WTF Shojo Moments (Missile Happy Chapter 3)

So right now I’m reading volume #1 of this manga called Missile Happy (because the volumes were on sale for like $2 a pop). And wow…my brain cells :/

I feel Missile Happy should have stayed as a one-shot (since the first chapter was pretty entertaining), not that it ever was a one shot….I think *shrugs* Because everything after chapter 1 is just stupid…gawd, there should be a limit to shojo insecurity and angst :/

[Note: I was in a bad mood and reading Missile Happy didn’t help to brighten my day so this post is pretty much just pure bitching on my end. Please don’t read if you like this series or have a thing against people bitching]

For example:

The main girl wins a trip for a one night stay at some hot springs (I swear, there must be a law that says SHOJO HEROINES MUST WIN NIGHT STAY TO HOT SPRINGS FOR ANGST AND MISUNDERSTANDING TO HAPPEN!). In this chapter, the reason for her angst (yeah, each chapter has its own angst source) is because her dude is studying to be a doctor and that means one day he’ll have to go off to medical school and leave her behind yadda yadda insecurity and not wanting to be away from her man blah blah. Well, that doesn’t stop her from going to some festival with him and having a good time. Until the unthinkable happens: a random girl trips and her boyfriend helps her because he’s not a dick. Well, that is just NOT right! HOW DARE HE HELP SOMEONE IN NEED! And main chick trips because there’s nothing there and it makes sense to trip over that it makes the scene more dramatic *shrugs* Her guy notices she too has fallen and goes over to help her out as well, because again, he’s not a dick. Um…he helped someone who fell down. I’m sorry if helping others is considered ethically wrong in your book…you stupid whore. In the TP version, the translation is: “I don’t want you to be nice to any girl except me!”


And no before you think I’m over reacting, read the whole page and the next one:

Someone fell down some stairs! Oh shit! The normal reaction would be to help that person right?


Um….really? Is now the best time to talk about your insecurities? Someone just fell down a flight of stairs. And you don’t want your boyfriend to help her? Your boyfriend – the one who is studying to be a doctor. The only one present who has enough medical knowledge to stop the drunken civilians from duct taping the injured person’s spine back together and telling her to walk it off. REALLY?

Really? Really? He can’t go help people because he’ll die like mom and dad? IF YOU’RE THAT WORRIED – GO WITH HIM TO HELP OUT! But no. Just STAND THERE and whine like a little bitch while everyone else is rushing over to help the poor girl :/ because it’s all about you :/ And because it’s all about her, the main girl leaves – despite her boyfriend telling her to wait for him while he calls for an ambulance (wow, way to contradict yourself! DON’T LEAVE ME ALL ALONE *she leaves instead* Me: o___o; whut?). So she wanders off to look for this stone rumored to grant one wish to a person. Because really, what else is there to do? Worry about that girl who fell down a story of stairs? Fuq dat shit. It’s all about the main chick ~

And as she’s crying about wanting to be with her boyfriend only, she finds the “stone.” Random scene of the cool older sister appearing and telling the main dude that the main girl has abandonment issues. Yeah, I think we already got that established. Little late ma’am. Back to the main chick. Turns out the stone is the island itself? *shrugs* (don’t look at me) Well, that just means…

We gotta throw ourselves off this random cliff to get the wish granted!!!!!!!! Why? I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA!!!!! THERE WAS NEVER ANY MENTION OF JUMPING OFF CLIFFS!!!!

I really think this girl might have some psychological problems. I mean, when you’re not even reacting to someone getting hurt, that’s just a little weird. And just walking away from it? Wow… And throwing yourself off a cliff? o___o; Double wow… Someone has been reading too much Twilight. I feel this main character might become so obsessed with her man, she’d lose it and break the main dude’s legs so he could never leave her like in that Stephen King movie (Misery?). And yeah that’s it. Tired.

16 thoughts on “WTF Shojo Moments (Missile Happy Chapter 3)

    • I guess I just have certain tastes when it comes to shojo.
      Certain ones I like (Karakuri Odette, Beauty Pop) but some I just can’t stand (Gentleman’s Alliance, Kitchen Princess). I think it has to do with how situations are handled? And also if the main character is too over-emotional // bi-polar with her emotions (if she’s smiling one minute then crying the next then laughing the next then about to jump off a cliff – all within 4 pages…I can’t handle it haha) or if the guy is a douchebag xD

      Oh well ~ to each their own :3


      • hahaha, I love all four of those titles (I guess I’m just not too picky when it comes to shojo manga)! xD Although I do find Najika of Kitchen Princess a little bit too bipolar…she’s so happy and then crazy sad the next minute…

        but yes, to each their own~ (and it’s lovely to find someone on the internet who actually says that~) :D


      • Ah, you are more tolerant than I it seems xD

        Not a problem ~ we all have our interests and our disinterests :D There’s nothing wrong with not liking something or liking something others hate. I’m not sure why people on the internet can’t respect that. I may bitch like a drunken grandma about something but that doesn’t mean I believe everyone has to think like me. I know there are people who like a series I hate or hate the series I like. It’s because we’re all different.
        If I happen to find someone who agrees with my tastes, then yay ~! If someone doesn’t agree, I just politely point them to the door ~ no use debating with me ~ my feelings are my feelings on the subject and calling me a dumbass over my tastes isn’t going to make me change my mind ~ *though it will make me think less of you & wonder what poor upbringing did you receive to think insulting others will make them change their mind :<*

        (this is also why I put disclaimers at the beginning of any manga/anime review stuff so they know in advance that I'm trolling and I don't care xD)
        (although I did forget to put one for this post – guess I was too PO'd to think straight xD)


  1. Yeah, jump girl, go! Characters like that should just die. She’s crazy. Not even in a funny, yandere way, just a crazy bitch. : /
    Don’t you feel like you are just wasting your time when reading stuff like that?


    • I truly think that maybe this character needs to be committed :{
      It’s not healthy to be obsessed with a guy to such an extreme where he can’t even be around other females for fear he’s going to leave her….
      Also, she didn’t give a shit to the girl who fell down those stairs. She was more concerned about herself D:


      Me: 8U

      :( Yeah…I want my money back…(I’m hoping that later volumes redeem this series but…)


  2. Sad to say that I read these kinds of manga in my early years for manga obsession. Looking back now, I can’t believe how stupid the sense of reasoning for some of the characters are. There’s one thing that’s just amuses me about this chapter is that the flight of stairs is literally only 7 steps…..SEVEN EFFING STEPS. GIRL, MY STAIRCASE IS SIXTEEN STEPS AND I’VE FALLEN OFF AND UP THEM MORE THAN THE NUMBER OF MY TOES AND FINGERS COMBINED. Then again, I had carpet to cushion my fall. Still, that girl looks ridiculous being melodramitic ten feet away about her BF “leaving her” (he’s only ten feet away girl, pull yourself together). But no, instead she decides to jump off a cliff. Your boyfriend is never going to come back if your going to kill yourself before he gets back to you….just saying <_<. Yeah, just go bet your life off of some superstition of a magic stone to solve the problemsof your love life. What happened to sitting down and discussing problems that bother us? Because jumping of cliffs is more effective *rolls eyes*

    Haha, this totally brought a lot of memories of old manga that I read. I never took the time to look back to see how silly they were. And those series tend to be dragged out in a never ending cycle of "break up", "make up", "break up, "make up". I lost so much of my life reading them D : Not that i'm saying I wasted my time reading this post. I found it as a wake up call for all the bad manga I read in the past. :)


    • Haha
      Well, I looked at the height of the stairs rather than the number ^^ (so that may be why I freaked out more)
      Also, how the girl’s body was positioned when she fell. I’m thinking she probably fell like Miki did in that first page – so she went down face first….from the top of the stairs D:
      (My evidence for this is based on the bruises you can make out on the 4th page – her face is pretty jacked up). I can’t make out any blood but since this character is just a random side character, I don’t think the manga-ka cared too much about the details xD
      Also also, stone hurts like a cactus-themed suppository. I once tripped going up some stone stairs and I banged my knee on the edge. Shit not only bruised my knee purple but also scrapped my skin off D: DICK STONE STAIRS!
      I’d hate to have seen what I would have looked like had I fallen down them…probably a lot more colorful…with some broken bones… o___o *scared* (so that experience made me fear for the girl who fell off those stairs…please live so I know I have a chance if I fall down stone stairs…)

      I have no idea why the main chick decided in order to get her wish granted she needed to jump off a cliff…into the turbulent ocean waters…with sharp rocks around…(it’s on the next page not included in here – if you look at the bottom left corner, you see not only rocks in the ocean but also rocks…right where they (the BF joins her Dx) are falling to…).
      Also, she jumped in without telling anyone where she was. Had her BF not showed up and this not be a shojo (so dying because you’re doing something stupid is a no no) she’d have been fucked – like, she may of injured herself or drowned and no one would know where she was until her bloated body either washed up on shore (discovered by some kids playing pirate…those poor children) or pieces of her were found in a shark someone captured…
      All because she had to be dramatic…

      I agree – talk out your feelings. Most guys won’t deal with emotional girls like her unless they REALLY love the girl, have mental problems, or REALLY love having sexy sexy time with the girl (and think they probably won’t ever be able to find another woman again).

      Haha, it’s kind of like how when you look back on stuff you’ve read or watched as a kid – you see them in a WHOLE ‘nother light. You realize, OMFG, he’s a pedophile! She’s only 11 and he’s like 32! D: And he asked her to marry him!? EW! CHILDHOOD DESTROYED!
      (but sometimes, you get the jokes used – and you think, lol this series…I thought it was so innocent xD)

      I can only tolerate certain shojos ^^; I hate the BREAK UP MAKE UP BREAK UP MAKE UP theme ^^;

      But everyone has their own tastes – while I find this manga dumb, others find it entertaining ~ we’re all different I guess ^^ (I just gotta pray those who love the manga don’t see this post and go ape shit crazy on me like I did on this scene lols ~)


  3. Oh my gawd!
    What the hell is wrong with this chick?! Lol I’m going to jump off a chift lol I’m going to be a bitch to every girl that ever touches HER man (wow girl you find the one shojo guy that’s NOT a dick and hate him for it)


    • RIGHT!?
      She totally doesn’t look crazy on the cover. She looked like a typical shojo girl.
      I keep saying this but I really think she needs to be committed :< It's not healthy to be this crazy…

      I KNOW! The guy isn't too bad. He's nice (bit of a perv but what guy isn't?). However, he always gets into situations with the girl because he either says something and doesn't get to finish what he was saying – thus the girl misunderstands and runs off, or he does something and the girl misunderstands and runs off OTL


    • She’s indeed…different.
      I was really riled up before I read this so I think my irritation spilled over into the manga and it PO’d me more than it should have xD
      However, it’s nice to see I’m not the only one upset over her behavior.


    • I tend to read “not that shojo” shojo xD For some reason, watered-down shojo is a lot easier for me to handle – less drama, less wtf reasoning, and less chance of a drawn out love octagon D:
      And less chance of encounter asshole male leads. Do no like.

      I’m kind of scared to read the rest of this series. After this chapter I put the manga volume down and went to read something else xD


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