Snippets: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 5 (July 2011)

Ah sorry this is a bit late ~
I thought I was going to finish everything yesterday but a friend invited me over to hang & I was like, heck yeah! xD

Without further ado ~ I give you Boy Princess Chapter 5

Note: It’s not going to be as lol-tastic as the other chapters. This chapter was more serious in nature compared to the past ones ~ Just giving you a heads up if you fall asleep reading this ^^;

(The chapter starts with Gii finally finding the glasses he lost when Albert roundhouse kicked him in the face in the previous chapter (though Gii sort of deserved the kick because he threatened Albert’s balls, a big no no in the male community).  As he stares happily in relief at his glasses, he finally takes notice of the commotion around him (mainly Oscar the Horse kicking ass and taking bitches).

[I love how the shot of the horse is from the back, so its butt takes up like half of the panel. Thus, when we go to the next panel of Gii thinking, what up peeps?, instead it looks like he’s thinking, wow that’s a big ass xD]

A passing gentle breeze causes the gate door to creak as it moves.

Gii: =____= you don’t show stuff like this in a manga without it meaning something. Investigation commencing!

The scene switches to Albert. Despite his wardrobe change and the vast distance between where he was and where the princess was, Albert swoops in and is all DA FUQ BRAH!?  Albert instantly thinks the princess dressed up as him because she wants to try the foods sold at roadside stands (I think is a reference to chapter 3 when she mentioned Albert going to her mom’s B-Day party is like going to a commoner’s festival and eating all the nummy foods from the stands *q*).

Princess: “Are you…serious?” =__=; (I threatened to chop your head off back in chapter 3…)

(Albert: And Gii went a level beyond that and tried to go for my nuggets)

(Princess: Da fuq brah? (ಠ_ಠ))

Albert: “…kinda. If I wasn’t, then I’d look like a fool for worrying.”

Realizing Albert was genuinely worried about her, the princess apologizes. Reflecting over everything that has happened today, Albert asks the princess if she’s planning on running away and leaving her duties behind. The princess hurriedly assured Albert that she wasn’t planning on anything like that. She just wanted to take advantage of the lax security and have a day for herself.

“So the trickster princess wanted to sneak out for a fun time, huh?”


Albert is one NOT happy cross dresser. He grabs the princess and starts to drag her back, all the while berating her: for thinking she’d be alright going into town alone, for not knowing the dangers associated with her actions, for dressing as a dude…

“…I want to know about all that…I want to know about the world my mother is ignorant of!”

The princess explains that because of her mother’s sickness, the country has been pretty unstable. While they fear the mom (who wouldn’t?), the people trust in her power. The thing of worry is not her mother, but the princess herself. Albert tells her wtf, she’s just a kid.

“It’s exactly that reason they worry.”

Her mom doesn’t have long to live (wow… 1.) that’s pretty dark thinking, kid. No glass half full for you huh? & 2.) wow, talk about foreshadowing…for the wrong person though…). Once she croaks, the power goes to the princess. However, the people haven’t seen the princess in action so they are unsure of her capabilities. Albert tells her that’s why she studies a lot, to learn.

Princess: “And how is that supposed to save me in the end? Even if I pour myself into my studies, if I keep making the wrong decisions, can you overlook them? No, you can’t. Nor can they. I’m not someone who can succeed my mother. I can’t assure the people I am capable of the position…I can’t…protect this country…”

Touched, Albert slaps the shit out of her.

Lol jk. But you know in other manga that would have happened. Because Japan likes to slap people emofagging xD

Albert grabs her by the shoulder, surprising the princess out of her “glass half empty with urine and dead baby birds” mood.


He scolds her for thinking of going into town with such a gloomy face on. How can she see the people if she’s got her eyes all scrunched up from enduring it all?

Princess: (´;ω;`)

The mood lightened, Albert tells the princess that he’ll take her into town. They’ll go look at stuff and meet Martha ~ (she’s the old lady from the beginning of chapter 1, who likes to butt slam Albert.)

“You sure are resilient.”

It’s Gii. Shit, so much for running for it! D8 Quick Albert – do another roundhouse kick!

“I’d never be able to look myself in the mirror were I to allow you children to wonder into such a dangerous place.”

*turns to face the camera*

*is in drag*

*ass hanging out*

“Thus parental supervision is needed.”

Albert and the Princess: (llಠ ,ಠ ) uh, why are you in a dress?

Gii explains that as a handsome and desirable tiger, all the slave traders in town would be fighting to capture him and sell him for a butt-ton. Thus, to mask his manly beauty, the dress and fake melons were needed.

Albert and the Princess: (ll> __> ) You go tell yourself that….

Gii tells Albert to get. He can lead the princess. (゚∀゚)☞

Princess: “That’s not where the castle is…”

Gii: Meant this way (☞;゚∀゚)☞

Albert: “Wrong~”

Since Gii obviously don’t know where he is, Albert says ~ tur hur and sticks with them

Gii: STFU (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

As they walk around town, they walk pass a bar. Inside, a woman is throwing a hissy fit. Seems the prostitute she hired tried to kiss and run off with 500 Runee (their currency I guess).  He defends himself by saying she was doing horrible things to him (we get to see the back of his body as proof – holy shit wtf was she doing to this guy? Dragging razor blades down his back?! D:). The woman tells him to STFU – guys should be seen, not heard. He runs for it with her hot on his trail. The other women drinking watch this event and laugh ~ Stupid male ~

The princess is shocked. Why is no one stopping the lady from beating up the prostitute? Is that bit of money really worth that much here?

Albert: “For us, it isn’t “a bit.” 500 Runee can buy about 10 days of food. That’s 10 days of not having to worry about where the next meal will come from.”

Before the princess can say anything more, a creepy old hag bumps into her/him (forgot to mention but the princess is dressed as a boy still). Grandma is all, get the fuq out of my way bitch oh hey there you have a pretty face. Grandma likes her boys pretty. Wanna work for me sweet thang? ;D

Gii freaks the fuck out. Oh hell no you walking museum exhibit. You keep your nasty dried up digits OFF my princess. Before he can whip grandma (no, I shit you not. He was reaching for his whip. Yeah, he carries that with him, hohoho never know when the occasion may rise where he needs to use it…or have it used on him ;D), Albert tells grandma that if she likes what she sees, she can have the princess for a mil. Grandma says fuq da shit and leaves.

Seeing a male prostitute get smacked around is one thing but being hit on by grandma just mentally destroyed the princess. Her: The hell wrong with you people!?


Albert: “You look like you’ve just met some crooks. Remember, everyone here is an inhabitant of this city.”

Men digging in trash. Women drinking their cares away. Women paying men to fight each other. The hell is wrong with this world!?

Gii is really concerned for the princess. He says they should head back. He DVR-ed Jersey Shore :)

The princess says she’ll be fine but then a giant butt assaults her.

Yeah, you read that right.

Gii: (″・ิ_・ิ)っ   *speechless*

It’s Martha! She’s like, oh my gawd! Albert! *looks over to the real Albert* Wait, what?

We scene change to Martha’s place. She apologizes to Albert. At first she thought the princess looked like Albert but it turns out they look nothing alike haha ~


The princess, who is under the alias Alberto (psffft), is being glomped by little girls, much to Gii’s jealousy.

(ಠ_ಠ) WOW, Gii! Really? You rockin’ that pedo status!? I was just making that shit up!!! D:

“Lots of little fairies <3” *blush*


Just die

The story with Albert, Alberto, and Boobs Gii is that Albert and Alberto work for Boobs Gii. Boobs Gii saved Albert from a sticky situation and since then, has employed Albert into his/her services. Boobs Gii is a little weird, making them dress in drag and stuff but Albert will one day return to Martha and the kids so no worries ~

Gii: (╬ ಠ益ಠ) STFU…sweetie <3

Albert asks about Teo. Martha says Teo left to become strong, CONFIRMING MY SUSPICIONS THAT THE DARK SKINNED MAN IN THE COLOR PAGE REALLY IS GOING TO END UP BEING TEO!!! Martha and Albert have a moment. Seeing how close they are makes the princess a bit sad (seeing how her and her mom don’t exactly have the warmest of relationships). The girls glomping on the princess notice her change in attitude and decide to cheer her up by showing her something outside. Gii and Albert go to join her.

They watch silver fish jump up and look pretty. The princess reflects on what she’s learned today. She knew there were differences between the nobles and the commoners. She believed the poor to be those who suffered in silence. Who knew no joy or happiness. Who had no one to protect them. They were the ones in need of help. But seeing today, she wondered if these people were worth saving.

Princess: “The reality was shockingly ugly.”
“I wonder, if years later, would these children show me this scenery again?”
“I want to protect…this scenery I was shown. These children’s feelings… and, this country which has reminded unchanged…I want to protect them all for as long as I live.”

Albert: “That’s quite an opponent you’re challenging.”

Princess: “And yet, it’s something I must do.”

Albert: “I’m rooting for you.”


Everyone gets ready to leave. Martha hugs Albert and tells him he always has a home to come back to should he need it.

Albert: (´;ω;`) Martha …still packing on the LBS huh?

Lol xD

That comment earns him an ass slap xD  As the trio leave, Martha watches with a pained expression on her face.

Martha: “Was letting go of his hand the right thing to do?”

; ____ ; OMG, THAT chapter is coming soon. It’s a chapter that will blow your minds!

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    • I really like Shounen Oujo but it’s gonna get depressing here in 2 chapters ; A ; I don’t know if we’ll be able to recover the lols after chapter 7… (unless grandma pops up looking for some sweet ass ;D)


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