Tid-Bits: Shinigami-Hime no Saikon Prologue

With Nise no Chigiri volume #1 down, it’s time to move on to another series ~ This time it’s Shinigami-Hime no Saikon or “The Second Marriage of the Death Princess.” You can say “Death God Princess” but I think “Death Princess” has a better ring to it :3 This was a blind buy from amazon.jp. I have no idea how I got to this manga. I believe I was clicking around on the recommendations amazon usually gives and somehow ended up on its page. The manga is an adaptation of an ongoing novel series – there’s like, 12 volumes as of this post (or at least that’s how many are shown at the back of the manga). One day ~ one day I’ll be able to read my guilty pleasure shojo light novels ~ ONE DAY!!!!!!!

Anyway on to the TID-BIT~

Shinigami Hime no Saikon (死神姫の再婚) Prologue

(mangaupdates information)

Main girl: Alicia

(anddddd yeah, no one else of importance in this prologue except for the main chick xD)

Story starts off with a wedding. The groom is waiting at the alter, being a whiny bitch. He complains to the pastor/priest that his soon-to-be-wife isn’t rich or hot and doesn’t have a nice rack.

Priest:The groom yells at his bride to hurry her ass up. He wants to finish this wedding so he can go hang with his whore.

Me: (ಠ_ಠ) the hell kind of shojo is this?

Well, before you all get riled up about what a jerkoff he is…he dies!

(☞゚∀゚)☞ haha serves you right ~

…maybe not the right emoticon to use but whatever ~ xD

As Alicia is walking to the alter, a blur rushes by her. A man in a hooded cloak is standing right in front of Jerkoff. The man does something (his back is turned to us so I don’t know what he did – he could have cupped Jerkoff for all I know xD) but the next thing we know, the cloaked man is flying out a second story window and Jerkoff is on the floor, bleeding dead. Everyone is freaking the f out (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ because hey, the groom was just killed right in front of their eyes. Only Alicia is calm. She looks up at the window where the man jumped through in his escape (no one currently notices the shattered window I think because there is a more pressing matter dead on the floor). She comments about the glass’s quality – it’s expensive stuff so it shouldn’t be something that shatters easily when a guy hurls his body through it (lol really? xD That’s the first thing you thing to say in a situation like this? Well, doesn’t help that Jerkoff is a jerkoff…so screw concern for him haha). Jerkoff’s mom(?) gets pissy that Alicia is talking about windows when her son is pooping himself due to his muscles relaxing and calls Alicia a harbinger of death (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

A year later, we see an elated Alicia’s grandpappy doing the happy dance – because despite Alicia’s first “husband” falling over deader than most of my jokes & carrying the nickname, Death Princess, he has found someone who is interested in being her new husband. SWEET!

Grandpa: And this time, make sure you’re legally married to him before he dies off ~ that way you get da money ;D

And so off Alicia goes to meet her new husband ~

“I wonder if he’s a headless knight, who appears from the mist, carrying a bloodstained sword in his hand? I can’t rule out vampire either…well ~ whichever Lord Raisen is works for me <3”

o___O; what?
[EDIT 11/3: Fixed the Jerkoff scene (<- lol that sounds so wrong). I thought based on the panels from the Prologue that only Alicia could see the man in the cloak but later chapters verified that others saw the person too. How the prologue was structured confused me because no one was really going, oh hey, who’s that hooded dude standing in front of Jerkoff? Oh look, he did something to Jerkoff and has just jumped through a friggin window. Oh shit, Jerkoff was killed! JERKOFF WAS KILLED BY A MAN IN A CLOAK !!!!! D: Sorry for the confusion]

13 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Shinigami-Hime no Saikon Prologue

  1. AHAHAHAHA! What an interesting manga! And to think you bought it on a whim! I could never do that after *cough* blindly purchasing Amazing Agent Luna *cough*.

    Can’t wait to see whats going to happen with the next guy. All I got to say is boy is he in for it! XD


    • The cover was too cute. A wedding dress!? A guy that doesn’t look too creepy!? Heck yeah!
      It’s usually a 95/5 shot for me. Most of the time I get stuff I like but every now and then I get a turd :/ I’m generally an easy person to please. Unless the guy is an absolute asshole (or there’s a bitch character – both together make me hate life), the story makes no sense and I’m not enjoying the ride, or the main chick is just a re re, I’m usually good. Usually….Luna had so much potential…but then…sigh. I will not drag up the past.

      Or is it the other way around ;D


    • I didn’t realize how popular this manga was.
      I keep getting a bunch of hits for Shinigami Hime no Saikon.
      But I can understand why no one wants to touch this title. A lot of the chapters are just solid walls of text (main reason why it took me so long to finish).
      What also sucks is the next volume won’t be out for another year (the magazine Shinigami Hime no Saikon is serialized in is bimonthly – or the series itself is bi-monthy. Not sure. I don’t subscribe to B Log Kyun ^^)

      Never know though. Someone might pick up SHnS :3


  2. ” … despite Alicia’s first “husband” falling over deader than most of my jokes & … ”

    I’m not gonna lie, this line made me laugh so hard ! xD Haha this is why I love your posts. They’re hilarious ! And, you pick up some interesting titles. I wonder how their marriage is going to work out. When I first saw this, I was like “Eh, whatever ~” about it, but after I saw the cover, I immediately thought “omg that guy looks hot ! ” and came here to read about it >_>


    • Haha, thanks…I think? (jk) XD

      I’m curious too. The series is originally a light novel series (which is like…13 volumes strong?). I really want to read the light novel series to get more meat and potatoes but I’ve still got a wee bit of studying I need to work on before I can tackle novels :3

      Haha, the main guy is indeed nice on the eyes ;D The cover made me get this manga. I love weddings so seeing a wedding dress on the cover + PDA made this a win in my book xD

      Hope you enjoy the summaries!!!


  3. Oh~ I love your blog. I’ve just discovered it, but I find it hilarious how you describe the events in the story. Some time ago, I stumbled upon a picture for this manga and was all ( * v * ) “I need to know what this is!” I’m so happy to have found some kind of summaries for it, with a touch of humour non the less!


    • 8D Hello there!
      I’m glad you like what you’ve seen!
      I’ve noticed from the large amount of page hits I’ve gotten for this title that Shinigami-Hime no Saikon is indeed popular! I had no idea when I bought this manga actually. I just got it for the cover xD

      Thank you for stopping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed my Tid-Bits on the first volume of Shinigami-Hime no Saikon! It’ll be about a year before the next volume is released unfortunately…long wait is long :<


  4. As soon as I saw a signature of the cover for this I went mad trying to find it. Turns out your the ONLY ONE who actually has any content for it! Must be in demand if your getting a lot of hits just for this manga. But you know what kept me reading was your commentary! Freaking.hilarious. I will be coming back to read some more summaries so keep servin em’ up and dishin em’ out🌀ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


    • Thank you for your kind words :3 I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the Tid-Bits of Shinigami-Hime no Saikon thus far! This is indeed a fun manga ~ I’m sort of surprised no one has touched on this manga besides me but I can sort of understand. With so many speech bubbles and complex ye old fancy pants speech, it would be laborious to work on when there are so many easier titles out there instead. But you never know!

      Thank you again for your comment 8D (Expect to see Tid-Bits of the 2nd volume in about a year when it’s released :3)


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