Blah Blah Blah ~ Part I (July 2011): Engage Knights1, Devil S Princess1, & Sora Kara! My Nanny12

Wow, amazing points to the people that actually read these BBB posts.
Especially this one, since it’s over 3,500 words long o___o;
I blame having 2 new series in one BBB post. It always takes longer because you have to explain everything and introduce people ~

The two new series – in case you were curious – are called Engage Knight (which I had a preview for back in the June issue ~) and Devil S Princess ~

Table of contents:

[Engage Knight 1]
[Devil S Princess 1]
[Sora Kara My Nanny 12]

Engage Knight エンゲージ・ナイトChapter 1 By 伊坂千佳 Isaka Chika (author) & 小杉繭 Kosugi Mayu (artist)

Chapter starts with two kids making a vow to one another. Think it’s going to be pretty obvious who the two are unless this manga decides to be unique and it turns out this is taking part in the future or something after all the shit has gone down. But I doubt it. It’s totally going to be the main chick and the main dude (or the dude’s twin brother, because it seems like everyone has one of those in manga these days).

Skip ahead a bunch of years(?). We are introduced to our main character – Tia (don’t ask for her real name because that’s a bunch of crazy I don’t want to translate). We learn she’s going to school in place of her brother. Before I talk about that, let me explain the school: its purpose is to teach lords and ladies how to be lords and ladies…also to rub shoulders with one another. Tia may be a noble but she is not next in line to rule…whatever place she comes from (don’t want to translate – I’ll butcher it). It’s actually her brother who is going to be the next ruler. But he’s a sickly foo (due to inbreeding probably) so coming to this school and stuff would be too hard on him. Thus Tia is sent instead (which makes me think, isn’t the whole point of this school to teach future rulers how to rule their people? >__> Isn’t it wasted if she’s not going to rule…plot reasons perhaps?).

She also has another objective. This school not only teaches future rulers but it also teaches people how to be knights. These knights mingle with the nobles and if they like each other, the knight will serve the noble and all that jazz. Tia is out to look for a knight to protect her home because…otherwise how would she have the incentive to talk to all these bishies she is to meet? xD She’s looking for someone who’ll work hard for less than minimum wage~! (because apparently where she comes from is the sticks and they’re not exactly rolling around buck nekkid in cash).

After that lengthy explanation, we get started with the meet and greet. First we meet is the main guy that she’ll obviously get with (unless he dies): Duran. He’s an ass. Typical. Next we meet is the token BFF character, Sophine. Turns out she’s like almost royalty. Typical. Next is some loser who no one cares about because he’s not named. We only get a quick shot of him eyeing Tia’s rump. Fourth is the student body president, because every shojo taking place in a school needs to have one of these. And of course, he’s gotta be popular and good looking. There’s one more guy but he isn’t named either (but he’s not a loser like the other guy. Other guy: D:). Think of him as the less hawt version of Heart no Kuni no Alice’s Ace because let’s face it: no one is as good looking as Ace (except Julius and Boris ;D)

Condensing 44 pages in one paragraph: Tia sees Duran on her way to class. He’s cutting class. She yells at him to get his ass into school. He walks away. Tia shrugs and goes to class (lol). She makes friends with Sophine. The two walk around and talk about the school system. Tia stupidly asks if those individuals carrying swords are knights. Sophine kindly tells her she’s an idiot for thinking otherwise. Duran jumps out of a tree and knocks Tia on her butt (don’t know why he was up there. Don’t want to know. He has his pants on though so you can eliminate one reason from your list ;P). As he’s about to help her up, two man sluts come running. They want to beat up Duran because Duran insulted their noble or whoever they’re ghey for. Duran easily kicks their asses. The man sluts cry to their noble for help. Some dude sipping wine hears their plea and thinks, meh, why not, I’ll help you bitches (I guess he’s their noble?). He ENGAGES them ((llಠ ,ಠ ) totally not the best term to use when describing what two guys are doing to each other) and the man sluts go Super Saiyan. Duran gets his butt spanked. Tia tries to get people (who are standing around watching) to help but of course everyone is all, OMG I CAN’T FIGHT THEM. THEY’RE ENGAGED (<- PSFFFT! OMG, worst possible naming they could have used to describe this phenomenon). Tia facepalms and jumps into the fray. She tells the man sluts to back the fuck off. This isn’t a fair fight since it’s two against one not to mention you two are freaking high on super powers. The man sluts tell her to get her honker out of their business. Duran also tells her to GTFO, this is none of her business (and I’m thinking, really Duran? You’re getting spanked here. Stop being an ass *rolls eyes*). Tia tells Duran STFU, this is her business because she’s standing here trying to save his ass bitch. Duran: (ಥ_ಥ)Chapter ends with Tia telling Duran to Engage with her.

Lol, Duran looks like a monkey hunched over like that xD

Nothing too amazing standing out in my mind so far. I definitely like the large number of males ~ even if they’re kind of girly looking xD We’ll see if this manga stays on the usually cliché path or does something bizarre and nuts. Either way, I don’t care as long as it entertains ;D

Devil S Princess 悪魔SプリンセスChapter 1 by 天河藍 Tenkawa Ai

A new manga by the creator of Zeele Sacrifice (*shakes an angry fist*) and Wolf God. Rather than focus on supernatural shiz like before, instead we’re given a somewhat normal school life comedy…I think this is a comedy >__> I’m not too sure actually xD Anywoo, the chapter starts with an introduction ~ we meet Suzu, a richie who is peeved her car hasn’t arrived yet to pick her up from school. The person she’s on the phone with apologizes for the delay but apparently there is a car accident and this person ain’t going to be ramming his car through the accident scene just to meet her, so hold your damn money bags bitch. Suzu is all, screw you and your wheels. Imma gonna do like the monkeys and walk! The man on the phone is horrified by the idea of Suzu applying exertion into her legs but she hangs up on him before he can protest.

“This is the one day…I have to get home as soon as possible.”

Random scene change to a dude sleeping on a coach. Because he’s a freak and is sleeping in the middle of the coach so his legs hang over the arm rest, when he rolls over, his feet knocks down ONE book off a nearby shelf filled with MANY books (how come THAT never happens with me? D:). Oh wait, somehow one book became three….yeah, not asking. Anyway, one(?) lands on his lap and conveniently opens up to a certain page with a photograph sticking out hohohoho >3>

“Yippe! Devil S is dropping out of school!”

Lol, you thought it was old man S & M didn’t you!  ~ Despite what my blog hits say, Sylph is clean ~

Dude is all (ಠ_ಠ) The heck? Some tattooed up freak? This will be important later Dude. Before he has time to reallllyyyyy think hard about what the photo means, a man busts in and tells Dude to GTFO! This is the principal’s room! The principal is out crying in the hallway dammit! (<- does say this). Dude is all suck my cock and leaves (random: he bumps into some thugs…but he tells them to suck his cock as well. I mention this because they have an importance later on…). The man tells the principal that Dude is going to be the next Devil S. The principal is all, meh at least he doesn’t break the windows like the original. Man: … so I take that to mean you ain’t doing shiz about this. Principal: :) nope ~

While walking home (which makes me think, wtf, who spends their afternoons after school is out sleeping in the principal’s office? Was there a reason your face was near the cushions, dude? Were you trying to sniff the cushions? You’re sick :/), he runs into Suzu. She shoves her cell phone in his face and is all, foo where da f is this place!? Dude tells her that she’s in the complete opposite direction of where she should be going. Suzu: D: I read a map motherfiggin backwards… (it’s okay Suzu, you’re not alone *has done before*). Dude helps her find her way. They chit chat. Dude tells Suzu she’s an idiot for not waiting for her car. Suzu tells him to suck her cock. Today is an important day. She needed to get home ASAP because her old man is going to come home early to spend time with her.

Before she can elaborate, a man calls out her name. He comes running to her, covered in shojo roses (<- lol it totally looks like he’s sporting a rose bush or something XDDDDD). Dude nearly shits himself in laughter because lol, it’s a butler.

Yeah, not sure what’s funny about that but apparently for Dude, who sniffs his principal’s cushions, this is gold here.

The butler escorts Suzu to a car nearby. Suzu gets all embarrassed and mumbles thanks to Dude (whose name is Haruto but since I’ve been calling him Dude this whole time, we’re sticking with it) before hopping in the car. While driving away, the butler tells Suzu that her father is busy and won’t be able to have dinner with her.

Suzu: :(

The next day, we see Dude on the roof with his friends. He’s looking out at Suzu’s school. Someone comes running all OMFG DFKJAWEPTHFHLHOHLWAH;OAHOIWATHAORHO. Somehow the boys understand this and go down to the gate as instructed to find Suzu and her butler waiting. Suzu presents Dude with some chocolates to say thanks again for yesterday. As she’s leaving, dude asks if her meeting yesterday went okay. Suzu: :( She tells Dude that next week is her B-Day so her dad CAN’T miss that…he can’t…or else she’ll get herself pregnant to get back at him (<- I totally heard this on the radio. Kids today aren’t using protection to get back at their parents D:).

Dude thinks, huh it’s her B-day next week…maybe I should do something. So he does. He finds her waiting for her car one day (another car accident? Wonder which shojo those now dead parents belonged in?). He gives her a dolphin phone strap but before he can get any further, the butler comes cock blocking, thug style. Butler: (╬ ಠ益ಠ) hey there sweetie. Dude: (ಠ_ಠ) just take the girl and leave.

Suzu is PO’d by her butler’s cockblock. He tells her that since she’s a richie, she can’t trust people she just met on the streets. Remember that one time you were kidnapped. Then that other time. And don’t forget when Mickey tried to walk off with you. Suzu yells at him, saying he only sees her as the heir to the Gionji family. Butler is like yup, don’t see the problem there which PO’s Suzu more.

“Even you don’t see me for myself…”

That possible emo route is instead diverted for a scene at Suzu’s home. She’s getting fancy for her dinner with her pops. She’s all lvls of excitement. The butler gives her a gift which makes Suzu even more happy. Butler: :) yessssss ~ love it bitch ~ love it so you’ll indirectly be loving me <3 The butler’s phone rings and he steps out to answer it. It’s dad. And guess who’s not showing up tonight!

Suzu: D:

But dad does do something! He sends a text saying, Happy Birthday.

Suzu: (╬ ಠ益ಠ) ┌П┐ SUCK MY COCK DAD!

Suzu is about to destroy her really shitty phone (I’m sorry but if you’re rich, you should be packing an iPhone 8.7 or something. Not no Razor) but she doesn’t because of Dude’s dolphin charm she had put on her phone earlier. So instead, since it’s her party, she’s going to cry cuz she wants to. The butler leaves her to cry alone. He tells a maid that once Suzu is done crying cuz it’s her party and she’ll cry if she wants to, to get her some tea to help calm her down. And make sure it’s the good stuff (<- lol what!? xD).

Scene changes to the next day. Dude is again looking at Suzu’s school. His smart friend (well, he has glasses so I’m not sure if that means he’s actually smart xD) notices the change in Dude’s behavior recently. I wonder who he is looking for….hohoho ~ Love is in the air ~

Suzu storms out of her school. Dude is like, TARGET ACQUIRED! And runs down to meet her. He catches up to her and tells her WTF YOU WANNA GET LOST AGAIN D8 Her phone rings and it’s Butler, pooping himself over Suzu’s disappearance. Suzu tells him to suck her cock and, after removing Dude’s charm, hurls her phone into a ditch full of water. She tells Dude thanks for everything but Dude sticks with her, saying he has some time to kill. She takes the hint and says she wants to see the dolphins. Cue cute dating scenes. While on their date, da thugs notice them… (in case you forgot, they were mentioned earlier…for like not even a sentence). Suzu and Dude stop at a playground to talk ~ Suzu says she likes dolphins because she and her dad went to see the dolphins a long time ago. When her mother died, Suzu’s dad became a work whore and so doesn’t spend any time with her because he’s too busy humping the copying machine :( Before Dude can tell of his sad childhood, da thugs make their move.

Random scene of the Butler using FBI technology to locate Suzu…wow, very creepy…

Back to Dude. He’s totally schooling da thugs. One of the thugs throws an empty soda can at Suzu which Dude deflects. But this gives one of the other thugs an opportunity to smash Dude over the head with a 2 x 4. Dude is like, tee hee that tickles. Thugs: D: THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIM!!! GET THE GIRL INSTEAD! Dude pushes Suzu behind him as the thugs have their way with him…not sexually mind you. One of them is all IMMA GONNA BE A MAN AND THROW THIS BUCKET OF WATER AT YOU >:U HELL YEAH! <- fail thug logic there (unless that bucket turns out to be filled with urine…but that’s still just as fail because that means to have collected that much urine, you had to have kept that with you for like days…and wait, does this mean this thug has been carrying his bucket of pee/water with him this whole time???? Because this is taking place at a random playground! Really? Your friends all have brass knuckles and beating utensils, and you have a bucket full of X days old urine…fail!!!).

The urine/water thing was apparently too much for Suzu. She cries for Butler, whose name is Shinohara. Butler appears and KOs her. To da thugs, he’s like, bitches really? Making me have to go to mah pantry and get out a can of whoopass? ( ) Ohhhhh, I’m going to pull your pants down and shove my ***** so far up your **** that it’ll **** into your **** and your mom will cry. As he’s saying this, he’s rolling his sleeves up. That’s when we see…the tats…OHHHHHH SHIITTTTT! IS DAT DEVIL S FROM DA PICTURE??

“Who wants to see hell first?”

Da thugs don’t think anything of Butler until he opens his can of whoopass. Being the size of a house helps as he’s just pwning left and right.

LOLLLLLLLLLL, his tattoos have mysteriously disappeared off his arms xDDDDD

After everyone is pretty much on the cusp of death, Butler grabs Suzu and is about to leave when Suzu’s phone charm drops out of her pocket. Dude is trying to figure out WTF is going on. Butler says he wants to ******************** Dude in the mouth but he won’t since Dude protected Suzu.

Dude: (ಠ_ಠ) What?

Exit Butler and Suzu.

LOLLLLLLLLLLL, way to forget about the keychain ya’all. Butler totally noticed it falling to the ground and he didn’t do shit about it. Nice.  

Random scene where Suzu wakes up and Butler is all, I’M ALWAYS HERE SHOULD YOU NEED ANYTHING. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G <3

The chapter ends with Butler giving chocolates to Dude to say, hey thanks for yesterday ~ (Suzu is in the back thinking, really? =___=;). Butler leans over and tells Dude that he’ll  ******** Dude with tweezers should he reveal Butler’s true identity.  Dude: (ಠ_ಠ) get the hell away from me. Suzu sneaks over and kisses Dude on the hand.

“Let’s hang out again Haruto-san ~ ”

Butler: (ノಠ Д ಠ)ノ RAWR! *pulls tweezers out*


Wow, this came out WAYYYYYYYYY longer than I thought it’d be xD I have too much fun with these BBB ~ No thoughts really on Devil S Princess. I’m still smarting over the end of Zeele Sacrifice :<

空から!マイナニー Sora Kara My Nanny! Chapter 12 by 氷堂涼二 (Hidou Ryouji)

This chapter is pretty quick so no long extensive summary like I did with the first two hee hee >___>; Rugrats from Jo’s school invite Jo to investigate a H-A-U-N-T-E-D ship ~ where people are rumored to disappear on ~ whoooooo ~~ ~ Jo’s hesitant at first because he doesn’t have any parental supervision with him but then he thinks, meh f Victor (Victor: ಡ_ಡ why do I bother getting up in the morning…?). The rugrats are wondering if they really should bring Jo because he’s a richie and people won’t like the two of them associating (the rugrats being poor street kids). Jo says f the police adults. The kids go YEAHHHHHHHHH and venture forth into the haunted ship ~

We flip over to Victor who is having a stroke when he hears from the old man butler that Jo is off investigating a haunted ship (wow, way to be the adult here and let the kids go off alone, Jeffery (or whatever your name is, old man butler)). Jeffery is calm as a palm because everyone here in Adolf Pool loves ghost stories ~ so is all cool in school ;9 Jeffery Lucas talks about the possible ship haunting which sounds to Victor like the culprit is a Buggane (I didn’t look too hard but apparently the Buggane doesn’t have too much info on him other than ripping a roof off some church and being an enemy of women). But in SKMN, the Buggane must mean some serious business because Victor shits all over the chair he was sitting on before flying out the window, a brown trail behind him…

Back over to the Mystery Gang. It’s not going well. Noises are scaring them. People are disappearing. Another kid is grabbed and dragged away but the culprit in this incident is Leo!

You sick bastard. The Nanny gig was just a façade for your true intentions, huh you pedo!!!!!

No, it turns out Leo is here because he saw Victor’s mess heard Victor freaking out earlier and came to stop him in case he went bat shit crazy. But it turns out Victor isn’t there…because he got lost xD Leo: *facepalm* He tells the kids to GTFO but is then ran over by multiple hair balls. The hairballs are bugbears (and lol to their description on wiki). Normally bugbears live on ships but for them to be abandoning their home…

Leo: “I’ve got a badddddd feeling about this.”

The kids are freaking out because hey, multiple hair balls just touched them all over the place in their escape. Da fuq goin’ on brah!? Leo calmly suggests they leave before IT comes.

Kids: It?  щ(゚ロ゚щ)

Jo: Oh crap (llಠ ,ಠ )

Victor makes his appearance. He’s glaring at the supposed haunted ship, his magic turning his umbrella handle awesomely large. He jumps in the air yelling CUNT DON’T TOUCH MY BABIES and smashes the crap out of ship. The ship explodes. Everyone is flying. Victor goes straight for Jo in a very touching scene that is ruined by the kid in the background screaming OMFG HELP ME!!!! xD

(Leo saves them with his teleportation magic if you were curious)

Leo beats Victor over the head for exploding a ship and endangering children’s lives. Also for permanently scarring one child mentally xDDDDD (one of the kids who had disappeared had been hiding in a crate xD). But the kids are over that shiz. Yeah ADD! Instead, the rugrats are oogling over Leo, wanting him to be their bestie. Leo: (ಠ_ಠ) yes children come to me ~

Victor is also talking with the children, apologizing for nearly killing them. The kids are all, meh it’s cool. Your magic is cool BTW. Do mores ~ Jo is surprised that Victor and Leo aren’t all RICH KIDS AND POOR KIDS SHOULDN’T BE IN THE SAME ROOM >:U like everyone else.

Victor: “Why would I be angry? You’re just playing with your friends?”

They have a happy scene. To speed to the ending…Leo thinks the parents on this island suck because hey, why the heck is no one freaking out about a damn ship being exploded by a giant bird head in broad daylight just now? He tells the kids to look out for each other since the parents ain’t doing the job. Victor jokes about Leo being a worrywart. We have a foreshadowing scene here where Leo warns Victor to be cautious because shit is going to hit the fan soon. We have a random page of Lynx kicking ass and taking names, and to end it all, we see Allen (shudders) following Lucas out to some wall and finding a secret garden inside ~

Another chapter of SKMN enjoyed :3 Victor <3 I heart you ~

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    • Right?

      I’m guessing they used the kanji 誓約 because based on the background info, a noble and a knight are required to make a contract with one another in order for the noble to give the knight power via engaging/the contract…
      (not sure how this works but hopefully it’ll be explained later?).
      But really, engage sounds like something a man and woman do when they love each other very very much haha xD


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