Tales of Symphonia 4-Koma (1)

I recently bought some Tales of Symphonia manga on ebay because they were super sweet cheap <3 One of the volumes happened to be a collection of 4-Komas ~ I love 4-Komas because they’re short and easy to work with (unless they’re written with nasty handwriting or the jokes are referenced to something all the Japanese would know & lol over while us white folk are all, da fuq brah? ~ ). And I love Tales of Symphonia (the only Tales game I have played and beaten ~ ) so naturally I thought: PRACTICE OPPORTUNITY ~ ♪( ´▽`)

So randomly posted on this blog will be Tales of Symphonia 4-Koma I have chosen and translated. I’m not going to touch the 4-Komas themselves because I’m lazy and I don’t want to get angry with PS :P

That said, you probably won’t understand the 4-Koma if you have no knowledge of the game. Or you might. I don’t know ┐(‘~`;)┌

If you can, please support the collection by buying it if ever the opportunity arises ~ I know this first volume is OOP but apparently there are like 4 volumes total and they are still in print as of this post ~

Lol, why is Genius so huge in that first panel? The suit makes you look pregnant, not tall xD

Title: I know he’s staring at me but…

Lloyd: “Man, your mascot costume is pretty cute.”

Genius: “You wanna give it a try, Lloyd?”

Sfx: *Ohhhh, ahhhh* (the sound girls make when they’re trying on clothes with their friends basically)

Genius: “You look great!”

Lloyd: “You think? Hehehe ~ ”

Kratos: *gasp*

Sfx: *stares*

Lloyd: [Kratos is…staring at me pretty intensely…!]

Lloyd: [He must want to join in on the fun!] 8D

Genius: “You wanna give it a go, Kratos?”

Lloyd: “I’m sure you’d look wonderful in it!”

Kratos: !

[I’m sure Kratos is thinking, I’d rather have rabid rats with the plague nom nom on my testicles than wear that abomination]  xD


I’m trying to think if I ever got this costume for Genius. I think I did because I remember going OMFG WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GET IT OFF AND TIE SOME ROCKS TO IT SO IT’LL SINK WHEN WE THROW IT IN THE OCEAN! ( ・Д・)ノ

I don’t recall anyone else having a costume that would have made me react like that…

But even though I think this outfit looks hella stupid, I would have loved this game more had I the ability to swap one character’s outfit with the other characters. Kratos or Regal fighting evil in a pink cat suit?

Yes, please.

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