New York Comic Con titles I’m interested in 8D

So the New York Comic Con event happened last weekend.
(the only reason I knew this was because of Twitter xD)
A bunch of titles were announced and I’m making this post for future reference of which titles I’m looking forward too <3

The only thing that saddened me about the event was there were barely any light novel announcements made (: x : )9 Maybe next time?

Kodansha USA

***nothing (I was thinking Kitchen Princess but then I remembered how badly it PO’d me xD) but I do hope in the future they consider releasing Sugar Sugar Rune in omnibus form <3)

Seven Seas

Alice in the Country of Clover

Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Boris D: While I have the manga, there’s no furigana so I’m kind of screwed because I’m still learning my kanji : A : Thank you Seven Seas. May your business prosper hard because of this ~ <3

[Edit: Whoa, if you look on mangaupdates, the cover for Waltzing with the Cheshire Cat has Tokyopop on it. Was TP planning on releasing this? Or is this for TP Germany?]


5 Centimeters Per Second

Never got to see the movie so manga is the next possibility ~


Sounds interesting ~


Jiu Jiu

Sold me at “wolf boys.”
Question, the boys are 3 years old? Is that like 3 years in human years = 21 years in dog years or are we talking legit 3 – still pooping in a diaper and leaking from all orifices – year old? Because if it’s the latter, even “wolf boys” can’t hook me enough to read o____o;

Monster Magnitude 9

Loved Stories of Ibis so naturally I want more by this author ;P

***I’m surprised by the Loveless rescue. If it was any of Tokyopop‘s stuff they were going to save, I totally thought it’d be Maid-sama or Gakuen Alice, just due to the popularity ~ Maybe another date?

Yen Press

Till Death do us Part

Sounds really badass :U And badass = interest ~

***Yeah for Alice in the Country of Hearts rescue 8D I already have the series in Japanese but I might double dip just to support the title ~ Boris <3

I doubt I’ll get a reply here (xD) but do you all have any titles you’re excited for? :3

2 thoughts on “New York Comic Con titles I’m interested in 8D

  1. I’m kind of curious about the Genshiken omnibuses from Kodansha, but that’s about it…I have all but the last 2 volumes of Kitchen Princess and I should have them before the omnibuses come out, so not exciting for me…and the new license seemed kind of strange (even if it is supposed to be really popular).

    I’m sooooo excited about Alice in the Country of Clover too~ :D I hope and think this will be excellent for Seven Seas (and I’m saying that as someone who is still bitter that I never got the last Pita Ten light novel *pout*). And yeah, Tokyopop Germany has the series there, though I guess if Tokyopop had stayed open here they might have gotten it (luckily someone stole both from them, even if they are going to ‘open’ again). :]

    I’m not so excited about 5cm/s, though I’m going to watch the movie here in the next week (crunchyroll is streaming it until Saturday, if you’re interested), but Shinkai’s works kind of fall flat for me for some reason, I know most people adore them, but I just don’t love them; they’re gorgeous and major kudos for that, but I just find the stories kind of meh.

    I am super stoked for Sakuran however~ It’s Moyocco Anno, a oneshot, and Anna Tsuchiya plays the main character in the movie adaptation, so all around it’s win for me. I can’t wait to buy it! (and hope that Vertical doesn’t flip it as the occassionally do…though I’m not sure how widely this one would be anyway, so hopefully no flipping). Apparently it will have a lot of color pages and it might get a hardback release too, which is awesome~ It totally deserves both!

    I’m not sure how I’m feeling about Jiu Jiu…it seems to be doing ok in Japan, so maybe it’s good. But yeah, I feel the same about the 3-year-old thing. Based on the cover, I’m thinking it’s more the 3=21 thing, but we’ll see… :/

    MM9 is super exciting too, because yes, Stories of Ibis was amazing! :D

    I had to search for Til Death Do Us Part, but it sounds super awesome! And Yen is doing 2-in-1 omnibuses for it according to kuriosity, so double win! :D

    And of course, since I don’t have the final volume, I intend to re-buy the whole series for Alice in the Country of Hearts. :3 (and also because I hate having one edition of a certain book in the series and another edition of others…)

    long comment is long!


    • Ah, I remember watching the Genshiken anime with a friend. I remember it was entertaining but that’s about all I can recall xD
      (does Kitchen Princess ever get better? I stopped after vol #2 because the bitchy character got too annoying and everyone kept switching emotions like it was an iphone D: Also, I hated the random classmates because they’d love Nijika in one chapter then go back to hating her in the next. Like, whut!?)
      (Yes, some of the licenses were kind of weird. Like that Titan one. Very manly. Too manly for me xD)

      I haven’t bought Seven Seas since the first volume of Wicked City but I’m hoping for top quality like their earlier releases I bought
      (I too was very disheartened when they weren’t going to continue with Shinigami no Ballad or Pitaten :,{ )
      Ah, so that explains it. Actually, I’m happy that Seven Seas got the license. Maybe it’s just me but I never really liked the quality of Tokyopop mangas :{ (or it may just be bias because I’m still PO’d at TP for canceling a bunch of titles I was reading).
      (wtf, they’re “opening” again? How is that possible D:)

      Yes ~ will watch 8D thanks for the heads up
      (hey, we’re the same 8D I didn’t really enjoy Voice of a Distant Star or A Placed Promise in Our Early Days – though visually they were pretty but storywise…didn’t help that in the latter, I was rooting for the underdog ^^; The reason I want to try 5 cm is because my friend said it was a good movie so we’ll see if our tastes match on this ^^)

      I’ve never bought a Vertical manga/bk so I’m looking forward to my first buy from them :} A Hardback release would be wonderful ~ If it’s as thick as the ANN article said, a hardcover would help tremendously in keeping the manga in shape (while I like omnibuses, they tend to crack on the spine very easily).

      Please may it be 3=21. It’s creepy if she fell for a three year old in a teenager’s body :{ (Meru Puri I could handle because the kid wasn’t 3. 10 was cutting it (was he 10? *squints eyes in concentration) but it worked. 3…no, that’s just…illegal)

      8D One light novel announcement made me happy ~ at least light novels aren’t totally dead yet!

      2-in-1? Beautiful ~ I saw there were 15 volumes & that made me a little hesitant. But a 2-in-1 definitely has me sold ;D

      I’m hoping for success with Yen Press so we can see more wonderful bishitastic (non BL) titles from them x3

      Long comment is loved <3


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