Tid-Bits: Nise no Chigiri Chapter 2

I will never understand the appeal with abusive males in shojo. I just don’t…I mean, I can see it working if you’re M but really. I don’t care if it’s mental or physically, abuse just isn’t cool.
*tries to think REALLLLLY hard*
Maybe they exist because the idea of the girl character bringing light and warmth in the guy’s black cold barren wasteland of a heart and watching him be “cute” around her is entertaining? :/ Meh, go die in ditch boy. I’ll take the nice guy who doesn’t take out his problems on her using his brute strength.

Nise no Chigiri (二世の契り) Chapter 2

(mangaupdate info)

Main girl – Mana
Pedo Bishi – Kenshin
Tsundere Bishi – Akatsuki
Saitou-clone Bishi – Shuuya
Looks like Pedo Bishi but younger so not a pedo-Bishi – Suien

Last we left off, Mana randomly appeared out of the air despite the fact she was drowning in waist high water earlier. Well, hold that thought for a sec. We’re actually going to go like 10 minutes into the past before she pops up to show what happened with the other homies in Pedo bishie’s sentry group. I said in chp 1 they were fighting trannies and giant bear men but we’re never told that until chapter 2 :P Sorry for getting ahead of myself. So yeah, random metrosexual snake man woman thing attacks Not-pedo bishi (lol to that one snake who looks like it’s about to clamp down on Not-pedo bishi’s balls xD). Crocodile shota attacks Saitou Clone bishi. And omfg this guy keeps growing in each panel he appears in bear man fights Tsundere Bishi.

Ok. So back to Mana. She appears. Everyone is freaking the fuck out because hey, random chick just appeared out of the sky. Tsundere bishi takes advantage of the shock and throws a badly aimed dagger thing at Waxy. It lightly grazes Waxy’s arm, making him drop his sword (lol). Waxy must be French because that fool is all OMFG WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE! I GOT A CUT! WAH D’8 To Mana, despite her not being the one who threw the dagger, Waxy is all I’LL REMEMBER THIS BITCH! WATCH YOUR BACK! MOMMY!!!! ε=ε=ε=┌(ಥ_ಥ)ノ So the four skedaddle, leaving our bishies behind to think, geez dude grow a pair. Except for Tsundere bishi. He tells Mana to get away from his man (Pedo bishi) and manhandles her like the future wife beater he is. Pedo bishi tells Tsundere bishi to stop being abusive to women Mana. Tsundere bishi defends himself by claiming Mana is “probably” an assassin so abuse is okay ;D (btw why is no one questioning how she randomly appeared?). Mana explains she doesn’t know wtf is going on but she knows Tsundere bishi from her dream – he’s Akatsuki. Well. Saying his mother is a whore with a penis and owl for sex organs would probably elicit a less violent reaction. Tsundere freaks that she is a spy and again starts manhandling her again. Mana tries to think how she can convince this fool to stop hurting her believe her. Then she remembers her phone. While with her girls at the café in chp 1, her friend changed the wall paper on her phone to the singer Ryu. Mana thinks, I’ll show him that yeah! (Me: o__O; why? He’ll probably freak out over your witchcraft phone). And he does. He holds a knife to Mana’s neck and tells her not to move. His buddies pick up the cell phone she dropped and question what it is. A gun? Some sort of switch blade? xD Mana tries to explain, dumbasses, it’s a phone but Tsundere bishi is being too abusive and won’t listen. Mana thinks, you know what, fuck this. Give me my phone. I’m leaving. She tries to get her phone back.

Tsundere bishi:


Did that just happen in a shojo!?

Yeah, Tsundere bishi slapped the crap out of her. Wow….instant DO NO LIKE D: If your first instinct is to beat a woman, even a stranger, just…no. Cut your balls off so the abuse stops with you. I don’t care how nice your face is. Abuse = not sexy :/

The other bishies feel bad and give Mana some water (wow guys, really? Are you that desensitized to his actions that you don’t even freak?). Mana takes the bottle. I’d rather she used it to punch Tsundere bishi in the balls but this is shojo so no, she just drinks it and tries to calm down…  Blah blah After hearing Mana’s story & because she saved his sorry ass, Pedo-bishi decides to take Mana with them back to their crib, much to Tsundere bishi’s chagrin. Blah blah Tsundere bishi peeks under Mana’s skirt because he’s a dumb shit and doesn’t know what’s under a girl’s skirt and gets belted by Mana (wow, so you can fight back but only when your underwear is at stake huh :/) blah blah war blah blah arrive at crib blah blah. The chapter ends with the 4 baddies having a pow-wow at their evil…house. They tell the guy in the house about Mana appearing and Waxy running like a little girl. The guy inside the house is all, ok whatever. As long as I get a good lol about this new development, that’s all that matters. Yay booze ~  

Chapter 2 end ~

Will forever by my image of Akatsuki//Tsundere Bishi:

4 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Nise no Chigiri Chapter 2

  1. Taking into account your last comment, i guess she’ll have the hots for the more-yandere-than-tsundere bishi. xD It has to be some sort of primitive instinct, i mean, the fact that shoujo females go after the most abusive guy. Like, they go after the alpha male as if they would do in the animal world?
    thanks for the tip btw, was laughing like hell while reading the post about Shinjou Mayu.


    • Honestly, I have on idea if she does or not. But I’ve noticed in shojo that the more abusive the guy, the stronger the attraction xD

      I’m hoping they do pair her with someone. I’d hate for this to end with her just hanging with these good looking guys and, after a good time spend teasing us, she goes back home and the end :<

      Maybe? But when the guy is hurting her, shouldn't she worry about her safety and her future young's safety? If he's not afraid to go after her, what's stopping him from going after the kids? o__O;

      I'm glad you like ~ I really hope warriorhope comes back one day ~ her stuff is w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l ~


    • That will forever be the face of Tsundere Bishi xD

      (you’d be amazed at the things you find on tumblr. I was trying to find a slapping gif and I found that picture in my search. Ronald McDonald giving out some pimp slaps with his happy meals? This must be shared – was my thinking haha)


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