Tid-Bits: Nise no Chigiri Chapter 4

Ah ~
I’m relieved today is over because that means I’m done with my interview and my paper ~
I won’t know the results of the interview till later (same with the paper) but it’s done now so no point in worrying ~
I’m hoping for some good news ~

Random: I’m happy my friend @arkynox is off the mountain now because I can talk with her again ~ it’s always fun to talk with friends ~ :3

Blabbing aside, TO THE TID-BIT!

Nise no Chigiri (二世の契り) Chapter 4

(mangaupdate info)

Main girl – Mana
Pedo bishi – Kenshin
Tsundere bishi – Akatsuki
Saitou-clone Bishi – Shuuya
Looks like Pedo Bishi but younger so not a pedo-Bishi – Suien
Jailbait bishi – Rurimaru
Dinosaur bishi (I refuse to put bishi) – Kanehisa

New Additions:

Caveman bishi – Kojima
M bishi – Masato

Last we left off, Mana was going HELL NO to the thought of having hawt bishies as her bodyguards (well, hawt bishies + one pedo zombie). I’m sure in her head she’s thinking this:

With Dinosaur:

Mana: Let go of me you nasty old man!

With Tsundere Bishi:

With Jailbait bishi:

(Mana = old creeper. Boy = Jailbait)

The other bishies:

Meh, they're not too bad compared to the first three

After some thinking, Mana decides having man trouble is better than being dead so she accepts Pedo-Bishi’s offer. So everyone is all YEAHHHHHHHH! With that settled, Pedo bishi tells Mana he called in someone to help her get some threads. The doors open and…it’s her sister!?

No lol ~ It’s actually just a chick who just happens to look like her sister.

So the sister look alike hooks up Mana with some bling and clothes. Mana is happy with the clothes and struts around the compound ~ happy to show them off. She finds Not-Pedo bishi and Tsundere bishi. Not-Pedo bishi compliments her right away and makes all sorts of comments about how her outfit just accentuates her features and is so fetch. Yeah, I totally got ghey male friend vibe right there too xD Someone needs to be on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy haha ~ Tsundere bishi takes the tsundere route and goes you fugly ///>3>/// despite the fact his cheeks are all red.

Mana: Mana becomes real quiet which freaks Tsundere bishi into confessing the truth: YOU LOOK REALLY NICE! @___@ Mana laughs at Tsundere bishi – gotcha ;D Tsundere bishi realizes too late he’s been tricked by her. Lol, serves you right bitch XD She leaves (before she can slapped) and we meet two more datable bishies in the game version:

Caveman bishi:

Me: =____________________= ANOTHER old person!? I do not want to date someone who needs to poop in a diaper!

M bishi:


Great another HOLY SHIT!

Hey there sweetie ;D

I normally don’t go for guys with beards but this guy is an exception <3 (oh and his name is M bishi not because he’s a Masochist but I’m totally betting he’s Ma-kun (kid from chapter 1). It’s his hair.). When Mana meets with M bishi, he has a D: face on. Mana remembers seeing him in a dream but she gets the feeling she’s seen him somewhere before. This prompts her to ask M bishi if they’ve meet before. M bishi gets a cocky look on his face and asks if she’s hitting on him.


What do you think?

Lol, jk. No she doesn’t do that (though I would in her place. Between Slap Happy, the two fossils, and Still Wetting My Bed, he’s like the best choice besides Saitou-clone bishi xD). She freaks.

What will happen?

2 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Nise no Chigiri Chapter 4

  1. O.O
    Another dinosaur emerges from what we thought should be extinct!
    Is there any guy that’s normal to date? XD

    I do find M bishi interesting. He looks like he’s hiding some dark secret. I feel so violated if I have intrest in him >.<. let's just say I wish he was my uncle so we can hang out together in a family relationship (close but not that "close" of a relationship). You never know, there might be older women reading this and need characters where they don't feel like coguars. Then again…that doesn't explain the existance of jailbait .
    Did he even went through puberty yet? XD

    My sister had two chemistry teachers that are anime freaks. Which was strange, but awsome. THey mainly like Fullmetal Alchemist (love that series by the way).

    It was funny because one teacher actually took a day off from work so he can just watch anime all day. I'm not kidding. I wished I was in his class. We could've been friends on the spot! :D


    • There’s one more guy and he’s the typical “evil but not if you choose my route” choice xD
      I have no clue why there are so many…unique choices in terms of possible mates xD This must have been an otome game for those with kinky tastes xDDDDDD

      Haha xD If I had interest in Caveman bishi, then I’d feel violated lol ~

      I LOVE THIS THEORY! People who play Nise no Chigiri may be possible cougars xDDDDDDDDD HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
      (he’s like…13 I think? Not too sure on his exact age. Mana quoted his age around the tweens)

      I hear these stories of professors who are into anime yet I’ve never encountered this. Most of my professors are dried up old things that like to…stare at things I’m guessing O__O; When they’re not cutting themselves over grading our papers/tests/etc.


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