8/24 Search Term Hits

“hun no oujo”

Not sure what this person was looking for but here is that Hun dude from Mulan  dressed as a princess (oujo) ~
May this picture have completed all your wishes ~

“stray shota”

Screw giving stray cats and dogs a home. We need to be focusing on those stray shotas!!!

>___>; (this is probably a pedo search hit isn’t it?)

“tea bags underwear”

My expression:


So if you were to base my blog off these 3 hits, Spoils is a site where creepy men gather and lure stray little boys in using cross dressing Disney villain for the explicit purpose of teabagging their underwear. Orz.*walks off to get some Advil*

4 thoughts on “8/24 Search Term Hits

    • I tried to look a couple up myself (the clean ones – like Hun no Oujo) but I didn’t see my blog pop up in the search engine (I only checked the first page or two though). I’m wondering how desperate these searchers were that they went to like page 345 of possible hits to find whatever it is they’re looking for and ended up on my blog? They most likely didn’t stay long since I don’t have any penises or tea bagged underwear on this blog xD)


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