WTF Hits for sometime in the mid-middle of October xD

No work today so I’m going to crank these out :3

w to turn ur room in to a cats paridice

Is this…even English? o___O;

nn peach

Lol what? Does this nn stand for something? =____= boobs? A butt? Happy?

whatever dickcheese

manga pissing diapers girl for boy

The hell??????

hakuouki hijikata bleeding

Fangirl who used this search term: BLEED BITCH!

tokyo majin let’s go kid, everyone

No idea what this search term is trying to say. So enjoy the dancing duck gif xD

gun fail

Lol, this is a reference to my Hakouki summaries.

oh girl you nasty

(sorry, I just love this gif xD)

manga with emo guy

Shojo…just…look at shojo. They’re abundant there.

i am here anime not colored

(;¯‿¯) uhhhhhhh….okay?

i’m crazy for coco puffs

I know this is because of that FILL IN THE BLANK thing I did a while back xD

[I wonder if I should make another one?]

pervy guy

I feel like I use this gif in almost every WTF Hits post I make xD

yaoi manga character with tattoo in the back’

DAMN, how bat shit DRUNK was this guy that he got a tattoo IN his back? Is that even possible!? Did they tattoo his organs?

hamlet to be or not to be anime

8U HAMLET IS AN ANIME!? WHAT!? (I know there’s Romeo & Juliet one – complete with flying horses and evil trees ~)

wtf japan

WTF people using these search terms!!!

men underwear cock

Seriously, how am I getting these hits?

dog saying ahah

Dah fuq?

manga buttplug


tokyo majin who does aoi end up with


when guys say cramps can’t be that bad


porn milfs hentai

be experimented on

O_________O UMMMMM

hug won’t let go

Person who used this search term:

girl leaves home to catch a man with her pussy manga

WTF…is this like…porn poke’mon???? D:

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