Tid-Bits: Nise no Chigiri Chapter 3

Have you heard? PETA is suing Sea World for slavery. From what the article I read on yahoo said, PETA says Sea World is violating the 13th amendment by enslaving animals and forcing them to perform (among other things).
Now, I don’t know much about this issue but all I can think is, why don’t we focus on PEOPLE first? Like the homeless, the financially struggling, the sick, orphans etc – let’s help them before we go charging off on some other issue.

But that’s just my two cents. I’m not all, screw the animals (I love animals – except cats. I only like certain cats). But I’d prefer we spent that money instead on helping our species first…

That thought done, let’s get to the Tid-Bit ~

Nise no Chigiri (二世の契り) Chapter 3

(mangaupdate info)

Main girl – Mana
Pedo Bishi – Kenshin
Tsundere Bishi – Akatsuki
Saitou-clone Bishi – Shuuya
Looks like Pedo Bishi but younger so not a pedo-Bishi – Suien

New additions:

Jailbait bishi – Rurimaru
Dinosaur bishi (I refuse to put bishi) – Kanehisa

Chapter 3 starts off with some fan service – from Mana. Da fuq?

(uh, this is shojo right? *flips through the pages*)

The reason for the lady service? Well, the minute the gang reached Le Bishi de’Castle, Pedo Bishi told Mana to go bathe because she smells like his armpit he wants to introduce her to his peeps and he can’t do that if she stinks like a man pit. Ahhhhh, thus the reason Mana is wrapped in a towel bathing (because we all wear a towel when we bathe ^^;) with her ferret (yeah, the gang found a ferret on the way over). Some lady comes in and scrubs Mana down. Tsundere bishi tells her to scrub Mana down REALLLLLLLLLLLLL good.

Mana: o___o huh?

I initially had the feeling Tsundere bishi was a tad touched in the head, but now I’m positive that he’s just an idiot. No idea what this guy was thinking but he peeps over into the girl’s bath and is all, hey girl hey ~

Annnnnnnddddd Mana beats the shiz out of him xD

Not-Pedo bishi comes in and drags Tsundere bishi’s corpse away (lol where did he come from!?) before Mana can poop in his mouth.

The weirdness comedy over, Mana gets changed and goes to the meet-and-greet. We meet two more “bishies” who are apparently datable in the otome game:

1.)    Jailbait bishi, named because he is like 13 years old:

Me: …
2.)    Dinosaur bishi, named because he was probably alive back when the dinosaurs were first evolving from the primordial soup into said dinosaurs:


WHY!? Why is grandpa here a DATABLE person!? A POSSIBLE love interest!? And most importantly, NOT IN JAIL!? I mean, look at him! He’s so old his body is already turning into petroleum!!! And Mana is like what, 14? 16? Basically, ILLEGAL! D: UGH UGH UGH OMFG I CAN NEVER LOOK AT SANTA THE SAME WAY NOW BECAUSE OF THIS. UGH UGH DON’T COME TO MY HOUSE SANTA UNLESS I GOT THE SHOTGUN OUT AND EXPIRED MILK…

Can’t…concentrate…urge to barf…insane…


Pedo bishi (wow I named YOU wrong huh sir. At least you’re her super older brother’s age, not so old you now have the title of ancient ancestor) says Mana is danger because she teleported in front of Waxy, cheesing him off from his attack (and making him flee like the pathetic little girl he is). So he’ll give her his harem of good looking guys to act as her as protectors ~

Mana: Whut!? Hell yeah!!!! Let’s get nekkid boys ~ here are the thongs ~ Mana likes being protected while enjoying the show ;D

I mean, hell no….yeah no…because if you’re going to watch over me all the time…you’ll…uh…follow me into the toilet and bath…like the asshole pervert from this morning….so no…

So that’s how it ends. With Mana thinking, no…I like to poop in peace without hawt guys there to stare k thx. Will she get her protectors because her life is in danger and having someone watch you poop is the least of your worries (although I do agree that’s a bit creepy) or will the desire to excrete alone win? Find out next time ~

My view of Dinosaur now:

(pictures used came from minitokyo and tumblr except for one photo which I took ~)

2 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Nise no Chigiri Chapter 3

  1. ahahaha! Ciel was captured by the pedo bear! Whew, dang I’m trying to hold back my laughter. Why am i reading this in a library? I need to go outside and just laugh my head off.

    Dinosaur….totally agree with you. What were they thinking? It’s so NOT a turn on.

    I’ll crash with you on christmas with my shot gun as well. XD wonder how santa would react to that!


    • (another tumblr gif – I have a tumblr account just so I can find gifs on it and use them for my posts xD)

      RIGHT!? Like, what’s sexy about an old relic like him? I mean, he probably doesn’t have a penis anymore because he’s so old it like fell off because it couldn’t withstand gravity or something.
      Unless he’s rich and Mana is in it for the money?
      But even then… 14 year old girl x 3941857198237489 year old geezer = ew

      xD let’s do it! I’m sure Santa will poop himself in shock! And let’s jack his sled 8D (and presents <3 Gotta always remember the presents <3)


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