Blah Blah Blah ~ Part III (July 2011): Hakase Ga9, Himegoto wa Hanazono24, & Sylph Anthology

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Table of Contents
[Hakase Ga Spec 009]
[Himegoto wa Hanazono Chapter 24]
[Sylph Anthology]

ハカセがっ!!Hakase Ga!! Spec 009 by 左近堂絵里Sakondo Eri

Okay, well this is turning super weird. So if you remember from last time, Elliot broke into Shiva’s school and it all went to hell. Alarms started firing. People started panicking. It was like Black Friday at Wal-mart. Following instructions, the classmates followed a designated route in their class notebook (their destination is the third floor gymnasium). Well, turns out that each class notebook is different…for reasons you’ll find out at the end. Shiva and his 3 buds manage to find each other despite the retardation of their maps. As they search for the correct path to take, they come upon a door with a question: Go forward or go back?

Shiva says fuq this shit we’re going forward and selects that option. From here, each section they go to has a special quest for them to complete: make beef stroganoff, defeat robots, and cross dress…Thankfully each classmate is specialized in each of the quests: the girl at cooking, the angry boy at breaking robot necks, and Shiva at…cross dressing. What is Beast Boy’s special power? Well, I can’t reveal it now but it lets him kick ass without having to kick…if you get my hidden meaning. Due to hilarity, Shiva and Elliot meet up with one another. Shiva tells Elliot to leave. Elliot is like, dah fuq brah? Noticing Shiva and his friends dressed up as if celebrating a b-day (another quest they had to complete), Elliot gets the low down about what’s been happening. After hearing them, h puts the pieces together and is all ohohohoh so this is how it is. He calls someone out, threatening to destroy the school if this person doesn’t appear. An old man with a ‘stache comes out. It turns out he’s the creator of the game Elliot bought in the previous chapter. In this game, a team of 4 students are forced to undergo quests to get out of their school alive. The school Shiva and co. attend is actually used as a testing grounds to get material for the game. Sad that he’s been found out, the old man creator says they’re going to shut down the school. Elliot is all, dah fuq you wanna do that? Shiva’s gonna star in this game. Continue! d(>w<)b

Everyone: 8D

Shiva and co: D:

 “And so they continued the game until the late hours, struggling forth to reach the gymnasium on the third floor. Upon seeing the ending credits roll on a screen before them, Shiva and friends had only one thought in their hearts: I want to transfer.”

Note: The reason the previous students were all durhururururur in the previous chapter was because they knew Shiva and his classmates were going to be guinea pigs like they themselves were for the game.

Note2: Apparently Beast Boy is like part ninja? ┐(‘~`;)┌

ひめごとははなぞのHimegoto wa Hanazono Chapter 24 by わたなべあじあ Watanabe Ajia/Asia

STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL don’t know what going on lol ~ The brothers/motherdadpeople/idontknowanymore leave to attend some memorial service. They leave Ai and Koi alone at home with their housemate You. Before leaving, the girly brother (mom? I don’t know) dresses both Ai and Koi in dresses (despite Koi being a boy)…just because ~

So everyone leaves. Ai wants to watch a scary movie much to Koi’s displeasure. While watching, Koi gets scared and turns into girl Koi.

Not asking. So he’s now a she. And I guess she looks a lot like one of the brothers, Byakko (just noticed this but I think 4 of the brothers are named after those mythological beings Fushigi Yuugi was based off). And I’m guessing You likes that brother (maybe back when he was a she?) so seeing Koi look like his old love(?) is very traumatic for him? Honestly I have no idea. Basically the rest of the chapter deals with You trying to keep his pants on and not freak out about girl Koi until the brothers/familysomething/idon’tevenknow return.

Note: I love the premise of the horror story the three characters were watching: one day, a boy named Tarou stumbles upon a discarded straw doll on his way home. Suddenly the skies darkened and the neighborhood became gloomy despite the morning hour. The grocer man complained about his black cat going AWAL while he gave Tarou a free apple… (<- lol what!?). Despite he attempts to get rid of the straw doll, it would always return. Always. “I must get rid of this doll!” This is a story…of a boy…and a doll.

He encountered her out of the blue.
It turns out the doll Tarou had picked up…was actually crafted long ago by a woman who wanted to curse the man who cruelly abandoned her despite her love for him.

“Men have no capacity for love! He left me in despair. That’s when I decided to curse that man with a lifetime of diarrhea.”

(One of the characters: “What kind of fail curse is that?” =____=;)
(Other character: “A shit that never ends!? Oh my gawd!!!!!” D:)

The doll became infused with the woman’s desires and soon, her beloved experienced a shit like never seen before.


The woman’s hate proved to be a powerful thing, and since then…

The doll has been collecting the malice around it, growing stronger.  

Sylph Anthology ~

Stufffffffffffffffffffffffffff ~

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