One-shot: Binbou-Gami Irimasen Ka?

8D It’s outttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!

What am talking about? No, not SLH‘s Uryuu from the closest. Lol no ~ he was never in there to begin with ;D We ALL know that. I’m referring to the oneshot Weekend Betsuender and I collabed together on 8D

Little background story:

In a time period not now, I was reading my newest issue of Sylph:


As I was crying like this man in his bathroom (not sure what his deal is – maybe the realization his balls are small and there’s no amount of compensation he can do to overcome it? :p), chungky @mentioned me and basically told me STFU and get over it.

Lol, jk she didn’t xD

Actually, after a bit of conversing, she mentioned we should do a collab. See, chunkgy is the leader of a scan group called Weekend Betsuender. I still to this day do not know why such a powerful & awesome figure such as herself would even entertain the notion of working with me and my pathetic oneshot but all I know is I like a kid in a candy store with a stolen credit card over the proposition.



I present to you the link to our collab (well, actually I think I’m now officially considered a member of her group xD I sees my name there! 8D) – click on the picture to be taken to the page ~:

About the God of Poverty. As his name suggests, this god brings about misfortune and poverty. However, he’s like a clingy girlfriend. Once he has you in his grasp, he ain’t letting go. UNTIL DEATH DO YOU PART! or something like that. Thus you’ll be stuck with financial problems for a long time. Stories have been made about situations where individuals have a binbou-gami attached to them yet no matter what they do, the binbou-gami won’t leave them.

And being the god of poverty, no one likes being poor so naturally no one likes him.

Binbo-gami: D’8

I’m serious. Right now with the economy kind of shitty in Japan, people have been making pilgrimages to this temple housing a statue which represents the binbou-gami and going to town on it. We’re talking kicking, your mama so fat insults, etc. I was like WHAT!? You serious!? But apparently it makes the Japanese feel better. As if they were telling the god, F you and the poverty you curse us with.

[damn, I can’t find the article I read this from but here’s a youtube video of old Japanese people beating up the statue xD]

I hope this information will help you understand the one-shot better ;D Or at least look at Japanese a little weirder (hey, I’m Japanese so I can say that xD).

To chungky, thank you so much for making this possible 8D I hope to work with you again in the future, that is if my slow work speed hasn’t turned you off xD

7 thoughts on “One-shot: Binbou-Gami Irimasen Ka?

  1. HAHAHA. the beginning cracked me up! xD
    ur too awesome!!! so happy to work with u too !!!!! xDDD

    jk, u giv me way too much credit !!!

    at the end of the day – GO COMIC SYLPH. haha

    thanks for the link to tat video. HAHA.


    • Haha, had to make the beginning interesting enough to capture the attention of my 10 readers ;D (plus, Tumblr just has some GREAT gifs! 8U I’m so glad I joined so I can steal those gifs xD)

      How about we agree that we’re both hot awesome chicks? ;D And together, we’re a magnificent collection of kickass?

      Hear Hear to that 8D Go Comic Sylph (and Weekend Betsuender for doing this!)

      The video demanded to be shared. Esp when grandma went wild with the basebat. Lol grandma take it easy! Don’t poop yourself over it xDDDDD


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