WTF Hits for sometime in at the end of October xD


manga pedo

I like this gif xD

made love pregnant

How else do you get pregnant, fool :/

How do you have a blank hit!?

period dick table

O___O is this some kinky play on the periodic table!?

ass hearts

go jump off a bridge comedy

That’s not a comedy D: That’s called suicide!!!

manga romance she was raped


manga boys with cute manga girls in nude


female crotch face

Wow…just call her ugly. That sounds a whole lot better than crotch face D:

skewered shota

Man no love for the shotas this month – tied up, sacrificed, skewered…some people need hugs man o__O;

There were a whole bunch of repeats from previous WTF Hits so I decided not to include them in. That, and I’ve about ran out of energy xD Phew! Finally caught up WTF wise haha

What crazy terms will we see next week?


8 thoughts on “WTF Hits for sometime in at the end of October xD

  1. you get all of these hits in a weeks time?! I would question if I should be happy that im getting any when they are for the wrong reasons. Wow, just wow. I like your funny reactions! But on a serious note, these search hits….are just plain creepy O.o


    • Yup xD
      I usually get a bunch of normal ones but sprinkled in the layers of normality are these…unique ones.
      Most are pornish in nature. I’m still not sure why they link to my blog. I mean, this is the last place to have porn xD Especially the kinky porn all these search terms seem to want haha

      I love tumblr solely for the gifs :3 (pretty much the only reason I have a tumblr account xD)

      They are creepy indeed! But others seem to enjoy seeing these so that’s why I make posts about them xD


    • Lol please. If you mean popular with perverts, then yeah xD
      But overall, no. I’m pretty much posting to myself haha ~

      Just keep posting and if you’re lucky and fate feels kind, someone who shares the same interest will stumble on your blog and…the magic begins ~
      Or at least that’s how I think it goes… *shrugs*

      AH! Or talking about popular stuff works. I talk about unknown stuff, thus the probable explanation as to why I’m unknown 8D


  2. Well, I keep thinking that those “WTF hits” lists aren’t helping your case of getting those very weird (and disturbing!) search hits XD

    Seriously, I don’t know how, by typing something nasty like that on a search engine, those people are linked to this blog! O.o


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