Blah Blah Blah ~ IV (June 2011)

Lol I have no idea why I made this 4th BBB ~ there are only 2 series in this one and they’re 2 series I don’t follow because one is a light novel and the other is just a bunch of pretty pictures and really confusing mini shorts ~

Meh, it’s Sylph so maybe that’s the reason ~

Here are…well, no real blahs from me. Pretty much 3 pictures xD Enjoy!

Brothers Conflict #12

That one doctor brother really worries me. I know I’ve said this before but I’m REALLY hoping he’s a pediatrician and not some sex offender in the making o___O;

I can’t believe 1.) the boy in the panda outfit can be one of your possible love interests 2.) that he’s wearing that panda outfit proudly (no normal 11 year old wears shit like that :/ Not unless they have problems, both in the present and in the future) and 3.) that he’s a boy…

Man this picture looks like a scene from a sick pedo bear’s furry fantasy O_____o

Sylph Anthology

No comment ~

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