Snippet: DADADADAN! Ch-Ch-Ch-Chp 3 (June 2011)

DADADADAN! Ch-Ch-Ch-Chapter 3!

Love how the cover page never matches what the chapter is about xD

**posts may do contain foul language and other stuff ~ FYI ;D

Can you believe the first manga volume is already out? That’s how slow I am at getting these snippets out. Hohohohoho :A:

Chapter 3 starts off with Punch asking/DEMANDING why the boys are still in school. No she doesn’t have a thing against the law making people get an education. It’s Golden Week. Most students are home with their parents.

So why aren’t you punks there too – says Punch.

Bashful giggles nervously and is surprised to hear about this week being Golden Week. Grumpy tells his waifu to STFU and stop pretending – everyone knows what a shitty actor he is XD (refer to chapter 2 if you’re confused). The boys keep walking – their way of answering Punch’s question – but the old bag won’t give it up. She calls them shitty kids who are scared of girls. Well, to Grumpy, that’s pretty much the equivalent of being slapped by her sagging boobs – he takes offense and calls her a sea grape (lol what!?). The other two drag him off before Punch really does whip her boobs out and belt them.

Grumpy isn’t happy with Punch’s words. Doc gives him sage advice and tells him to ignore her. She’s an old hag with one foot already in the coffin with the second following close behind. Who cares what she says ┐(‘~`;)┌

Bashful:  Σ(゜д゜;) DOC!

As the two are talking, Bashful notices something sticking out from the crack of their door. It’s a letter. Addressed to Grumpy. A little surprised, Grumpy takes the letter. There is no return address. Huh, that’s not weird and suspicious. He opens it and reads it as the three go in. There is a long pause before he drops the letter to the floor, face (ఠ_ゝఠ). Doc and Bashful look at the letter in interest:

“To my sweetie pie, I’m going to steal you away tonight ~”

Both: (ఠ_ゝఠ)

Bashful comes to the logical conclusion that the letter is a love letter (〃▽〃)ポッ Grumpy claps his hand over Bashful’s mouth, not wanting to hear that conclusion. DON’T SAY SOMETHING THAT HORRIFYING BASHFUL! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!? (╬ ಠ益ಠ) – is what Grumpy says xD

Grumpy: “Are there really girls out there who make letters like this? It sounds more like a kidnapping letter than a love letter.” {It’s probably a joke. Yeah, a joke….}

Doc believes this is the work not of a love struck girl but of a stalker (〃▽〃)ポッ After all, there is no postmark on the letter yet the girl knew which dorm room was Grumpy’s… Bashful tells Grumpy they should call the cops. Crazy chicks are scary – ever see Carrie or Misery? CLICHÉ SHOJO VILLANS!? THEY NEED TO BE TAZERED NOT IGNORED!!!! However, Grumpy would rather they deal with the problem themselves…WITH THEIR FISTS! >:D

Bashful: BUT ISN’T SHE A GIRL!? O____O;

Bashful looks to Doc for help (she’s just a normal girl in love with Grumpy, right Doc!?) but he’s got the same blood thirsty look on his face XD

“That’s true…and her love drove her to be a stalker.  We’ll have to limit our actions so there’s no blood ~” (What kind of wonderful screams will Ryou-chin’s stalker make?…) *raepface* >:D

Bashful: Σ(゜д゜;) am I the only sane one here?

The boys stay up, preparing themselves for their crazy visitor. However, apparently these guys don’t spend their nights reblogging on tumblr because they’re ready to crash lol xD While ready to mount the sand man and fly off to the land of sleep, someone knocks on the door. “Delivery!” No one thinks much of it – hey, UPS guy coming at midnight? Sure!

Grumpy grabs his hanko/signature stamp and answers the door. A masked woman with a kendo sword is there to greet him. She says hello by smashing the sword down at our grumpy hero. He jumps aside and tells the boys inside that the delivery person was actually the crazy stalker…and she’s freakin packing!

Bashful: NO WAY! :O


Doc calmly informs Grumpy that the UPS guy normally drops off packages at the front office, not at the room itself…so duh to the person at the door being the stalker. Plus it’s midnight. Double duh.


The stalker comes charging at the three but ends up falling on her back due to the hanko Grumpy dropped earlier (lol, hanko sounds like another word for turd xD). The boys run away from her prone figure, Grumpy mentally high-fiving his hanko for its bravery (lol Doc taking a picture of the fallen girl xD). They don’t get too far when the stalker comes limping after them, her sword used as a crutch. Grumpy readies himself to deliver some whoopass when Bashful tells him not to fight. Doc chimes in too:

“Ryo-chin, time to use your ultimate move.”

But Grumpy doesn’t want to D: I’D RATHER BE LICKED BY A NEKKID CLOWN! – is probably what he’s thinking. It’s the only way to slow her down reasons Doc. DOOOOOOSSSSSS IT!

Grumpy: ( ಠ益ಠ ) shit….

Grumpy turns to the stalker and bats his baby blues at her. “Please stop ~ I’m…scared.” ಡ_ಡ *dies*At the expense of his pride, Grumpy does get the stalker to stop. However, she’s not attacking because she’s too busy laughing.

Grumpy: I’LL KILL YOU DOC! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

Their guard down, the stalker grabs Bashful. She tells the boys that if Grumpy comes with her, she won’t hurt the girl.

Grumpy and Doc: ( ・´ー・`) um, that’s a dude…

Her: o__o what?

Bashful looks up at her and bats his baby blues at her. “Um…won’t you please stop?” ಡ_ಡ  Instead of laughing, the stalker has a massive nosebleed all over Bashful’s faceand faints xD The boys looks at prone figure in disgust.

Grumpy: “….uh, she’s supposed to be my stalker, right?”


That problem fixed, the boys tie the girl up in a sack with the words I’M A STALKER WHO ATTACKED DURING GOLDEN WEEK printed on it xD They plan on interrogating her once she wakes up. Doc is confused about the stalker. He points to a trail of pictures he left on the floor (bait for a trap). They are of Grumpy. Yet the girl didn’t even bat an eye at them.

Before they can grasp the significance of this finding, an arrow flies past their faces and embeds itself in the wall. The boys take a good minute to question the arrow. Had it always been here? Maybe something new?


“Oh my, are you guys stupid?”

Them: What? (ఠ_ゝఠ)

Someone exits the shadows…a girl…with a mask on…

“Hurry up and come with me already!” – she says.



Bashful: “Well, you know girls like to do things in groups…”

Lol, nice. Girls shop together. Eat together. And apparently stalk together xD

Doc: “Hoho, someone here sure is Mr. Popular.”


The girl readies her bow, arrow cocked. Doc tries to type something into his phone but drops it when the girl shoots an arrow at him. Trying to call the cops?, she asks. No, Doc tells her. He already knows who she is. He figured it out from the first girl. The information is on his phone.

The girl looks at the phone in disbelief. How!?

Phone: “Your skirt is stuck in your panties! Stupid girl!”

Face red, the girl looks at her backside. Her skirt isn’t stuck in her panties! WTF dude –

Doc is right in her face, magical girl wand in hand. He used her distraction to close in on the gap between them. Shit’s about to go down. Never underestimate a man armed with a magical girl wand.


Two girls down (the second girl tied in a sac with the words I TOO AM A STALKER WHO ATTACKED DURING GOLDEN WEEK written on it xD).

However, rather than be blue about getting caught, the girls are in high spirits. When Grumpy gets all in their faces (LISTEN, WENCHES – SPILL! WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT!?), the girls laugh at him (Wenches? Still got that female hate going on I see! Hohohoho”)

Grumpy: “{GAHH!} What’s so funny!? Let’s just throw them into the ocean and be done with this!” (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

“Isn’t this a little strange?” Bashful pipes up. “She’s talking to you like nothing is wrong. And also, neither fell for Doc’s trap….”

“Oh my, that’s quite the little detective you have there ~”

Boys: O_________________________O you got to be kidding…

The boys look over to see ANOTHER girl sitting nearby, sipping calmly on some tea. Yes, she has a mask on too.


However, unlike the other girls, this one springs into action. She goes for Grumpy and gives him a good flick to the head with her pointer finger. Her attack done, she bounds for the roof, laughing the whole way up. Grumpy isn’t happy. 2 girls were bad enough but now 3!? And this one TOUCHED him! Jaoirejaodhfiaehfioeajo! IT’S GO TIME!

Both have an epic battle on the roof. Halfway into it, Grumpy yells at Doc and Bashful to run for it. This girl ain’t no poser! The girl grabs Grumpy into an arm lock and whispers into his ear:

“What is this? Ryou-chan, are you saying those boys down there are your good friends?”

Naturally Grumpy tells her to shove a tampon in it. The girl lets go of him and jumps down to where Doc and Bashful are, having not moved despite Grumpy’s words. She lets out a roundhouse kick which is stopped by Grumpy (in, what I must say, a badass fashion) .

Grumpy: “I’m the one you’re after, right!? Leave them out of this!”

Girl: “So they really ARE your good friends. Ever since you were little Ryou-chan…”


As the two banter, Bashful gets his crazy eyes going – the melodies of logic baby ~

Bashful: OMFG DUDE YOU TOTALLY KNOW THESE BITCHES!  Think about it – they’ve been talking about you like they’ve known you since you were little.

Doc: And they haven’t been acting all horny to you like a stalker would…

Grumpy: =_= the heck, I don’t know any girls who’ve known me since I was a kid except….



Me: (ఠ_ゝఠ)

Mystery solved! The masked girls are actually Grumpy’s sisters, lol ~ they haven’t seen their little brother in a year so they wanted to visit. The reason for the masks and the note was because the three wanted to be like their favorite anime, Cat Eye (which is about these 3 chicks that steal stuff if I remember correctly). Not sure about the attacking thing. I guess they REALLY wanted to bring Grumpy home lol.

Before you go, Grumpy, you dumbass, how can you not recognize your sisters? Grumpy has his reasons:

“Well, for one, you guys live like forever and a day away from this place so the chances of you coming here are slim to none. On top of that, I’d never thought old hags like yourselves would be parading around in school girl uniforms (you’re 28 and 22 years old for gawd’s sake!).”

***one sister is 18 so technically she’s ok to be wearing a school girl uniform ~

The sisters tell Grumpy they wore the uniforms because they wanted to blend in. Lol, um jumping around in masks and attacking people isn’t what I would call low key ~

Doc and Bashful are staring at the one sister, thinking OMFG she’s 28!? WHY DOES THIS ONLY WORK IN MANGA WORLD!?

Grumpy: “*psfft* Since she’s getting on in years, she has no confidence showing off her legs – thus the reason she wore the tights.”

*Grumpy gets his nose pinched by the older sister*

Older sister: “Ryou-chan, that’s quite enough. Stop that at once.”

Grumpy: “[owowowowowow!!!] YOU’RE GOING TO RIP MY NOSE OFF!!!!”

The sister doesn’t let go. She tells Grumpy they were worried about him. He hasn’t visited in over a year nor has he made any phone calls back home. His family had no way of knowing if Grumpy was getting along with his school mates or if he was holed up alone in his room.  Grumpy tells his sister he doesn’t want to go home. The sister looks at Doc and Bashful. She says she’ll over look Grumpy’s lack of communication because he seems to be doing alright and has some good friends but he better come home for summer vacation. Bashful and Doc jump on this – dude go home. We’re not going to be here and there’s no AC.

No AC.

After some griping, Grumpy says fine he’ll go home (who wants to be in a building with no AC!?).

Yeah ~ happy!

With that settled, it’s time for bed 8D

The boys: o_______o um?

So this is how that works: the girls get Bashful and Doc’s bed while the boys are forced into Grumpy’s bed.

Grumpy: “Now look here: Isn’t there something just a little sad about forcing 3 men to sleep in one bed?”

Older sister: “We don’t have enough beds so no complaining.”


Doc and Bashful tell Grumpy to stick a frozen tampon in it :) His sisters came because they were worried about him ~ isn’t that great?

Grumpy: >////> stfu

Just as everyone is about to sleep….

Sisters: “I knew it. When Ryouda (Grumpy) isn’t around, our daily life just falls into a funk.”

Bashful: ^__^

Sisters: “We got a year’s worth of stressbecause we couldn’t take it out on Ryou-chan!”

Bashful: (ఠ_ゝఠ)

Grumpy: (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ THIS IS THEIR TRUE FACE!!!!

XD The chapter ends with Grumpy going ape shit crazy at his sisters and Bashful thinking, fuck I’m not going to get any sleep tonight…. ಡ_ಡ

End ~

Ah ~ I love Grumpy ~ Thus this chapter was fun for me (because it focused on Grumpy and his stalkers lol) ~ Seeing Doc kicking ass with a magical girl want was definitely a hoot too xDDDD This manga is crazy!

5 thoughts on “Snippet: DADADADAN! Ch-Ch-Ch-Chp 3 (June 2011)

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    • xD Glad you like <3 This is currently chungky's favorite Sylph title ~ I hope others will like it too :3 DADADADAN is just so entertaining. Plus, one of the boys uses a magical wand for a weapon xD How awesome is that!?


      • I already like this next to Shiro Ari even though I haven’t gotten the first volume yet xD Haha!

        “Plus, one of the boys uses a magical wand for a weapon xD How awesome is that!?”
        = “Never underestimate a man armed with a magical girl wand.”
        bwahahahahaha xD


        • xD I’m glad I could get another fan for DADADADAN! :3
          It’s crazy funny ~ something I greatly appreciate ~

          Shiro Ari is love too <3
          I hope others will like it when it's released :3 Alice needs more fans worshipping him haha xD


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