Blah Blah Blah ~ Part II (June 2011)

Man am I happy for Labor Day Weekend. It’s a great way to recover from the first days of school. Oh man, I forgot how much school suckeddddddddddd…where’d my summer vacation go? One good thing about going to school is my parking pass is only $19. F parking on campus for almost $200. I’m like one spot over and I’m paying like 1/20th the price ~ I’m glad no one has caught on yet :3

I mention parking because there was an article on yahoo about residents having to pay like $100,000 for a spot! At first I was like, you poor people but then I read the article and realized the article was talking about rich people. The f yahoo? Why post something like that? :/ The hell I care…

**posts may do contain foul language and other stuff ~ FYI ;D

Table of Contents:

[Hana Ori Soushi]
[Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi]


Still not reading this xD (Sorry Sylph but I’m not interested in your cash cow ~ I’m waiting for the PSP game because I like my guys NOT dying thank you :3). Looking at the pictures, shit goes down. Also, Hijikata got some issues with his Oni side. Chizuru tries to help him and he kindly responds with a GTFO *boots*. Izumi spies on this and gets the brilliant notion that he needs to kill himself to save Hijikata and Chizuru (not sure why since I’m not paying attention but I like to think he’s doing it for the karma). Hijikata tells Izumi he can’t do that because Hijikata manloves Izumi. Izumi is touched (´;ω;`) and tells him to STFU and dos what he says. Hijikata has a manfit over this but obeys (ノಠ Д ಠ)ノ. Chizuru and Hijikata escape while Izumi gets captured (and later beheaded but we don’t know that at this point ~ thought I’d let you all on that special little detail ahead of time :)). Hijikata has a mancry but then his Oni side comes out. Determined this time to help him, Chizuru cuts herself (o___o) and says VAMPIRE KNIGHT ME FOO! Not one to refuse a free meal, Hijikata drinks from her (lol to his hand on her honkers – getting some boobage with that meal sir? **think it may be Chizuru’s hand actually but man that’s a man sized hand!). We switch real quick to Harada and Carlos manflirting. Chapter ends with Patrick making an appearance again.

Thoughts: Ain’t got any ~

Hana Ori Soushi Chapter 4

Summary: The gang has been working well together to stop the Tane from causing too much trouble. Well, everyone but Teach. Gawd, talk about a team downer. He’s all bitchy to Chiharu but we all know that’s because he’s ghey for Hisaya and doesn’t like Chiharu getting in the way of his ghey love.

The plot for this chapter is…school festival! Yay! Every manga set in a school setting is required to have one of these ~ The students were worried that with all the crazy people running around the festival would be closed but hah, no one cares if there are crazies on campus. Please, the parents encourage this. Why? Lawsuits ~ Kids can be replaced after all ;D

(how sad is the world if this is really how it thought…)

I guess what makes this school festival unique from all the other ones is that there’s a special contest going on with the boys. The boy voted as the hottest tamale gets free food for 3 months (I’m assuming it’s cafeteria food. Since the kids are actually getting competitive over this, I’m assuming Japanese cafeteria food PROBABLY isn’t like American cafeteria food. This is just speculation mind you). Hisaya thinks that’s the dumbest thing ever and refuses to take part even though the students in his class are threatening to cut him if he doesn’t fight and win (told you, those Japanese kids want their cafeteria food…). However, when he hears that last year’s winner was Chiharu’s brother, he gets all kinds of competitive (especially when he heard Chiharu’s brother refused the free food because he wanted to eat Chiharu’s homemade meals).

We flash forward to the day of the festival. Turns out Chiharu’s class is doing a Butler Café thing. Seeing how their class has like the only hot guys in this school (outside Chiharu’s brother), the girls are going crazy over this and the café is turning out to be a real success (much to Chiharu’s shock. Lol to the fact the Butler Café was Hisaya’s idea. Told you he was getting all kinds of competitive!). Horyuu and the gender confusing twins make a scene. They learn of the competition going on and decide to help…by grabbing up all the voting slips and putting Hisaya’s name on them xD Teach appears because hey, eye candy (well, he’s kind of like old eye candy with lent and a piece of hair stuck to it but candy none the less). He acts like a total bitch not to just Chiharu but to everyone. Pissed at what Horyuu did, he says he needs to fix this shit…and orders Chiharu to come with him.

Lol, wtf?

Teach bitchfits in his office. Chiharu decides now is a good time to ask why he’s such a dick. He responds that he doesn’t like the way Hisaya is – all happy and shit. Boy needs to be emo – that’s sexy! He proceeds to say he doesn’t like the others because they’re getting in the way of his ghey time with Hisaya. He especially doesn’t like Chiharu because she’s the main character and totally going to get with him in the end of who she was in her past life. Rather than maybe punch him in the gonads or something for being so rude, Chiharu looks sad and says she wants to know more about Teach so he can stop being such a whore. Teach tells her she can suck his old man wang and tries to leave (Actually he says “If you knew, then you too will become disillusioned” but I like “suck my soggy balls better” :)). Chiharu reaches out and grabs him only to have a vision of the past. Back before Teach was ghey for Hisaya. The scene consists of some pedo bear walking off with little Hisaya even though Teach is right there screaming OMFG HE’S A SEX OFFENDER DON’T GO!  STRANGER DANGER!

Chiharu blinks and she’s back in the present. Teach is looking at her like she just scratched her balls and sniffed her fingers. Before he can ask for details, Tane attack and bondage Teach up like a S&M present ~ Chiharu is fine because he bracelet protected her (Chiharu: HAHA! Sux 2 B U! Bet now you wished you weren’t such a dingleberry to me huh (˘ε˘)┌П┐ Teach: ಠ̯ಠ The only one who should be trying me up like this is Hisaya…).


Thoughts: Ahhhhh, cute Hisaya x Chiharu scenes x3 ME GUSTA! Damn Teach for cockblocking all over the street :/ He really needs to be a team player ~ I’m sure he has some messed up past that turned him into the ghey broken man he is today (lusting over an underage kid…wtf…) because that would be wrong if he was born like that!

BTW, I think Chiharu’s brother is evil. You don’t have a “EVIL SHADOW FALLING ACROSS FACE” scene in manga without it meaning something. Ohhhhh what if Chiharu’s brother was actually the reincarnate…or was the reason shit was messed up in the past? Ohohoho interesting!

Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi chapter 16

Finally ordered volume #1 of HnPnM but it hasn’t arrived yet. Thus I’m still lost, story-wise.

The chapter continues from last time. Mimi is looking at old photos of her mom back when her mom was a student. I’m guessing there is this ghost thing and it’s got something it wants to tell the mom? But the mom is dead so Mimi is trying to figure out what to do?


So she goes to talk to ossan (who thankfully has clothes on, though not pants I notice. I hope he’s not free balling it…), hoping he’ll teach her how to exorcise this ghost. He says some confusing stuff which I don’t get so I’m going to skip (hey, Mimi has the same dur expression on her face too. She doesn’t get it either!) to the part where Mimi decides she’ll dress up as her mom and confront the ghost! Brilliant idea, right guys? – this is directed to the males she lives with (not sure what’s going on there). The dudes look at her then at the photo of her mother. They then turn to her little brother and exclaim how much he resembles his mother, much to Mimi’s chagrin.

Mimi: Fuck you (ノಠ Д ಠ)ノ ======= ┻━━┻

Random comedic scene aside, the guys get to business. One dude isn’t happy with the idea of Mimi going to confront the ghost dressed as her mother, seeing how the ghost chops off people’s heads (wait what?). The guys have a penis duel and fight over what they’re going to do. Mimi tells them to put their pants back on. She’s going to meet the ghost whether they like it or not. Because…I’m not sure why. Maybe the ghost was slicing off people’s heads in the past and as good guys they need to stop it? That’s a good reason. Better than just for some lols.

(just sayin’)

Mimi and co go to the school. Mimi meets the ghost. The ghost gives her the “item she’s been looking for,” which appears to be a hair clip from the dollar store (ಠ_ಠ). Mimi accepts the item. She looks around, making sure nothing is coming at her to slice her head off. Blood starts dripping from the hair clip (not good) and a creepy shadow thing rises up (and I believe bongs itself on the ceiling if you look at the perspective of everything. Unless Mimi’s place has high ceilings, that…thingie definitely smacked its noggin up there!).

Mimi goes wtf and the chapter ends ~

Thoughts: I am totally lost. I thought this was like…a random old school comedy. Now we have ghosts and pantsless exorcists running around. What!?

BBB II done ~

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