Aug 2011 order ~

When I found the note my mailbox informing me I had a package waiting for me at the front office, I was expecting it to be my newest Sylph issue. Instead, I got a nice surprise – my package turned out to be my package :D

[Note: I used to use fc2 to post these things but the app pissed me off too much. Upload more than 2 pictures & half your draft would get deleted :/ I’ll just stick to using Spoils. This blog has no real specialization anyway. And I doubt the 10 ppl reading this care xD]

Here are my Sylph titles (love the pink theme going on xD I didn’t even realize it until I placed them side by side haha):

Sora Kara! My Nanny! #2
Himegoto wa Hanazono #1 (now I can finally figure out why everyone keeps switching gender O___O)
Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi #1 (now I can finally figure out why all those dudes live with her – AND MAYBE WHY THE OLD GRANDPA EXORCIST DOESN’T WEAR ANY PANTS!)
Hana Ori Soushi #1

Next up are Aria titles that caught my eye (earlier I bought an old copy from akadot to see what was being serialized). I definitely want to pick up more in the future but with the dollar-yen conversion the way it is, I’m going to have to be picky :/

Plus Sylph comes first ;3

Mukuro Chandelier #1
No. 6 #1
Nise no Chigiri   #1
Junketsu + Kareshi #1

Here is the lone Hana to Yume title I got xD Poor thing:

Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono #1 (I wanted to read this title when I randomly came across it A LONG time ago but I forgot the title D: Only recently I found it again, thanks to a one shot a read – was by the same manga-ka!)

Finally, we have Lala DX. I got this because I wanted to try and practice with some “real” shojo. However, my aim was to use something with lots of one shots (because I didn’t want to jump into a bunch of series stupid & also lots of shojo series just seem to never end x___x). I asked @chungky about Lala DX (bc she’s the Lala expert – just see from her blog ;D) and she said it was filled with one-shots (also Hana to Yume, in case you were curious ~).

Me: YES!

Here’s the freebie that came with the issue. It’s a wash cloth with that cat dude from Natsume’s Book of Friends:

Man, I didn’t know Lala DX was so fat and tiny! I mean look at it! It’s almost taller than my nendoroid!

Andddddddddddddddd, that’s it :3 Yay ~I’m hoping these are good reads ~

4 thoughts on “Aug 2011 order ~

  1. I was surprised with Lala DX’s size when I got mine (Ithought all magazines would be as big as Zero-Sum).

    I didn’t know that the author of Seigi no Mikata had a series *_* That must be good, teehee~

    Among the tankoubon you bought, Hana Ori Soushi attracted me the most *_*


    • I was under the same impression too – I thought it was going to be the same size as my Sylph manga but lol no it was tiny and fat. It’s so adorable though @___@ I love how comfy it is to hold. Sylph is big so it likes to fall out of my hand when I’m holding it one handed by the Lala volume just sits there (probably bc it’s so bottom heavy from being so fat xD)
      (is Zero-sum kind of like the same size as normal magazines, like Asuka or Nakayoshi?)

      I just remember the hotties on the cover xD That’s my only reason for getting this haha!
      I saw on Bakeneko’s page there’s going to be a Part II to Seigi no Mikata~! Yay ~ more power ranger parody fun (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

      I LOVE HANA ORI SOUSHI!!!! OMG, it’s like my favorite series in Sylph ATM. (〃▽〃)ポッ
      Everytime I get my new Sylph issue I’m like ODFOJAGFAOIGEHAGH;OSA HANA ORI SOUSHI!!!!
      Ever since I updated it’s mangaupdates page, lots of people have been putting Hana Ori Soushi in their wishlist (like 40 but that’s still a lot for a Sylph title). Maybe this means someone will pick it up and spread the Sylph Love @___@


      • I haven’t seen/gotten an Asuke/Nakayoshi yet, but I think Sylph would be as big as Zero-Sum. Or have you seen an Aria magazine? Then they’re just of similar sizes xD

        Heard about the part 2 too! Yay to superhero parodies~

        I don’t like harem though, but Hana ori soushi’s cover’s so attractive *_*


        • Ah, I do have a volume of Aria! Now I have a good picture of the size :3
          I’ve always been interested in Zero-Sum titles but I’m still much too newb to try reading their stuff yet :3 Heck, I can barely read Asuka right now because of all the big words (fantasy words ~ fighting words ~ ye old history words ~ so many!) xD
          Little steps at a time though. Two years ago, I never thought I’d be able to read shojo stuff but here I am with a volume of LaLa DX and greatly enjoying myself 8D I love one shots <3

          I love superhero parodies. If you ever have time, I liked one called YOU NITWIT! HEROES ARE EXTINCT! It's a parody of Power Rangers but I loved it ~ It's done by the same lady who draws Sora Kara! My Nanny :3 (this was before I knew she did SKMN. The volumes were on sale so that's how I knew of the series ~). It knew how to balance comedy and serious stuff o___o <3

          Ah, I'll take all the reverse harem I can get (well, I have limits…if all the guys want her then no…I prefer one guy wants her and the other guys are there just to look pretty and be supportive ~ (I love a series more when those side bishies get girls themselves, because I love secondary character development :3).
          Hana Ori Soushi is one of the manga I REALLY hope someone picks up ~ :3 *crosses fingers* It's got a good balance of comedy/emo/seriousness ~ plus the main girl is fun ~ she's spunky but not bitchy~ (as of the 5 chapters I've read so far any way :3)


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