Tid-Bits: Nise no Chigiri Chapter 5

Ugh, school. Life. Gah, why you gotta be hating and taking my time so I can’t do much on mah blog!? D:

That aside…

Okay, so I was looking on msn news because I’m lame like that and one of the articles I found talked about signs to see if you’re overburdening your kids. The reason I clicked because I was like, what? Kids don’t do shit. At least we never did when I was a kid. So curiosity compelled me to examine this. There are twelve signs parents need to look for and one of them caught my eye:

“When you’re heading out the door, does he throw a tantrum or “lose” equipment?”

WTF does “lose” equipment mean? Why is “lose” in quotations? Are the quotations hinting that the child poops himself because the mom is leaving!? That he pee rages on the door mat? DOES IT MEAN THE KID’S DICK FALLS OFF BECAUSE HE’S THAT PISSED MAMA IS GOING TO THE LIQUOR STORE? o__O;

(I wonder if they meant to say “pretends to lose his stuff?” If so…word it better so dirty minded peeps like me don’t get confused…)

Nise no Chigiri (二世の契り) Chapter 5

(mangaupdate info)

Main girl – Mana
Pedo bishi – Kenshin
Tsundere bishi – Akatsuki
Saitou-clone Bishi – Shuuya
Looks like Pedo Bishi but younger so not a pedo-Bishi – Suien
Jailbait bishi – Rurimaru
Dinosaur bishi (I refuse to put bishi) – Kanehisa
Caveman bishi – Kojima
M bishi – Masato

New addition:

Patches – Kansuke

Last we left off, M Bishi was all, hohoho hitting on me already baby ~ yeah you know a good time when you see one huh sweetheart ;D to Mana’s question about if they’ve met before. Mana gets flustered by his words (hohoh who wouldn’t? <3). She’s saved when Dinosaur bishi chastises M bishi (which makes me think, AT LEAST HE’S CLOSE IN AGE TO HER UNLIKE A CERTAIN DECOMPOSING SOMEONE HERE! (ಠ_ಠ) YEAH I’M JUDGING, FOOL. CHANGE YOUR DIAPER.).

M Bishi: =3= Just playing dawg

Caveman bishi randomly makes an appearance and M bishi uses this as his cue to leave. Not before hearing Mana comes from DAH FUTURE! which makes him shit bricks.


Caveman bishi is happy Mana is here because if she’s from the future, she already knows EVERYTHING that’s going to happen. What battles they’ll win. What ppl they have to watch out for. IF CAVEMAN BISHI WILL GET SOME!!! (ಠ_ಠ) TELL ME I GET SOME <- Caveman bishi’s words, not mine.

Mana disappoints because she don’t know nothing about history. Her: stuff happened…along time ago…by dead people *shrugs* So that potential dies swiftly and is bleeding from the crotch.

(though I give Mana some credit here because I hate studying history. All I know is stuff happened by dead people in certain places at some time. Good enough for my science major (☞゚∀゚)☞ )

We scene change to the final possible datable bishi in this series. I’m calling him Patches – 1.) because he has a patch over his eye and I’m not ashamed to base a nickname off that & 2.) he reminds me a lot of Hakuouki‘s Patrick/I don’t remember what his real name was (the evil blonde dude). He lets loose some verbal pwning to his co-workers(?) & finishes with a peace out because he’s off to investigate/perv on this chick that made Waxy cry.

Over to Mana again. Mana feels down because she’s so bad at history, she thought George Bush was our 2nd president after Washington (o__o wow, I just realized I don’t even remember who our 2nd president was…*googles*), so she fails at being an asset in that department, and everyone (other than her bishi protectors and the sis clone & that random chick who washed her back) think she’s a spy. But then Mana remembers, oh hey! I forgot! I may be a re re in academics but I can run and jump! I’m athletic 8D I’LL USE MY MUSCLES TO MAKE THEM LIKE ME! (so I wonder if because of her fitness lvl, she’ll actually kick ass when needed or if she’ll just end up sitting calmly on the sidelines like Hakuouki‘s Chizuru…I still to this day do not know why they kept dragging Chizuru into battles if she couldn’t fight…).

Mana converts some outfit she had laying around into a make-shift jumper…tracksuit…exercise…outfit… As she’s out stretching, her man posse pop out from the trees (no they literally do) to ask what she’s doing. Mana explains that she’s going to go for a run. The man gang tell her to do her run on the path they use to train. Mana agrees. Saitou-clone and Jailbait run ahead. Not-Pedo says he’s sticking behind. While he can walk, his legs suck balls at doing anything else. Mana tries to perv for more details but Tsundere bishi tells her to shove tampon in it.

Mana: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ I wasn’t talking to you fucker!

Awkward situation is awkward for Mana. She goes off to run but before she leaves, she tells Not-Pedo that they’ll do some stretches to help his legs out. Not-Pedo waves as everyone leaves but just as we’re about to pan out, we see his rapist face come out:

No…not that one xD

Mana and Tsundere bishi bicker…and turn the run into a competition. EAT MY DUST BITCH! They blow past Saitou-clone and Jailbait. They get so into their competition they don’t notice the thickening fog. ANDDDDDDDDDDD before you know it, Mana realizes too late that she’s lost everyone.

BUT, thankfully there’s a guy who just happens to appear out of the mist to help her find her way! Totally not suspicious! And guess what guys? It’s Patches! Who’d a thunk it?

Patches has a calm as a potato look but once he gets a good view of Mana, his potato fries. He grabs her by the chin and is all OMFG, DO YOU REMEMBER ME!? (((( ;゚Д゚))) ~ ~~

Whut!? How many people know of Mana? Well, I think we all know why M bishi knows about Mana but what about Patches here!?

WELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP, we’ll have to find the answer another time because that’s the last chapter in this volume ~ on to something else ~

4 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Nise no Chigiri Chapter 5

  1. OMG WHUT!? They can’t just leave the story hanging, I haven’t had the time to get to know this patches dude. Now my relationship with him will be so miniscule that I’ll be like “what? Why is there a pirate here?”.
    D : Aw, I was loving your blogs on this story. Guess needy caveman will have to wait if he will or won’t be ever “getting some” :D


    • Haha xD
      Patches is crying right now ~
      Not only did he make his first appearance at the end so no one will remember him when the next volume is out, but everyone will mistake him for a random evil pirate…who just happened to be on top of a mountain…because that’s how pirates roll ;D

      But never fear, I recently got volume #2. However, I wanted to read Shinigami-Hime no Saikon instead because the cover made my inner romantic squeal xD

      (As to Caveman bishi, omfg may he never get together with the main chick. I’m not sure how many generations is takes before it’s no longer incest but…you’ll see what I mean later on)


  2. Haha, gotta love mangas made from otome games, they are so absurd. xD
    I guess that is why they are great material for your commentaries. Pity it’s already over, it was so funny. :D


    • I learned to go into otome manga adaptations solely for the lols because it’s rare for the chick to actually hook up with someone. I betcha it’s because the creators are too afraid of wild fan girls burning their houses down if the creators pair the female character with a guy the fangirls don’t ship xD

      Don’t worry 8D I’ll restart this later in the future with volume #2 :3 I’m taking my time because I’m waiting for other volumes to come out ~ I think #3 is coming soon?


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