September Purchases :3

I’m too lazy to update ARG! MEH BOOTY! constantly, so instead, I’ll compromise by making one of these posts and just linking back to this on that page xD Yay ~ This month I went a bit crazy on my spending because, ohmysweetgheezus deals galore! I’m pretty much all good on my Tokyopop titles that I desperately wanted. Now if there is anything else, I’ll just wait for a good bargain on ebay or smtg <3

So yeah, for the record, I don’t normally buy this much xD

Borders Closeout Sell ($3!!!!):

  • Tena on S-string #5
  • Maid-sama #6
  • Natsume’s Book of Friends #3 & #5
  • Elemental Gelade #12
  • Demon Sacred #2
  • Sumomomo Momomo #7 & #8
  • My Girlfriend is a Geek #2
  • Silver Diamond #6 & #8


  • Gentleman’s Alliance (complete) E
  • Penguin Brothers (complete) J
  • W Juliet (1-3, 6-9, 11-14) E
  • VB Rose (5-7, 11) E


  • Sylph October Issue

Hastings (used)

  • Wild Ones #1
  • Shinshoku Kiss (complete)


  • Karakuri Odette (1, 3-5)
  • Me and My Brothers (2)
  • Butterflies, Flowers #6, #7, & #8
  • Demon Sacred (#1)
  • Missile Happy (#1)
  • Pearl Pink (#1)
  • Mamotte Shugogetten (#3-5)

Barnes & Nobles (50% off sale)

  • VB Rose (1-3, 10, 12)
  • Silver Diamond (2, 5)
  • Gakuen Alice (1) ($2 manga!)

  • Pick of the Litter (3, 4)
  • Elemental Gelade (10, 11)
  • Mamotte Shugogetten (1, 2)
  • Mugen Spiral (2)
  • Happy Missile (2-5)
  • Pink Pearl (2-4)
  • Demon Sacred (3)
  • Doors of Chaos (2)
  • Me and My Brothers (3-11)

12 thoughts on “September Purchases :3

  1. Mugen Spiral. Loved that manga. xD

    That quite a lot. :O

    (But it’s okay. My mom is getting $500 automatically deducted from her credit card because of me. :3)

    But I’m really envious. When I went to close-out sales for two of my nearest borders, they were still selling it for $9.99. ARGH. No wonder they went out of business…

    Absolutely love your titles. My mini-collection isn’t even half of this. xD (I’m BROKE from buying Hana to Yume magazines.)


    • Mugen Spiral ~ I like the art <3 I figured since it was $2, might as well finish her off :3

      [Yeah, even I'm shocked by how much I bought. But the deals! I couldn't just let them go *crazyface*]

      You're going to laugh but I have no Borders where I live so I got my dad to raid the Borders near his house xD Poor guy, walking around the store with shojo and Sumomomo Momomo under his arms ~ But at $2, I wasn't going to let that sweet manga go <3
      (wow, your Borders is lame! The heck! If you're going out of business, don't sell your kids at retail price. This is prob why they didn't succeed too well in the business world :/ That and they only saw customers are moneybags. Suck everything out of them the first time they come. Don't bother with trying to get them to return. I remember that was the motto when I worked for Waldens who eventually became Border's bitch. My first ever job. And man did I hate it :/ Only those books saved me)

      Oh snap. Isn't Hana to Yume like biweekly. And then you have THE Hana to Yume. And then there's that Betsu…something Hana to Yume!? Oh man, I can't imagine how much money that costs. Do you have a store that sells the magazine or do you have to import them like me? (bc I live in the sticks lol ~)


  2. Did you buy all of that?! I’m too poor to buy manga :( My collection is only 9 books. One was from a friend. My anime collection is even more sad. That’s why I download them XD.


    • @___________@ yesssssssssss <3 I couldn't resist ~ <3
      Ah, back when I was younger *shakes her cane* and I had an allowance, I could only buy so many manga a month (like 2). Now that I have a side job, I can be a bit more spendy <3
      But I'm normally not this crazy. It's just there were so many deals and I was like, MUST HAVE!
      You'll see for the October post – I bought like nothing this month xD (no sales = me normal again haha)

      Oh, what manga do you have? :D


      • oh god, don’t get me started. I should just sell half of them. The ones I own was bought when I was young and was into cheesy love manga. Haha….let’s have a look shall we *walks to old dusty corner where her manga stash is*

        (1) Amazing agent Luna (saddest book i ever owned). My friend said she loved it so I bought it without reading it during a book fair at my middle school held back then. Hated it since the first read and it’s still looming in my room a decade later…i’m so lazy.

        (2) Beauty pop (vol1-6). Cheesy manga but it’s so cute and i have a guilty love for it. I read it like 10 times. I just hate the ending of the series :/. It’s one of those manga’s that starts of good but gets bland at the end. First six volumes are entertaining, so it’s a guilty pleasure I like to waste hours upon hours reading.

        (3) Pretear (vol1). Oh my….I got this on pure accient. You see, I checked it out of the library and turned it in. 7 months later my library called me:

        Library: Yo, where’s my book man? I need my book! D:<

        Me: I don't owe no book from you! whut you talking about foo? D:<

        LIbrary: Mah Brotha, you so own me that book like 7 effing months ago. Now give me my book and my money! D:<

        Me: Wtf? D:<

        Yeah, so that arguement went off for a month until i just said "screw this" and payed them anyways. Two months later I was cleaning my closet and found the pretear book wedged between a pile of folded towels…..
        How on earth did it get there =_=…………
        I felt bad giving my library a hard time. Meh, i technically paid for it so I guess i can keep it? XD

        (4) DN Angel (vol 1) My friend was going to michigan for college. She and I were big manga freaks. However she's more of a manga freak since she owns a library of manga. As a goodbye present she gave me the first manga she ever let me borrow, DN Angel vol 1. I thought it was very sweet of her ;_;

        (5) Houou Gakuen Misoragumi (vol 1). Now this is something i proudly bought 2 months ago. God i love this series. I swear by it. One of the funniest crack manga I ever read. Plus it has loveable characters. Since the series is only volumes, i'm planing to buy the whole series. THey only release the 1st vol in english, but i'll wait for the other three. I have no regrets buying this <3


        • 1.) I tried to read Luna but I just couldn’t. It was too…I don’t know what ^^;
          2.) I know Beauty Pop 8D I just got the last two volumes not too long ago though I haven’t had a chance to read them yet ~ (I loved the first 8 volumes though ~ very cute ~ I love make-over mangas (my only real complaint is the background characters can be such dicks. I mean they just say, OH SHE’S SO UGLY or SHE’S TOO OLD ~ ACT YOUR AGE. It’s really like, omfg you kids. Really? Just…going to scream it right out there in front of that person? :U)
          3.) xD {haha I love the conversation between you and the library ~} I have Pretear! It’s one of the first manga I ever bought from ADV 8D I remember spending all my allowance on the manga volumes and DVDs themselves when they were released xD The anime was kinda weird with the whole getting nekkid when I Pret and the boys going in me thing but I really enjoyed both ~ I like how the storyline diverged in the end between the two mediums 8D (Plus I liked Hayate and Sasame because they were nice on my eyes ~ <3)
          4.) ; A ; omg, sweet indeed! That's so cool!
          5.) 8D I've been wanting to get this manga ~ but I've been putting it off due to laziness xD (and I've been waiting for DMP to release more volumes – I got Replica which came out at the same time as HGM but it's been like how long and vol #2 still isn't out yet :,{ )

          Thank you for telling me about your collection ~ I always love to see what series fans are collecting and if we have any similarities ^__^ (also to see what other series might catch my eye ;D)


        • Haha no problem :3 I just got finished with an essay myself though it was a small one thankfully. My brain wasn’t in top condition because I had an interview just before and I was sweating bullets on that xD


      • Pretear anime. Let me tell you, I tired so hard to like it, but my biased sun/light element dude looked like a valley girl! D:<

        What do they have against the already cute geeky look from the manga huh? I think it's more normal than wavy-goldilocks-with-a-really-bad-sun-tan. I don't know, for some reason I just really hated the sound element guy in the anime. He seemed nicer in the manga. Maybe it's just me. I never imagined him shipping the white hair. That took a few episodes to get used to. meh, I still consider him one of my top favs from the elements.

        I know one thing for sure that the anime and manga executed well, and thats keeping my Hayate smexy~


        • See I saw the anime first so I got habituated to his valley girl look xD (though granted, I couldn’t help thinking, what straight man dresses like this!?). When I read the manga, I was like, who da fuq is this guy? WHAT!? IT’S KEI!? WHY DOESN’T HE LOOK LIKE AN ANGRY TRANNY!? D8 I’m not sure WHY they changed his looks. Manga Kei looks much better. Anime Kei made me question his sexuality xD

          I liked Sasame because 1.) he had white hair (I have a weird affinity for guys with white hair O__o; ) 2.) he didn’t give up on his girl (even though he went about it all stupid…and wtf to his evil outfit. Clown much? xD) & 3.) he wasn’t afraid to risk it all – his friendship and…well, the safety of the world xD
          Plus he was also the catalyst that caused Hayate to finally get his balls into gear ~ power of bromance man ; A ;)9 You men go and do what you have to do for your love interests!

          (but I also still think of Sasame as a rat bastard who betrayed his friends and used an emotionally unstable girl to meet his ends :/ All to get a woman who was even more emotionally unstable because the guy she was interested in said no to her request to date…thus in her mind THE WORLD HAD TO DIE WITH HER LOVE!)

          8D Indeed ~ my only complaint with the anime was that if Himeno was going to be kicking ass, I’d prefer she wear pants. When I get panty shots in my shojo…no :/ Just put some tights on or something, girl!


    • D8 it’s over!? ; A ; I’m sorry Meni. If it makes you feel better, the $2 sale only had older titles from TP (I grabbed ones I was missing from my collection).
      B&N might still be up (though for my B&N, they hid the manga over in the clearance section)
      Borders…mine was pretty much pillaged and raeped by the time I sent my dad over to investigate…

      ; A ;


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