WTF Blog Hits for…sometime in the beginning of Sept xD

“why is mitsuru alive brave story”

o___O well geezus, someone doesn’t like Mitsuru!

“split ruptured asshole”

Is this in relation to Mitsuru!?

“hijikata catches chizuru bangs her head on”

Okay what? He catches Chizuru then uses some body part to put her head back on!?

“you nasty”

“ghost brony comic”

I know that brony are dudes that are not ashamed to watch My Little Pony in public but wtf is a ghost brony!?

“ichigo wedgie”

LOL! I hope they meant Bleach’s Ichigo, just because that’s funny to picture xDDDD

‘slh why was cain embarrassed’

Because his penis is small. I don’t know.

“whole world screams give up”

Well…this has certainly got to be one of the most depressing search terms I’ve ever gotten .____.;

“mangafox stab her chest”

And then this search term comes up >___> stab her chest? Really? Well, here’s a tumblr gif for that:

“wat troll”

I just like the word troll being in there xD

“薄桜鬼 ice banana”

…please don’t tell me this is some sex term O___O Do not want to picture Hijikata with his ice banana hanging out….

“with the most adjectives””

O ⌣⌣ O; ?

“thong boy”

“wtf japan”

Uh, WTF AMERICA! WHAT’S WITH THESE SEARCH TERMS! (unless I’m getting hits from people else where…yeah, I’d prefer these search terms coming from another country than my own…)

“wtf search”

xD welcome to my weirdness stranger!

“a boy sitting down in a tree”

How do you sit INSIDE a tree????

“pics of cute random lil anime thing”

My mind instantly translated “thing” to “penis” …. what have these search terms done to me?

“aoi is injured tokyo majin”


“ren coud kiss”

LOL, is this a reference to SLH‘s Ren or to Skip Beat’s Ren? Either way, OUCH!”

XD huh!? Why look for that!? (in case you never noticed, I like putting wtf stuff in my tags. I don’t do it every time but they’re there ~ it’s to see if anyone is paying attention xD)

“spoils galore meaning”

Instantly read this as “glory hole” xD

“guys in manga that look emo”


“manga “she farts””

And that’s it ~ I had some more pervy hits but they were the same old dance routine so I didn’t include them ~ weeee, what weird stuff will be coming at me next? xD

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