Blah Blah Blah ~ Part II (July 2011): Hakuouki 12, Dear Girl Stories ~ Hibiki 14, & Shinigami Doggy 10

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve done anything Sylph related o3o Sorry for the delay all! RL stuff has been getting in the way. Not too surprising since that’s pretty much the only reason why I wouldn’t blog xD

iPhone App Finds Wife With Another Man” – I saw this on yahoo and went huh!? It’s amazing the apps that are available. However, I know for a fact I’d never use that “Find My Friends” app. It’s ways too easy to abuse and have stalkers and what not. You never know who is following you o___O; This can also be used to rob people too. Your “friend” isn’t in his home? Sweet! (heaven help is someone’s phone gets stolen…)

Sorry for the side delay ~ Shall we get to the BBB2 ;D

[Hakuouki 12]
[Dear Girl Stories ~ Hibiki 14]
[Shinigami Doggy 10]

薄桜鬼・第十二語 // Hakuouki ・Chapter 12

Stuff happens andddddddddddddddd Harada is dead.(・ε・)

This is why I’m not reading this manga. Give me the game bc they all live in their respective routes…

Dear Girl Stories ~ 響・第14語// Dear Girl Stories ~ Hibiki ・ Chapter 14

I haven’t been following this series at all. I thought it was something about bishies and musicals, or something like that, and since it was well into the story by the time I joined the Sylph love, I was like, meh, too lazy to catch up.

From what I can gather, one of the main characters (Hiro C) has a dream where women are all OMFG SEXY! EAT MY FOODS!!!! (lol to the fact they’re shoving their food against his cheeks. Like yeah, bitches, that’s totally where his food goes in…unless they’re trying to make a hole in his cheek for faster delivery o__O;) A girl in the distance (holding an umbrella <- in case that’s important) says she loves him too. Apparently she was a client of his back in some chapter (shrugs ┐(‘~`;)┌). He’s all doki doki (〃▽〃)ポッ until the girl turns around and turns into his friend dressed in drag with mascara stained tears running down his face.

EAT MY FOOD!!!! (づ。ಠ‿‿ಠ。)づ

Dude: OMFG GTFO DUDE(ノಠ Д ಠ)ノ ======= ┻━━┻

Hiro C wakes up and after being all pissy about his friend interrupting his love love dream, says meh maybe I should quit being Hiro C because I ain’t getting any. His friend (Ono D) is all, lol, what are you talking about? You’re in Sylph. You’re forever a virgin. And you don’t care :3 Main dude (Hiro C) is all, oh yeah. Forgot about that. Staying ~ ( ^∀^)After that  moment, their masked boss jumps through their window and is all, hey girls hey ~ After some random posing, jokes, and karaoke, the chapter starts to get serious…only to end xD

The last page has a girl appear at their door and is all, be my lover sexy ~


Thoughts: I like the boss ~ Because even though I have no clue what’s going on, I like the fact he’s funny and broke through their window instead of knocking on the door like a normal person.

死神Doggy第10幕 Shinigami Doggy Act 10

Last we left off, Ken became a free man. No more bitches inside you huh Ken? (just to let you know, those times are probably going to be the closest you’ll  ever have to intimate contact with a female so long as you’re in Sylph. Just saying). Now that he’s free, he’s off to look for jobs. He finds a place at a café and gets hired (Ken: yeah!!!!) as a maid (Ken: (ಠ_ಠ) da fuq?). Naturally as a member of the three legged gender, Ken is not happy with the idea of walking around in a dress, serving strangers.

WOW, that sounds so dirty. I can understand why I’m getting those WTF SEARCH HITS xD

After Ken throws a hissy fit, the old lady who runs the shop is all, okay oh and here, catch. She throws a vase at Ken, who despite his gender, fumbles and drops the vase. Granny says that vase was (probably) expensive so he’ll be working like a bitch for her until it gets fixed (why does this sound familiar…). Ken does as told because otherwise we’d have no story for this chapter (`∀´) And lucky for him, Gin, the suicidal maid, happens to be here! Seems she worked here in the past so she likes to haunt the joint. She tells Ken she’ll help him out and so he succeeds in being a kickass maid.

One day, he goes to work only to find everyone is sick. They had gone to eat some crepes after work only to be…victims of mud butt (wow, way to be a jerk and not invite Ken D: Ken: I think I’m good with not soiling myself uncontrollably thx). With all her maids down, granny puts Ken into the maid competition in their stead.

Ken: (ಠ_ಠ) what?

So yeah, that maid competition mentioned in the last chapter did serve a purpose. While no one is juggling swords and barfing out flags of national countries, there are a shit ton of maids xD Granny tells Ken if he wins, his debt will be lifted. If he fails, his debt will be increased 10x.

Ken: I hate my life (;__;)9

Ken runs into the girl who gave him the handkerchief in the last chapter. However, it turns out she’s a bitch unless money is involved. Yadda Yadda, the competition starts. Hand Bitch tries to sabotage Ken by pulling his bloomers down (lol wtf). As Ken tries to pick his bloomers back up, some kids run by and pull his skirt up so everyone has a good shot of his ass (love the English words OH GOOD VIEW on the panel xD). Not sure how they missed his balls, but they do.  Ken is peeved and wants to do some serving of his own…a serving of asswhooping! Gin stops him and they go back to the competition.

However, their hard work kind of failed because all they managed to win was one token. Ken’s down because he doesn’t like serving strangers (lololol BJ). Gin is all, da fuq brah? Why are you doing this if you hate it? Before Ken can answer, those punks from earlier come and jack Ken’s coin (lol, they call him “ass” maid xDDDDDD).

Ken: OH HELL NO!  ε=ε=ε=┌(#゚Д゚)ノ

Ken catches the kid and gets his coin back but it seems the brat lost his friend/sister. Ken’s all, he can suck my cock, let’s go Gin. Gin asks if that’s really what Ken wants. Ken has an internal monologue which ends with him looking for the kids. Turns out they’ve crawled up a tall tree and are about to fall out ~ Ken dramatically tries to save them…only his attempt is kind of fails xD But regardless, the kids are saved. ANDDDDDD, Ken fails the competition because he didn’t show up. But hey, at least he got a free…towel…underwear…prize thing for participating. While sad, Ken is kind of happy about the situation because Hand Bitch got caught being a bitch and was banned from future competition.

Ken says my bad to Gin for failing the competition and being unable to grant Gin’s wish. Gin tells Ken her wish wasn’t to win. Ken helped people he didn’t know and tried to be someone a master can rely on. His feelings when he went to save those kids were conveyed to her and it made her happy.

Yeah ~ ascension ~

Ken reflects on what he’s going to do now. He wants to help the ghosts but he can’t do shit like when Shin was around. As he’s thinking this, a shoe appears in front of his eyes…followed by its owner. Oh shiz, it’s Shin!

Thoughts: Of all the ghosts so far, I like Gin the best. Yaoi girl was pretty funny but I like Gin’s personality.

One of the things I don’t like about Shinigami Doggy is it rarely explains how these girls kicked the bucket. I think only yaoi girl was ever explained and she was ran over :/ (because holy shit I don’t think anyone in Japan knows how to drive)

While it’s nice to have Shin back (so Ken can stop emofagging over him) I want Spanky ~ he’s where the lols are at xD

[Note, I need to check the next chapter but since he failed the competition, this means Ken is still shackled to the maid cafe right?]

4 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blah ~ Part II (July 2011): Hakuouki 12, Dear Girl Stories ~ Hibiki 14, & Shinigami Doggy 10

  1. I was only able to find the first chapter translated in english. Gosh, I want to read this so bad. Thanks for keeping tabs on it so I know whats going on. Lol this series is too funny. XD


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