Blah Blah Blah ~ Part I (June 2011)

Guess it’s about time I finally do something Sylph related instead of posting all these WTF SEARCH TERM HITS stuff xD
I’ve got most of June’s stuff written down. Now I just need to find the time to scan in pictures ~
Most likely everything will be released next weekend

[With school and work to balance, I’m kind of short on time ^^; But I’ll do my best ~]

**posts may do contain foul language and other stuff ~ FYI ;D

Table of contents:

[Hakase Ga!]
[Shinigami Doggy]
[Shiro Ari]

Hakase Ga! Spec. 008

To summarize: Elliot returns home to Shiva’s place(?) after standing in a line all night to get some video game (not sure if it’s supposed to be a parody of something). He sees Shiva talking to a girl. Elliot is about to freak (like he did in an earlier chapter) but then he explains to the readers that he and Shiva are so ghey for each other he has no reason to freak out. He uses the color spread for this chp as proof xD While talking to us, the girl gives Shiva a lunch box before tripping into Shiva. Shiva catches her and shojo sparkles fall all over them. This is where Elliot loses his turkey and comes to the conclusion that Shiva really is cheating on him again lol (so much for being hardcore ghey for each other xD). Elliot confronts the two though I secretly think he’s contemplating double suicide for him and Shiva. Shiva tells him the girl is a classmate/friend. Elliot is happy he’s not being cheated on (lol) and wants to go to school with them. Shiva says no. Elliot laughs as they walk off thinking, bitch please. I’m so going. At school we meet Shiva’s friends. Not sure what triggers this, but Shiva randomly asks how they all got accepted into this school. We flashback to each classmate’s interview. Every person was asked a series of questions however, none of them got to really answer their questions. Heck, one guy didn’t even get to say anything before he was accepted! Shiva was taken because he looks like a girl/is pretty. The female friend was taken because she can cook meat stew. The angry looking friend was taken because he’s angry looking and can go hulk. The last friend who looks a little like Beast Boy from Teen Titans…not sure why he was taken. Maybe because he looks like Beast Boy from Teen Titans?

Shiva doesn’t think much of it and gets on with his life (why did you bring it up then!? щ(゚ロ゚щ)). He comes to the conclusion that his school is kinda weird, interview aside. It’s surrounded by a giant fence, there are security cameras everywhere, and he needs a freaking map to get anywhere o_O; But that just means the chances of Elliot coming are slim, thinks Shiva.


Elliot appears and scales the fence. At the top he gets shot at. Elliot: (ఠ_ゝఠ)

The school goes into Code…Rose O____O; Apparently the instructions for what to do in such an emergency come out as a part of a poem. The students have to look in their handbook for the answer (wtf). After finding the page, the students run off to the location indicated on their maps (wow, so much for sticking together. Every man for himself I guess). Not sure why but the upper classman in another building are just watching this, with evil smiles on their face. Apparently something funny is going to happen? Haha? >__>; assholes…

The school goes into a lockdown. Shiva is trapped by a dead-end, not sure why he’s lost when he followed his map. A hand grabs him and he shits himself. Turns out it’s his friends. They’re looking at his brown backside like, wtf dude. Shiva tells them it’s because they scared him. Everyone is confused as to what’s going on. All show their maps which turn out to be different from one another. Shiva throws his map on the floor and has a hissy fit. The group decides to blindly run for it. They come to the end of the hall to find…a door. Scribbled on the door is a question with two answers. Do you plan on going ahead or will you go back?

Thoughts: =__= I have no idea what this series is about…only reason I read this is for Elliot. I’m trying to see who’s more insane: him or the Prince from Café Café. They’d make the greatest of friends, coming up with crazy schemes to get the attention of their Tsundere interests (though in Elliot’s case, I think he’s just perving on Shiva for research reasons? I haven’t been following since the beginning so I’m not sure ^^;)

Shinigami Doggy Chapter 9

Summary: Shin comes home to his hobo clown tent after a hard day of bending Ken over a table and shoving the spirits of girls up his rectum. Inside is a lady who needs to learn that just because you have the buttoned the top of your shirt and around your navel, you still have to button the holes around your breasts so they don’t all hang out like an old man’s ball sac :/ She trololols and says welcome home sweetie to Shin who replies GTFO. She goes hohoho fucker before summoning a whip and tying him up. Rumor has it Shin has been playing with a little boy back on earth, leaving her alllllllll alone ~

Shin: =_____= don’t make me sound like an unfaithful husband who prowls around in an unmarked vehicle to capture unsuspecting children…

Scene change to Ken who is going through his day when he thinks, huh something doesn’t feel right…oh! It’s because Shin isn’t here to show the spirits of maidens up my clown hole! Pissed that he thought of Shin, Ken throws himself into finding a job…which turns out to be unsuccessful (Ken blames discrimination against shorties for the reason xD). While walking he bumps into a girl dressed as a maid. He falls on his butt and scratches his hand. The maid is all OMFG I SCRATCHED YOUR HAND OH GEEZUS WHAT HAVE I DONE!? Ken tries to tell her to STFU and calm down but the maid pulls out a dagger (lol what?) and tries to kill herself in penance. Ken stops her. Another maid comes and notices Ken’s hand. She wraps it in a handkerchief. Ken thanks her and asks where he should return the handkerchief to. The maid says no need but after some persistence from Ken, she hands over a card from the place she works at. As she walks away waving, she smacks into the first maid and…goes through her.

Oh shit the suicidal maid is a ghost!

Ken makes like the hair on a middle age man and leaves. Suicidal Maid follows him, wanting to do something to make up for the injury she caused him. Before Ken can let out another STFU, he notices the whole town is crawling with maids! WTF!?

Turns out there’s a maid competition starting…yeah, I didn’t know there was such a thing but apparently this is some hot shit. Maids from all over come to compete. Suicidal Maid wants to compete but…she’s dead lol ~ so no go ~ Not wanting to get any further with her, Ken tells her to seek out Shin (love his description of Shin – he has on a top hat and monocle. He’s the kind of creeper you’d turn and run in the opposite direction were you to encounter him… xD). Suicidal Maid says sweet, Imma going to find him. Names Gin. Call if you need help.

Ken: hahahah no

He walks home. Along the way he encounters Chesty. Turns out she’s a shinigami, no surprise though, seeing how she was camped out in Shin’s hobo clown tent. She jumps Ken. Ken poops himself. She breaks the collar off Ken before staring at the mess he made like, really? Ken: D: I WAS SCARED!! DON’T JUDGE ME OR MY SOILED PANTS! She tells Ken he’s free and Shin won’t bother him again. Or Spanky. She leaves and Ken is left to do a happy dance when he realizes he’s free ~


Thoughts: Interesting chapter. I don’t know why but I lol-ed when I saw the heart shaped pillow on Shin’s bed in the beginning of the chapter. Random much? Also, come on. This is a shojo. We don’t need a girl’s hoots hanging out because there are no boys reading this magazine :/

Shiro Ari (Snow White & Alice) Check #11

Summary: Alice’s secret is out: he likes to wear heels and step on people. However, rather than freak people out, this makes him even more popular! xD wtf!? Alice has been receiving more presents and letters from his admirers now compared to when he was all niko niko Alice.

While Alice is fuming over this, Snow White notices that Alice brought home a package. He tells her Sangatsu/The March Hare made it. The March Hare makes deserts worth being licked by a clown to get at so naturally Snow White is happy…until she opens the box. It’s…omfg you guys…it’s an apple pie.


Lol, kidding. Snow White is doing enough of that for us xD Alice explains the reason for the pie’s existence: he told The March Hare that Snow White LOVESSSSSSSSS APPLES so that’s why she made it. But Alice knows the truth: SNOW WHITE HATES APPLES! She covers the apples to avoid looking at them or she’ll not make eye contact with the fruit in question if in the same room with it. Even just the taste of it is enough to make her toss her cookies as Alice notes when she ran from the room one time after eating curry he made with a hint of apple.


Snow White says he’s not doing this just because she chucked that soup pot at his head in the last chapter – he already tackled her and used her as a punching bag! Alice says that wasn’t enough to sate his revenge. FEAR THE APPLE!

Oh, and does she ever. She runs for it with Alice hot on her heels. Their chase ends when Snow White trees herself xD Alice tells her he’s had enough revenge and to come down. Only problem here is she…can’t xD

Alice: (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Alice holds his arms out and says he’ll catch her. Snow White retorts that he’ll just pull his arms away at the last second so she’ll land face first.

Alice: (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Before they can argue, Nemuri Mouse / Dormouse appears. She rushes to Alice and asks if it’s true: that he likes to step on people in heels because he’s a sadist. Alice thinks for a minute before coming clean, but in a sort of dick way. She is in shock over this and flees. Snow White chastises Alice for being a dick and making Dormouse cry. Alice replies that hiding the truth from only her would serve no purpose. Watching him closely, Snow White can see that Alice didn’t want to hurt Dormouse. Alice tells her to STFU and come down. She jumps into his arms, causing the both of them to fall – Alice on his ass, Snow White on top. She hugs him, thinking – you’re not all that bad. Alice hugs her back.

Scene change to Snow White in her room. Something falls from her hood – it’s an apple! THAT MOTHERFUCKER ALICE PUT AN APPLE IN HER HOOD WHILE THEY WERE HUGGING! BITCH! – is what Snow White thinks. She grabs a cloth and extends a shaky hand to cover the villain. We get a random flashback of Snow White about to eat the apple but it’s stopped when a heeled shoe smashes down on the apple. ALICE!? No! It’s actually…MIRROR/KAGAMI!

Thoughts: I’m really liking this series ~ My favorite part in this chapter was when Alice brings home his stuff and Snow White notices he’s carrying something scribbled in a child’s handwriting (along with the apple pie). He explains that while he was walking home he saw two kids. One was teasing the other who was crying. He bitchslapped the bully, telling the bully not to do that shit in front of him. The crier thanked Alice only to be bitchslapped too xD Alice tells the crybaby to grow some balls. Both stare at Alice in awe and wish to be just like him when they grow up. Lol, if I were bitchslapped by a stranger, aspiring to be them when I grow up wouldn’t be my first thought but whatever! xD

And Snow White’s reaction to this all was hilarious: so you’re saying he should bully the kid elsewhere? =___=; Is that really what a role model like yourself should be saying?

Here are additional scans of Kagami/Mirror (requester SapphirePyro):

The ones who kick you to the ground - all of them - I hate them I hate them I hate them

And this ends the first BBB!

15 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blah ~ Part I (June 2011)

  1. OHMYGOD… Shiro Ari’s crazier than I thought… I LOVE IT!!!

    OMG.. Alice is such a freakin’ sadist… an adorkable sadist… damnit.

    My darling is pissed because his own beloved is being bullied (again) SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!! (Ah well, I know Snow White’s gonna end up w/ Alice in the end but… darn, why am I more in love to those with one-sided love, whether they admit it or not)



    • It’s insane xD Alice is crazy as heck. Poor Snow White is just trying to stay out of his choke hold haha!
      I like Kagami/Mirror :3 His outfit is what caught my eye at first honestly – I kept thinking he wasn’t wearing any pants so I kept staring at his legs for long periods of time trying to figure out if what I thought was true or not xDDDD Before I knew it, he became a character I liked ~
      (I’m sort of hoping Alice gets with Dormouse…just so Snow White can get with Kagami/Mirror :3)

      Look forward to the next chapter because it’s all Kagami/Mirror in the beginning ;D


      • While I got attracted to Mirror because of The Sexy Mole and The Awesome Monocle xD

        I think Mirror’s wearing half-pants? xD Hahaha! Too sexy to conceal everything, LOLz

        Alice x Dormouse would be cute xD Mirror deserves Snow White so much~




      • Ah yes, the sexy monocle xD <3 I can't believe I forgot to mention that! *taps forehead in embarrassment*

        I think I like Mirror's clothes the best. They're just so…badass xD

        I reading the first volume and I totally agree. Mirror x Snow White FTW ; A ; Go get your woman Mirror! Don't let Alice take her from you!

        o____o unfortunately with my freaking out over getting an internship, I might have to put the July stuff on hold for a little bit. Damn you school. Every time I get ahead, you shoot me in the thigh so I fall behind…
        School is rather vicious.
        But I will do my best to get that drama over with so I can go back to my Sylph love <3

        Thanks always for you comments <3


      • Bishi + monocle = hott

        Mirror’s clothes = totally + badass

        Mirror x Snow White = FTW

        (Oh I wish math is like that, not numbers, LOLz)

        That’s sad… but well, RL shall always be a priority ^^ Good luck on that and hope you can spread more Sylph love soner~


        • The newest had Mirror dressed as a student for the colored page and he looked mighty fine ~ Guess this just means Mirror can just rock any outfit – badass fantasy or school uniform xD

          I’m still holding out for Alice x Dormouse, just because I think they’re so cute ~ (and Snow White can get with Mirror xD). Plus Alice is an “old man” ~ :P

          I’ll definitely get your translations out though :) I’ve just started to read chapter 5 of my first volume. Once I’m done reading, I’ll pop out the goods :)


  2. Pingback: June 2011 Sylph « Spoils

    • Cheryl? ◕ ◡ ◕ who dat?

      <- was my original thought. I got interested in who you were talking about so I looked at chapter 11 for Shinigami Doggy and Hakase Ga. And why yes, it does show that Chesty/Cheryl (I didn't know her/his name at the time of this BBB) does have man bits O ◡ O|||

      The reason I didn't know this interesting tidbit is because I'm SUPER behind on my Sylph issues ^^; I'm just now getting to the July Issue when just yesterday I got my October Issue OTL I'm so slow… xD

      I'll continue to say "her" until I get to chapter 11…this way ppl will be all OJSDFAOISHFAHFASHFSADFIAJ PENIS!? XD haha ~


  3. Um… This is my first time writing in these things. I was wondering, where did you find the raws for Shiro Ari ? I’d really appreciate it if you told me. Thanks.

    By the way,
    I’m glad that more people agree with that ship. I thought I was the only one. The overdramatic me yells in happiness, “I’M NOT ALONE!”


    • Hi there! I get my RAWs from Kinokuniya. It’s a Japanese bookstore that’s near me :) Before, when I didn’t live near anything Japanese (like, Panda Express was as Asian as it was going to get), I used and (now to order my magazines. However, those two are crazy expensive shipping wise ( is better since you can choose your shipping method.). I also had a subscription with Fujiyasan but I moved so I had to cancel that subscription. They were pretty good though. Took awhile, like a week and a half, to get to me
      If you don’t mind the wait, is pretty good. Your stuff ships free over $35 I think? And the site is in English :)

      Haha, you are not alone my child! I saw more sparks between Snow and Mirror than I did Snow and Alice. However, the recent chapters have all but confirmed who the pairing for Snow is going to be : w : alas, I’m on the wrong ship again. Oh well! I can always dream ~


  4. I had no idea you had summaries on SHIRO ARI too, I’m soo happy! >.<

    I like this manga, but they are taking too long to translate, maybe they even
    dropped this project :( Just like shounen oujo, the sites I read are taking
    ages to release and I don't know if they will. Are you Alice? also, I don't know
    the shoujos I read are being ignored? XD

    Thank you for your summaries!



    Jess :3


  5. F***, I just love Kagami/Mirror. Just the way he’s all gentle with Snow White in the later chapters. (Check 23/ Check 29/hugeness from behind/) Just arghsshsh This guy. He peeves me off sometimes. Just get with the girl. Your body efing wants her, just by the way you freaking straddle her. (-w-)*


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