Tid-Bits: Nise no Chigiri Chapter 1

Man, I’ve been slacking on my Ninhongo practice D: When’s the last time I cracked open any of these manga I have sitting around, begging to be read!?
Thus the reason I’m bringing “Tid-Bits” back from the grave ~ I’m a visual person so visually seeing my progress helps motivate me to keep on practicing <3 I’m hoping to do around 5 a week but who knows due to school (maybe 3-4?)

(I’ll do this in addition to my Sylph stuff ~ my Sylph stuff will get more love though. Tid-Bits I just make on the fly lol)

That said, there’s no purpose in reading these. They’re just for my benefit. I don’t think anyone will find interest in them xD Cuz for the majority of you that do read my blog, you read my blog for Comic Sylph. I’ll update with Comic Sylph stuff this weekend. I have Boy Princess, BBB 3 & BBB 4 ready. I need to finish DADADADAN too now that I think about it…

Phew, long intro is long xD

Can you guess why I'm reading this manga? ;D

Nise no Chigiri (二世の契り) Chapter 1

(mangaupdate info)

Main girl – Mana
Pedo Bishi – Kenshin
Tsundere Bishi – Akatsuki
Saitou-clone Bishi – Shuuya
Looks like Pedo Bishi but younger so not a pedo-Bishi – Suien

(the above is just for my reference because I know I’ll forget who is who)

Mana keeps having reoccurring dreams of these hawt dudes kicking some ass. One day while hanging at a café with her tomodachis, she sees an advertisement for a mega popular singer who looks a lot like one of the dudes from her dreams. Despite him being super popular, she’s like OMG you guys, that’s the dude from my dreams! And they’re like, OMG bitch, how do you not know about him? He’s everywhere and she’s like, OMG right? What rock have I been living under? I mean, we talk to each other right? You’d figure he’d come up in conversation at least once. While trading OMGs with one another, Mana gets a call from her sister, a history buff who loves Kenshin so much, she’d dry hump his corpse if she could get near it (this is important because she’s how Mana knows things about the past…when she goes into the past later on <- too spoilery?). She tells Mana that “Ma-kun” – a little boy who obviously has a boy-crush on Mana – ran away from his foster home and is missing. Since Mana was close to “Ma-kun” she’d probably know where the little shit ran off too. The only place Mana can think of is this lake the two used to hang around. So she goes there and doesn’t find “Ma-kun.” She does however find some kid standing waist high in the water crying for help. Mana walks over and ends up drowning  (;¯‿¯) Despite being underwater and dying, Mana is still coherent enough (and apparently has super powers) to not only see the kid when s/he appears in the murky depths with her but also to hear what the kid is saying.  Which is pretty much, save Kenshin you dumb bitch lol ~ We switch scenes to the hawt dudes. Pedo Bishi is gelaxing with his guitar ( ̄ー ̄) (or whatever people placed in ye old Japan). His homies are scattered around, scouting for any enemies. One in particular is not happy with the situation – this is Tsundere Bishi or Akatsuki.

And he has good reason to be grumpy. Because some dude randomly attacked Pedo Bishi (so much for scouting lol ~). But unfortunately, Pedo Bishi’s homies are busy fighting off trannies and giant bear men (<- (ఠ_ゝఠ) wtf am I reading!?) so he’s on his own. As he fights the dude (Senryou or Waxy as I’m going to call him, because it looks like he did a bad job waxing his brows xD) the two exchange information. Pedo is all, omg you know about my body double to which Waxy responds, no but thanks for telling me that :) This tells Pedo that Waxy isn’t working for their enemy.

(and that shit, Pedo just spilled vital top secret info. Thank gawd Twitter and cell phones don’t exist in this era ~ (☞゚∀゚)☞ ).

So just who is Waxy getting his monthly check from then!? Waxy responds by calmly sliding a hand into his shirt (Pedo: (ಠ_ಠ) ummmm?) and pulling out some dirt to throw in Pedo’s eyes (I think it’s dirt…I mean, unless it’s his cocaine but who throws their drugs in a sword fight?). Just as Pedo is about to get his face stabbed, a bright light fills the area and Mana appears.


Da fuq goin' on...wasn't I just drowning?

Chapter 1 end ~

2 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Nise no Chigiri Chapter 1

  1. Hullo, just dropping by to say that i really appreciate your posts, no matter what manga they are actually about. The humor is awesome! :D Nice to see someone spoofing stupid shoujo heroines… who no matter how stupid/plain/boring they are somehow they always manage to get the guy.


    • xD I’m glad you like!

      If you’re interested in reviews on shojo manga, you should check out here:


      The blog hasn’t updated in almost a year but it has some pretty funny reviews on certain shojo series(it also saved me from reading some pretty irksome manga xD)

      What bothers me most with shojo is when the guy is a douchebag but the girl still goes for him o__O; Like…why?


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