8/24 – 8/27 WTF Search Term Hit(s)

“girl wedgie comics”

Good to see this is still getting hits…*face palms*

“opinions about butterflies”

Trololololol poor guy. Must have been trying to write a paper on the public opinion of butterflies and instead he gets shojo smut (Butterflies, Flowers) xD

“i can still fight okita”

Lol what? Someone has a grudge against Okita xD

“manga angels hugging”

I can’t tell anymore if this is a cute clean hit or a hit for something porny…

“hakuouki underwear”

xD lololol ~ I know why I got this hit! It’s because I was talking to @chungky on twitter about this random freebie. To make a long story short, here’s a screenshot of what we were talking about (this is real):

“whores sucking a penis”

“did cain fall in love with hiyoki?”

Yeah but not sure why though…

Kuga all the way bitches!

“nasty porn”

Wow…straight shooter huh? You don’t waste time eh?

“search for words of the week”

xD Haha, I pity the person who found me via this! They’re like oh boy. And then they look at my hits.



“hakuouki bound”

Please may this not be a hit for Hakuouki bondage…please no…

“i love too room manga”

The f? Is this a real manga? Because this is the weirdest Engrish title I’ve seen in a while xD

“sex girls penis anime”

Sex Girl’s Penis? o_________o Umm…isn’t she technically a dude then? That mystery aside:

“covered in shit”


What were you expecting to find, sir!?

2 thoughts on “8/24 – 8/27 WTF Search Term Hit(s)

    • Haha, I can’t believe that’s really a freebie! Underwear! Lol, why!? xD

      Tumblr gifs are awesome <3 They just make a post more…special ~ because they convey what couldn't be captured with words xDDDD


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