WTF Blog Hits for…sometime at the end of Sept xD

So…since this is probably going to get weird porn hits anyway, I don’t have to hold back on what I’m about to say. As I was eating my breakfast this morning and reading my textbook for class that afternoon, I learned that addicts will place powdered cocaine in their mouths, butt holes, pee pees, and their vajayjays.
Me: OqO;;;; (<- supposed to look like I’m drooling my milk out of my mouth in shock)
Definitely not what I wanted to read first thing in the morning. So kids, next time your friends invite you to do some coke, go, NO FOOL! I KNOW WHERE THAT SHIT IS PLACED!

PS. It was true that the drink Coca-Cola did have cocaine in it at one time…

PSS. How many cocaine hits am I going to get now because of this? xD

“private prince the chapter when miyako strips in front of will”

Haha, no idea what this is about xD


Lol okay….

“prick dick”

I just found a new curse word 8D

“cleaning lady droodle”

What’s a droodle? (ಠ_ಠ) Is this porn?

‘stabbing gif tumblr” // “comic stabbing gif” // “stab through chest anime”

o___O whatever…here’s your gif…

“stray love hearts at my party”

If Kuga is there, me:

Hey Kuga, how you doin?

If Cain is there, me:

Suck it bitch

“sumomomo underwaer”

If you’re going to look for porn, at least spell it right. Of course, using one hand to type is a bit difficult….

‘you nasty” // “you nasty huh” // “tumblr gif nasty hoe”

“opinions about butterflies”

Lol! You again!!!

“super stray”

I’m not on the streets, I’m super on the streets…yeah dawg ~

“the last chapter boobs”

“hakuouki bondage”

“zeele i don’t give a fuck”


Are you and “fffffffffffffffffffffffffff” related?

“shoulder a coffin kuro why is kuro black”

LOL that sounds so racist xDDDD

“for those who haven’t, then please, give it a visit”

‘husband exchanges wife”

“ascii edward cullen”

Ew, wtf!? I don’t even…

“anime kids inner”


“list of manga pregnant”

Lol never had a pregnant manga. Now I’ve read mangas where characters get pregnant but never the manga itself. Fascinating!

“is there boobs in tokyo majin”


“evil chairs”

LOL WHAT!? XDEdit: Lol wordpress….

8 thoughts on “WTF Blog Hits for…sometime at the end of Sept xD

    • Lol, right?
      Part of me was trying to figure out who was the one in bondage
      And the other part of me was like, really? (″・ิ_・ิ)っ This just happened? I need to close this blog down and cry xD


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