Snippets: Miyako Chapter 3 (June 2011)

Chapter 3

**posts may do contain foul language and other stuff ~ FYI ;D

Wow, this chapter sucks. Nothing really happens ._____.; Sorry in advance but don’t expect anything great today…

Chapter starts with everyone having under gone a wardrobe change. As they are all posing, Sangou informs us about stuff we learned in the last chapter: she and these hot guys (+ one old dude) work at a place that basically does bitch work. However, her understanding of bitch work was limited because didn’t expect monster extermination to be on the list.

“Battling monsters…how come no one mentioned this before!”

Really otome games? Really? WHY drag the heroine out to battle if she has NO fighting experience? Didn’t Hakuouki’s Chizuru teach you better? :/

I say this because Sangou is currently surrounded by a bunch of monster baddies who are ready to tear her a new one. Lol, there’s an evil cat there too – damn minions of Satan…

Flashback to the past so we can have an explanation as to why our heroine and heroes (+ one old guy) are out beating possessed wildlife ~

Pokey Bear tells Sangou about evil spirits rolling around in graves and the bitch crew has been given the job of stopping the evil Casper rejects. Sangou is trying to figure out what this means (ignorance is bliss Sangou). Also, why do the boys (+ walking dead) have different clothes on (lol, love Pokey Bear and Green Hair guy’s expressions. They’re like, wtf are we wearing o___o Psssfft, gramps trying to look thug there xD My life is complete! Nothing on Ichigou – he looks fine ;D).

The boys break it to Sangou – hey we’re going to beat up the monsters and you’re coming with us lol! Naturally Sangou isn’t too peachy keen on the prospect of battle, especially since she HAS NO BATTLE EXPERIENCE! Nigou flaps over and gives Sangou some stuff so she can join the wardrobe change gang. He tells her she’ll be fine if she goes into battle with these.

“You mean these clothes are actually some sort of special equipment!?” 8D RPGs FTW!

Abe punches Sangou’s elated feelings at the thought of having special protection in the mouth.

“You use this. It’s a Maifu (Japanese translation – dance cloth; urban dictionary meaning – An incredibly sexy man who dresses up like a fairy. Pick whichever definition you like xD). It beats going in bare handed.”

(ಠ_ಠ) oh wow, thanks Abe! A table cloth! Just what I wanted to bring with me into battle! Hey, let me go get a wet towel and bundle up some socks too. Beats going in bare handed lol ~ – is probably what Sangou is thinking

So yeah…Sangou’s got a piece of crap cloth to fight with. Guess a knife was asking for too much…

We’re back to the present time. Sangou is holding the cloth thinking, damn I might as well throw my shoes at these demons than piss around with this crap. However, since she’s going to get mauled either way, might as well use the cloth since it’s already in her hand.

Sangou whips cloth at monster

Monster gets sliced in half

It’s super effective


“It sliced him? Of course, this is something Abe gave me. I’ll be fine!”

Unless the monsters grab the cloth so she can’t use it lol ~

Sangou: FML (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Before the monsters can attack, Abe comes and…poses xD

Abe: “How long were you planning on playing with these small fries?”

Sangou: “Seimei-sama!”

Abe: “Be aware of your surroundings. The enemy can be anywhere. However, the fact you survived this far with your monkey reflexes is quite commendable.”

Sangou: (╬ ಠ益ಠ) STFU and save me already

Abe gets a bad ass close up as he chants a spell. We turn the next page to see his badass spell erupting into butterflies that are on fire….


The scene fast forwards to the end. Yay monsters killed and their children orphaned! However, turns out the gang was a little too late. The graves had been already looted and violated…just like last time…damn!

Sangou zeroes in on the words “last time.” Wait, she asks. This has happened before? Everyone is like, yeah…someone has been jacking corpses from graves to resurrect them…all for the purpose of opening the gates to hell…you know?

Sangou: O____________O ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Izumi mumbles they need to collect the three sacred treasures (from the picture it looks like a sword, a fancy looking plate…and that’s it O__O; I’m not sure where the third item is but it’s not shown on this page…).

Abe: “Whatever we do, time is of the essence…”

The moon became twisted


In a blood-like color (<- lol)

In red

The chapter ends with Sesshomaru some dude looking up at the moon in question.


10 thoughts on “Snippets: Miyako Chapter 3 (June 2011)

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  2. LOL. I really need to pick up this series. xD Sylph comes out monthly? I’m gonna raid Kinokinuniya if they have this.xD I’m a sucker for tsudere males and (of course) uke females.

    Thanks for posting a summary! ^___^ Thanks for the hard work!~

    • Melchama ~ ! Yo 8D

      Yes, Comic Sylph is now monthly (in the past it used to be bimonthly but about one year ago it said f dat shiz and turned monthly ~). Chungky mentioned seeing Comic Sylph at Kinokuniya so good luck! (Has another Comic Sylph fan hit the scene!? 8D)
      Comic Sylph has nice looking guys. A lot of the stuff is really reverse harem filled ~ (and lots of otome adaptations). It’s got a good diversity in terms of serializations – you have fantasy, comedies, tragedies, adventures, etc. That’s why I love Sylph. If you’re looking for shounen-ai or shojo-ai, it’s not really found here though ~

      Not a problem 8D I’m so slow with these summaries though. I think this series is already up to like 6 chapters D:

      • Yes~ I’m a new fan! :3 Nah~ Nothing shoujo/shounen-ai related~ I’m just a total sucker up for series like Miyako even though I know it’s somewhat cliched. (And plus, I love the style of the art~)

        Haha! xD I’m going to check the store out in a week and half (a day off!) so I’ve saved up a lot to raid Japantown. :3

        Still! Thanks for your summaries!!! I’ll continue to read them anyways. xD They crack me up so much! :)

        • I’m hoping this will be like La’Corda where the girl gets with one of the guys instead of like every other otome manga adaptation where they leave you hanging (because they didn’t want the shippers to get angry D:).
          But I want more kissy-kissy than La’Corda had (which was pretty much none :<)
          (the art is indeed beautiful x3)

          Yay ~
          Japantown? That sounds so awesome D:
          The closest thing to Japan we have here are Nissan cars…yeah, this is the sticks :/

          I'm glad you like them :D I look forward to your comments <3

  3. La Corda just went downhill. D: Sorry if you disagree, but it got worse…
    (there wasn’t a reply button so you’ll have to do with a new thread xD)
    Our Japantown is nice and clean, but it’s so freaking pricy. I bought one magazine and two manga books from a shop and that was $40 already. =.=

    :3 I love your blog~ :D Never fails to bring a smile! >:3

    • Oh, I’m still on vol 3 xD I only say “like La Corda” because she actually “kinda” gets with someone in the end despite the manga being based off an otome game.
      Most otome game manga adaptations don’t pair the girl with anyone ; A ;

      Now that I think about it Hakuouki is the only other otome game adaptation i know where she got with someone but not really because everyone dies…(in the manga. The game is really different)

      (ah, WP is lazy. When you get to the point where you don’t have a reply button, you hit reply on the post before yours. It’ll automatically add it to the thread. Strange, I know xD)

      D8 holy snap! I do wish the dollar to yen would improve. My dad told me back in his day, $1 = 300 yen. Me: D8 WHERE IS A MOTHERFRIGGIN TIME MACHINE! GOING BACK TO DAH PAST!

      Lol, I’m glad I can make you smile with my rambles x3 <3

  4. “Izumi mumbles they need to collect the three sacred treasures (from the picture it looks like a sword, a fancy looking plate…and that’s it O__O; I’m not sure where the third item is but it’s not shown on this page…).”

    The treasures they’re referring to are the three holy imperial regalia, gifts given to the first emperor of Japan by Amaterasu. The sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (currently in Nagoya’s Atsuta Shrine), the mirror used to get Amaterasu out of the cave (at Ise Shrine), and the magatama jewel (now in the Imperial Palace).

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