Blah Blah Blah ~ Part III (June 2011)

Lol what?
Some singer got kicked off a plane because his pants were too low? What? xD Geezus, how bad were his pants hanging? His package must have been scaring the children or something lol ~

Of course, since he’s the singer for Green Day, the airline company totally fell to its knees and licked his boots in apology when they heard about the incident. I wonder what happened to the air attendant who caused him to get booted in the first place? >___>

Oh what a weird world we live in ~ The article didn’t give much detail on who was to really blame – was it the singer for riding low or the attendant for overreacting? I’m sure the majority of people reading the article are thinking, why the f do I care? Just pull your pants up ┐(‘~`;)┌

Sorry for the rambling ~ on to BBB III 8D

**posts may do contain foul language and other stuff ~ FYI ;D

Table of Contents:

[Sora Kara! My Nanny!]
[Himegoto wa Hanazono ]
[Kira Kira Soda Chocolate]

Sora Kara! My Nanny! Chapter 11

Summary: The chapter starts with Victor getting ready for bed. Jo comes in, a book under one arm. He needs help reading the words (dwah, how cute). Of course he acts all TSUN-TSUN about it xD This doesn’t bother Victor! He’s more than happy to comply! He scoops Jo into his bed and both get comfortable (remember, Jo is 5. Nothing creepy happening people). While reading, a postcard falls out. Victor asks if Jo likes to collect postcards to which Jo shakes his head and says he only collects certain ones (from his parents, he thinks in his head). Victor gets all excited and starts writing in a notebook. Sensing something is up, Jo grabs the notebook and finds it’s filled with information about him. About EVERY LITTLE THING HE’S DONE! BATHROOM BREAKS AND THE SIZE OF HIS TURDS PROBABLY INCLUDED!!

I take back what I said about this series not being creepy. I’m sorry I mislead you all.

Jk it’s not like that. Turns out, Victor was writing every detail he could about Jo in this notebook so he could share the info with Jo’s parents. Jo gets pissy and storms off (lol way to forget about the notebook kid xD ). Victor is left in confusion – Y HE NO LIKE HIS PARENTS KNOWING ABOUT HOW MANY BOWEL MOVEMENTS HE DOES A DAY? DAT STUFF IMPORTANT! Leo crawls in because Jo made a huge commotion that woke Leo up, who I think sleeps in the nude o___o; That’s…strange…especially for a guy that’s supposed to be a baby sitter….just saying. After getting the details, Leo calls Victor an idiot for not figuring out what’s wrong.  Duh dude, who wants their parents to know EVERYTHING about them? Only creepy parents do that – is what Leo pretty much says.

Victor: ┐(‘~`;)┌ but I shared everything with my parents

Leo: And that’s why your parents abandoned you in a floating castle located miles above the earth

Victor: D:

(I actually have no clue behind the mystery of Victor’s parents. Supposedly he was left at Poppins Academy but I’m not sure why or how. I mean, that’s determination to leave your kid in a floating building. That’s true intent to abandon there!)

Scene changes to Jo at school. He’s still pissy about Victor. However, he gets a temporary distraction when it turns out the school was vandalized…by everyone in the school xD

Jo: (#゚Д゚) IDIOTS!

And it turns out they were led by…Allen!?

Jo: Σ(゚Д゚) WHAT!?

Allen says he and the kids did it for the lolz ~


A giant parent-teacher conference is held where basically the parents scold their children via song. My favorite part of the song and dance routine is when the parents threaten to leave their kids with a Nanny and go far far away to never see the children again.


Victor and Leo: (;¯‿¯)

Once that lol-able scene is done, the punishment is dealt. Allen is going to be suspended (seeing as how he was the ringleader of the whole thing) while the other boys have to clean up the school and pay back what can’t be fixed.  Leo acknowledges this and bows his head in apology. Allen is surprised by his actions. Why should Leo apologize when it was Allen who did the deed?

Leo: “Who else is going to apologize?”

Allen: >___>;

Way to not man up Allen…

Victor offers to take charge of Allen, seeing how busy Leo is with teaching and possibly leading a revolution. Leo naturally declines Victor’s help. KEEP YOUR PITY VICTOR! Victor: (llಠ ,ಠ ) shit I just wanted to help…

Allen: “Tsk…it wasn’t even his fault in the first place.”

Geez, Allen, you still hung up about Leo apologizing? Then go apologize!

Jo and Victor talk a little before Jo remembers he’s supposed to be pissed and ignores Victor, much to Victor’s sadness D:

As the four walk home, Jo and Allen’s classmates watch them leave. They all wish they could have nannies like Jo and Allen. Their parents scold them. If anything happens you have us, the parents say. But for Jo and Allen, that’s not the case. The kids don’t understand and begin to bad mouth their parents for being stingy. The parents get a crazy scary look on their faces which make the kids STFU and clean go home to clean their rooms or something xD (I love how the kids responded with OMFG WE LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! XDDDDD)

Back home, Victor goes up the stairs, looking sad. Jo watches him, thinking maybe he shouldn’t have been so pissy but then goes TSUN-TSUN on himself for even thinking of apologizing first. However, he needn’t worry because Victor breaks first. Using another song and dance routine, Victor explains to Jo about why he wrote the notes and how sorry he is about it. Jo reluctantly sings back that as long as he gets to check over what gets sent, he’ll allow it. Victor is so happy with this that he grabs Jo into a tight hug.

Jo: “When I’m finally together with mom and dad, then…we’ll stop.”

Victor: ; A ; I LOVE YOU BE MY KID!!!! *hugs tighter*

His moment of being a kid now gone, Jo goes back to his tsun-tsun ways.  He tells Victor he’ll forgive last night’s incident and that they need to stop hugging and meet with Allen and Leo. Before they break apart though, Jo orders Victor to read to him later again and shoves Victor to the floor xDDDDD

Victor: I…guess it all worked out? (・ε・)

Thoughts: Jo may be a tsundere but he has Victor so I can forgive that. Allen…he’s been freaking me out since I first saw him. I hope he gets better…instead of evil…too many characters going evil in this issue O___O

PS I love the singing in this manga ~ it’s so Disney!!! xD

Himegoto wa Hanazono Chapter 23

Kind of a continuation of the last chapter, only told from the view point of Chouko. From what I can gather, Chouko likes Ai (Ai, in case you didn’t know, is kind of weird in that she’s actually a dude who turns into a girl. Not sure how that works since I’ve only just recently started to read this series but I’m not going to question it. It’s manga after all). However, she’s vying for Ai’s affection against Sakurai (the dude from the last chapter). I’m not sure who Ai likes honestly. I can’t tell. I really don’t care because I’m just here for the lols.

The whole chapter focuses on a slumber party Ai is holding. Chouko hopes to use this opportunity to win Ai’s affection. However, instead of going after Ai herself, Chouko decides to take an alternate route and tries to ingratiate herself with Ai’s family.

“To get to the rider/leader, you need to take out the horse.”

At first things are weird (like when Chouko talked about her parents who were basically mobsters on the run lol) but Chouko manages to win over mom/dad(?) (love how mom/dad is all, omg WE WILL BE YOUR FAMILY! WE’VE GOT LIKE 6 SINGLE DUDES HERE! TAKE ANY ONE TO BE YOUR HUBBY AND BECOME MY DAUGHTER IN LAW! XD).

The chapter ends with everyone going to bed. The girls go off to Ai’s room. The boys to…some place. Chouko is red in the face. She thinks she and Ai are going to be in the same bed (lol to her delusion turning Ai back into a guy as they sleep xD). Turns out Chouko gets one bed while Ai is going to sleep with her twin/brother/sister. This devastates Chouko who goes emo. However, the ghost of her mobster mom appears and tells her to go over to Ai’s bed this instant. Thanking her mom for giving her strength, Chouko goes over only to see Ai and her brother/sister all moe sleeping. Chouko returns to her bed, a smile on her face and a bloody nose xD

“Spring 2011. Chouko Enmeiji. Under the guidance of Nagayaou, found herself in heaven.”

Thoughts: This series is just messed up crazy xD

Kira Kira Soda Chocolate Chapter 10

Summary: Last we left off, the class decided hey we’ll do a play and hey we’ll get Niina and Ryuuji to be the princess and prince ~ yaya ~

Ryuuji: what? (″・ิ_・ิ)っ

Ryuuji tries to get out of this situation and almoossssssssssttttttttt succeeds until Amane tells Ryuuji to just DO IT! The path now open, Ryuuji’s friends chime in that they too want to see Ryuuji play the part. Classmates also agree, putting more pressure on Ryuuji xD

Ryuuji: I’m going to cut you all for this (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

The final push came from Niina – when asked if Niina wants to be the princess, Niina says she’d like to but will refuse the part because Ryuuji doesn’t want to be her lover (remember, Niina’s vocabulary sucks because she’s white so the class had to dumb things down for her ala stretch the truth xD thus Niina thinks she and Ryuuji are going to play characters who are lovers and Ryuuji’s refusal to participate means he doesn’t want to be her “lover”).

Ryuuji totally has a thing for Niina because he’s all, omg don’t cry. It’s not that I don’t want to be your lover. In fact I’d really – and he cuts himself off there. Of course his friends won’t let him end it there. No, that’s why this is a comedy ~ Megumu tells Ryuuji to just DO IT and Ryuuji finishes what he was going to say (after glaring daggers at his friends xD): I really want to see Niina as the princess ~

Well that just makes everyone happy! It’s settled: Ryuuji is going to play the prince and Niina the princess. However, what is the story about? After some debate, the class decides on ROMEO AND JULIET! BECAUSE THAT’S TOTALLY PRINCESS X PRINCE! XD

Megumu looks over at Amane and asks where she got the balls to corner Ryuuji into the part from~ Amane is totally me as a manga character because she did it for romantic reasons ~ ah, pairing up people x3 My favorite thing to do ~

Thoughts: UGHHHHHHHH, why does KKSC have to be bimonthly D: I love how cute it is!!!!! We need more cute in our lives!


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