spend the holidays with your family and eat some good foods 8D

God pray for your souls if you’re actually going Black Friday…no, I’m sorry, Black Thursday Shopping <- wtf up with this new change? What happened to Thanksgiving being a day you spend with your family? Man, I’d be so pissed if I had to work on Thanksgiving because people were so horny to shop instead of be thankful to be with the ones they love :/ Sigh what have we become?

I couldn’t find the youtube video of this (screw Rebecca Black – her damn song trumps any SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE BLACK FRIDAY PARODY search hits I try :/ And it’s all people making fun of her singing…) but here’s the link for the parody on hulu. That’s pretty much how I view Black Friday…Thursday…


[PS. I’ll get to answering comments when I get back :) Thank you so much for them!]

6 thoughts on “Happy (early) Thanksgiving ~

    • Yeah, apparently this year, the deals started on Thanksgiving :Y Which was just plain weird! But apparently it was a success from what I heard? Whatever, I spent the day in a turkey coma xD

      Thank you! I hope you had fun with your family, Meni :D


    thanksgiving let me thinks about our exchange student xD she wrote on facebook something like: to my american friends: Happy Thanksgiving! and to my belgian friends: Gelukkige donderdag…? (Gelukkige donderdag means Happy Thursday) xDD


    • 8D Thank you!
      Ah! I should have used an online translator to translate Thanksgiving into multiple languages but I’d be afraid the online translator would spit out something weird like Happy Tutu xD and I’d get weird looks.

      Hope you had a good Thanksgiving 8D


    • Oh no no. I didn’t work. I did my Black Friday time years ago. Never again.
      (that’s why you make sure to do good in school so you can get a job not in retail because retail sucks)

      My friend worked on Black Thursday. Said he an old lady get punched, some jerkoffs peed in the store, and people were mugged in the parking lot. He works at Wal-Mart so he wasn’t too fazed. I just stared at him with my mouth open Σ(゜д゜;) WHAT!?

      Hope you had a good Thanksgiving too Rin!


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