Stuff I’ve Read #3 ~

Lots of DMP titles in this round ~ Akadot had some titles I was interested in on sale ~ Some were good picks, while others….

I’m not saying they sucked or anything. I’m just saying they weren’t to my own personal liking. No hate comments people. We all have our own tastes.

Disclaimer: What you are about to read are my thoughts about a manga/anime/light novel I have read/watched. These posts are not intended to act as professional reviews or any of that jazz. It’s just me saying what I liked or didn’t like. Sometimes, I even troll on a series. Doesn’t mean it sucks. It just means I didn’t like it so I’m going to bitch about it ;D (because I spent money on it that I wished I hadn’t). If you liked the series that I didn’t like, that’s cool. Just ignore my post and leave it be. Same with if you hated a series I’m loving on. I’m just putting this warning so you all don’t get pissed at me (and understand what you’re getting into if you continue to read any further) :3 So I shouldn’t see any crazy comments telling me I suck – because I put a warning here ;D K?

Crimson Cross

Summary: Karl is a holy vampire hunter from the infamous Van Helsing family – and he’s been turned into a vampire himself. Though the evil vampire Elliot now knows the taste of his mortal blood, Karl has somehow retained the faintest sliver of his humanity. How long will Karl’s tortured soul continue to waver between shadow and light? And are he and Elliot now doomed to try to destroy one another… for eternity?

Story by Kyoko Negishi and Art by Sakae Maeda.

Pretty art. Hard to believe this is by the same lady who did the DRAMA CD/Radio series/Idon’tknowreally adaptation of Café Kichijoji de. I don’t mean art wise – because the art is beautiful as ever – but I mean story wise. Café Kichijoji de was all giggles and stupidity. Crimson Cross is dark and heavy. No sweatdrops or chibis here. Overall, it wasn’t bad but I didn’t like the fact the series didn’t have an ending really. It’s more “you can make up an ending lol” type of deal.

And dude, the “evil baddy” totally looks like the Count from Gankutsuou.  VAMPIRE SMURF!!!! XDDD

A Tale of a White Night

Summary: In a small, quiet village, there is a folk story about a beautiful female demon. Nobody knows who she is, so the locals simply call her “Oni.” The story has it that she killed people and collected parts of their bodies to make a perfect human figure. A young man named Sho is spending the summer with his grandmother and meets Oni while he’s taking a walk in the woods. Blinded by her beauty, he is lured into Oni’s house… She is about to add his legs to her collection… Nobody can hear him crying for help…

Story and art by Tooko Miyagi.

A series of “spooky” one-shots (except for the last one). They were okay…I guess. All I can say is don’t form any attachment to the characters because you won’t like what happens to them. The last one shot takes up ½ of the volume. I thought it was actually…kind of stupid >________> The brother just let himself get stabbed…wtf… Overall, I didn’t enjoy this :<

Replica (1)

Summary: Ever-mercurial Manji is known far and wide as the notorious killer Red Dog, but he’s really just a bored bodyguard looking for a few kicks. Enter Kal, a young but savvy fighter who instantly bonds with Manji and draws him into the mysterious world of the CARDS, a team of toy-hungry hunters. Manji’s life is suddenly anything but mundane, but can he conquer a shape-shifting maze of secrets and riddles in time to save Whitetown?

Story and art by Kemuri Karakara.

Now that we have those first two out of the way, let’s talk about something I did like :) Totally enjoyed this series. The main guy ~ he’s such a grumpy pants but he’s a funny grumpy pants (dumb as a rock sometimes but I like his spunk ~) xD Looking forward to the next volumes <3

Millennium Prime Minister (1-4)

Summary: Minori Nagashima is a high school student bored to death with the mundane aspects of her everyday life. That is, until one day at the local arcade when she defeats an opponent in a video game, and learns that very evening that the Japanese Prime Minister has selected her! “Will you be my First Lady?” Now, the guy who stole Minori’s first kiss asks her to marry him in grand fashion!

Story and art by Eiki Eiki.

Lol, the only manga series I’ve encountered where the main character is booted to the side xD The story focused mainly on the man drama going on between the bishies, though the girl has some scenes every now and then ~ Sai got on my nerves but that’s because I never like bitchy characters. If it weren’t for the fact all his attempts to get rid of the main character kept failing and ended up being funny, I would have changed “got on my nerves” to “I hope he falls into a ditch and gets rabies and dies.”

Lala DX practice (no need to read any further – this is just my way of showing myself, hey! You read 4 chapters of LaLa DX! Whoot! Look at this, you can read shojo stuff! Whoot! xD)

結んで咲いて(Musunde, Saite) by 井波呉羽 (Inami Kureha)

Summary: Guy with a face that can make children wet themselves asks a girl in his class if he can borrow her hair to practice with. The boy and his parents are always working so he feels like he’s neglecting his little sister. When he heard his sister wanting her hair to be styled in a bun, he felt it was his brotherly obligation to see his sister have that bun. But he doesn’t know how to so he needs someone to practice on. The girl he chooses is surprised to find out he’s not like his face – the type to give wedgies and steal people’s lunch money. The boy in turn is surprised the girl isn’t gloomy and creepy as he originally thought (the girl was like, whut!? I give off that aura D:). The two becomes friends and yeah…that’s pretty much it ~

Of the four titles I’ve practiced with this week, Musunde, Saite (rough translation: Bound and Blooming) is my favorite ~ It’s a short one-shot that doesn’t really go anywhere but I found it to be really cute :3 I like how the two characters had different perceptions of the other and just by talking with one another, they realize the other is actually a really good person ~

I’m glad the romance wasn’t pushed too hard because this one-shot was only 15 pages. It’s a little difficult to go from strangers to friends to lovers in 15 pages…IMHO.

Ana-Katsu  (アナカツ) by Kouta Akihi (小唄あきひ)

Summary: Girl wants to be an announcer like her idol, some plain boring newscaster. She doesn’t like the other news announcer who works in the same new station with her idol because…he’s hawt (of course) and she thinks he sounds ghey (okay that’s actually a new one, never heard that one before xD). Her school is having an announcer from the news station come and couch her on how to be an announcer. Since this is shojo land, naturally the one who comes is the guy she hates. After getting into a cat fight and telling the guy he sounds ghey, rather than leave in a huff, hawt dude says well, I may sound ghey but I’m a professional and I will teach you how to be one too! He trains her hard but he trains her well. But oh shoots, he’s moving to Tokyo! What’s going to happen!?

Well, I’ll tell you xD – the girl goes to the hawt dude’s workplace because he left his manuscript in her stuff. She starts to go Y U LEAVING but then gets roped into going on air by the producer just because. She fumbles at first but manages to successful convey the news for that day thanks to hawt dude’s training. At the end, hawt guy admits to nearly shitting himself in fear over the whole thing. However he tells the girl she did ok. Also, he’s not going to Tokyo. “There’s no need to worry. I’m going to take good care of you until graduation – prepare yourself” ;D – he says. The girl goes EW NO //// *strangles*

The end ~

This was meh for me – I liked the dude but I didn’t like the girl. Poor hawt dude, being told he was hated and sounded ghey (she says overly sweet but that doesn’t sound insulting enough so I opted ghey). I actually commend him for staying despite having these insults thrown in his face and still having the balls to stand in front of her and teach. The girl…she needs to learn some manners >___> you don’t just go to someone’s face, hey you suck.

The whole time I saw their relationship as a father-daughter one so when that last page came up, I’m like, ewwwww, he turned into a pedobear :< Leave their love platonic (when a shipper like me says that…come on).

Favorite scene: when the director of the news station was all, hey let’s put that girl of yours on the air even though she’s never rehearsed for this or has any experience (and I could get fired for this). This is shojo. STFU and do it :) 

少年ドールズ (Shounen Dolls) Last Chapter by 響ワタル (Hibiki Wataru)

Summary: Lol, my first look into this series and it’s the last chapter! I have no clue who the characters are or what’s going on but in a few bunch of sentences, I’ll try to summarize what I understood…the boy doll Leo is all messed up and broken because of some fight that happened earlier. The girl, Ageha(?), rebuilds him a new body. The other doll (the more effeminate looking one), Yuki, says he’s going to go get Leo’s “soul” back (oh, BTW he cut his hair so it could be used for the new Leo doll in case you were wondering about that from the title page). However, something about the two “sharing” the same soul means that Yuki is going to sacrifice himself to bring Leo back? >___> I don’t get it but whatever, this is shojo. He makes a dramatic disappearance scene, telling Ageha to be happy with Leo…but then at the last second goes jk I love you damn shojo for killing me off ~ He fades away. Leo wakes up in…some alternate dimension place? There’s some dude here who is his creator? And I guess the creator had beef against people for killing his girl (which I guess is important story wise)? Well whatever, the creator is over that lol and after hugging Leo says GTFO :) But he does some sort of spell on Leo/Yuki which will be important at the end of this. The creator’s dead(?) girlfriend appears and they have a moment (thought I’d mention that in case that was important xD). Leo and Yuki both come back much to Ageha’s happiness (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ The chapter ends with Yuki saying he’s going to fight for Ageha’s love instead of being Mr. Nice Guy and just sitting in the corner. Leo tells him to suck his cock, cuz he and Ageha love each other. Ageha says Leo never really told her he loves her. After some stuttering, Leo finally blurts he does in fact love her. Face red, he comments about being hot. But he’s a doll right? So he can’t have body heat…Ageha touches him and yup it turns out both Leo and Yuki are warm. Some dude (Kagerou?) who has been here the whole time watching this exchange (lol)  goes, bitches get a clue – the sun has already risen yet you foos are still human!

Well, that certainly was interesting. I didn’t know you could turn dolls into people but hey, power of shojo yay! However…I don’t think I’ll be going back and checking out the earlier chapters anytime soon ^^; I like my endings to be where the girl gets with someone instead of just leaving it up to the reader’s imagination ~

もちもちの神様 (Mochi Mochi no Kamisama) Chapter 11 by 森生まさみ (Morio Masami)

Summary: (no idea what the story is but….) this girl…Ruka(?) goes to some party so she can look pretty and eat food lol. However, it turns out this party is a SHOW OFF YOUR DAUGHTER LIKE SHE’S A PRIZED HOG marriage party thing for Shinobu(?)…who I guess is a classmate of Ruka’s? >___> yes….well, she’s like F this shit I’m outtie [not sure if this is important but the weird creepy thing hanging around Ruka – Mochiko – tells us readers it casted a spell on Ruka so she would be like Cinderella (shit I almost put Chinderella bc that’s what the Mochiko thing kept saying) but…I’m not sure if it really did because I don’t know if it has powers to do that lol…but this might explain why Ruka is here at this party and why all the events that are about to transpire…transpired xD]. Shinobu’s dad comes over with some girls to push on his son. However, Shinobu grabs Ruka before she can crawl away and tells his dad he’s off to go on a date with Ruka. Dad: okay have fun with that unknown girl ◕ ◡ ◕ I’m going to be here pimpin like a boss. As the two drive away in Shinobu’s car ( driven by some chauffer), Shinobu explains that since he’s going to inherit his father’s medical practice, it’d be beneficial to have a wife…because his dad thinks it’s a good idea xD To say thanks for bailing him out of that mixer, he’ll take her on a fancy date. Initially Ruka is thinking, FML, because I guess Shinobu is kind of like that guy from Itaruzu na Kiss (a buttfuck), but it turns out their fake date goes well and she thinks better of Shinobu. Hey she got new clothes and a makeover out of it so win! However, as she’s being driven home, she thinks that something is wrong. As she looks out the window, she sees some dude, Shinjirou(?), playing some B-Ball. She’s all OMFG STOP THIS CAR NOWS! which the chauffer does. Ruka’s like thanksillreturnthedresssoseeyadog and runs off, much to Shinobu’s annoyance(?). His face certainly does not look worried. She finds Shinjirou and thinks, wtf was I doing? Getting all pretty and hanging with Shinobu. I wanted to be with this guy lol ~ and she starts to cry, much to Shinjirou’s shock (Д;≡;Д). He freaks for a little bit before running off to find something. Ruka has a cry moment, thinking who needs to be Cinderella. F that shiz. Shinjirou comes back and gives her a flower. “Ah…er, well…you see… I looked but I couldn’t find anything. I’m not sure what’s the right thing to give you but…will you stop crying if I give you this? Here…” (Δ) Ruka thinks I TOTALLY LOVE YOU MAN and starts smiling. The two have a fun banter while in the distance you see a cheesed off Shinobu watching  Дಠ. The chapter ends with Ruka telling the freaky Mochiko that she’s glad she finally found out what’s important to her. I guess Shinjirou can’t see Mochiko because he’s staring at Ruka like, wtf are you talking about?

OMG, this series! It’s so adorable D: I need to brush my teeth due to all this sugary goodness! Definitely looking forward to more. But I’m afraid that the next few chapters will suck because Shinobu is going to be all I’M THE THIRD ANGLE IN THIS LOVE TRIANGLE FOOS AND THIS ANGLE DON’T LIKE KEEPING QUIET! MESSES WITH EVERYTHING SO DRAMA HAPPENS YES! :<

BTW Mochiko scares me. I can’t tell wtf it is. I mean, it has like 4 ears…

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