July 2011 Sylph – Color Scans

Sorry for the lack of updates
I’ve been recovering from a cold that’s been floating around here
Normally I’d NyQuil coma it out of me but due to my school and work schedule, I didn’t have an adequate time frame to be NyQuil drunk.
So I had to rely on the old fashion way – tea and fruit juice (and a bit of booze ;D)

BTW, WordPress really needs an INSERT ALL option when it comes to images :/ I wanted to be lazy and use the slide show but holy crap did these pictures turn out micro small. Instead I had to insert each image one at a time into this post… (which isn’t that horribly bad but it gets annoying have to play with all the buttons and scrolling)

BTW, be shocked. There’s no Brothers Conflict spam in the July 2011 Issue (there is still Hakuouki spam though ~). Enjoy the visual feast !

(or not haha  ┐(‘~`;)┌ )

Something for Dear Girl Stories. Apparently involves cross dressing (or so the man in the Chinese dress and the boys in the maid outfits are telling me…).

Dear Girl Stories Goods…still don’t understand the horse quote on that shirt…

[Next month’s freebies]

Lol, Sylph, why bother blacking out the two brothers in the bathtub? Who are the only two brothers in this game that HAVEN’T been in one picture yet where they aren’t touching each other, and thus wouldn’t think it weird to be naked together in the same bathtub? xD

Also, the glasses give it away.

Two new manga – one is based off the otome game, Storm Lover (drawn by the lady who did Scarlet Prince). The other is from the manga-ka of Doukyo Chuu! titled Doubutsu no Naka no Hito (lit. People inside animals – wow, now that I’m visually looking at the translation, it totally reads like a title to a porno taking place in a barnyard. Never looking at Old McDonald the same way again… D:).

Sparkly stuff : A : I wantz (except for that creeper old man CD on the first page. Go to jail sir)

Here’s Storm Lover information ~ (is it me or do they all look the same save the read hair guy and the dude with the gotee? o__O;)

Lol, Okita xD Don’t put your raepface on when playing with kids…

Okita: Emmm, hey there little boy ~ <3 I just pooped my pants….shit


Think this all is talking about the Hakuouki OVA coming out

Uta no Prince-sama anime news ~ I really need to watch this once it’s completed. I saw the opening and omg, could NOT keep a straight face. Especially when the grumpy emo character was shaking his hips and pretending to drive xDDDDD

Stuff ~

Back in the day, these were the three manga that were released: the final volume of Zeele Sacrifice (shakes an angry fist at), the final volume of Scarlet Prince (shakes a not as angry fist at), and Devil S Princess 1

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