WTF Blog Hits for…sometime in the middle of Sept xD

induced by penis anime
ripping off my girlfriend’s clothes
guy in girl clothes

Wow, weirdest ending ever xD

I’m sure after seeing her bulge, the BF was like:

girls in short skirts flashing their panties

drawing of exploded simple square dining table

intitle:boy penis 

*face palm* Why?

manga girl runs then gets her period

Wtf, was this creeper week or something?

when does hiyoki realise cain

Is a douchebag with a small dick? Sadly, never…

Well, then again, Hiyoki will have to find out about that latter case sooner or later as their relationship deepens…tur hur

she stabbed him the balls

Lol what!? Did she stab him in the balls or did she stab a man named THE BALLS? Well, which ever, it’s pretty funny…

prier la pucelle

D: OMG, a Nippon Ichi fan!? COME BACK!

Unless you were looking for porn, then GO BACK!

manga man cloth

Hehe, man cloth. Wtf is man cloth? Underwear? xD

rin- up rooms

This is probably because of a fellow blogger I know who uses the user name Rin ~ Unless this is something pervy =__= *stares at warily *

female otome games

…aren’t otome games geared to females? Just saying…

spoiled naked girls

s l h stray love heartssex

do tatsuma and aoi get together?

Fuck that shit lol ~

pervy guy gif

Here you go:

jigglypuff boy

Creeper using this search term:

kingdom hearts otome:

What we’d think of anyone who’d play this game:

You have to admit, if you knew someone playing an otome version of KH, where you are romancing a 12 year old…that’s kind of creepy. And illegal.

Now, if the person we were going after was say Cloud or Leon, then hell yes. But Sora or Riku, hell no.


Lol! This is probably a typo for spiderman but I’d love it were there a real super hero called CIDER-MAN! xDDDDD

4 thoughts on “WTF Blog Hits for…sometime in the middle of Sept xD

    • No idea but apparently Spoils is getting a reputation for being a creepy site based on these hits xD

      Maybe you’ll get some weird hits because you’ve been leaving comments on this blog – they’ll follow the link to you ~ ahahaha


    • Haha, glad you all like these xD

      I’m pretty sure there truly are more illegal things out there. And it’s probably in Japan. I mean, look up “nopan cafes.” I seriously can’t believe those are real (and if you’re curious as to how I know about nopan cafes, it’s because this was a hit on my blog last week xD No idea how this relates to my blog but it did. Since I had no clue about what nopan was so I looked it up. Forever scared is all I’m saying).


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