Android Dilemma

I don't know why but I keep calling this Android Dream Dx

Synopsis: Time waits for no man or woman. But, unlike humans, time leaves no trace on the lifespan of an android. Just like humans, however, the life of an android can be changed and affected by other humans. An android named Charlotte is confronted by these two inconsistencies and attempts to accommodate the fleeting lifespan of her owner by modifying herself physically.  Standing between the candle and the star, what can truly make her happy?

We androids continue to be captivated by humans. However that itself is truly heart wrenching. Since inevitably, humans [like him] will leave us androids behind…

Yay ~ my second job as a translator done ~ 8D And it’s for one of those “real” shojo titles too :U I must admit, I am quite embarrassed by how slow I was with Android Dilemma…especially since it’s only 15 pages tur hur OTL

Comic Sylph I can handle, but real shojo? For some reason, it’s harder for me .____.; Maybe because in shojos, they talk more?

Ah, sorry for digressing. Anyway, I just wanted to thank chungky and her crew over at Weekend Betsuender for making this one-shot beautiful ~ (and for turning my Engrish into English xD). I hope you 10 readers of mine will enjoy this one shot. It’s sort of different from what I’ve done before. More…er, less happy I guess. Oh, sentimental. That’s the word I was looking for haha. Yeah, that probably gave away my GRE vocabulary score xD

ANNNNNNDDDDD, if you happen to enjoy what you have read, you’ll maybe kinda wanna support the manga-ka by either purchasing her manga or subscribing to Hana to Yume? :3 *sparkly eyes*

Android Dilemma can be found here ~ Please leave a comment to show Weekend Betsuender that you love them and wish for them to carry your baby ~

[NOTE: Do expect some Comic Sylph goodness in the future from both Weekend Betsuender and another group which shall be anonymous for now hohohoho ~]

[NOTE II: Thank you all for the comments. For a blog that doesn’t update much, I’m surprised by the level of traffic I get here. I will try to answer your comments this weekend :3 And update with BBB’s ~]

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