August Sylph Covers

Another month means more manga releases for Sylph ~ Thought I’d share the prettiness with you all ~ I meant to post this earlier but the picture quality on Sylph‘s official page sucked balls (everything was all blurry and nasty) but when I checked later today, someone must have been, wow this sucks balls, and fixed it 8D Yay ~ BTW, I’m surprised by one of these releases because it wasn’t serialized in the magazine 8U Must have been a promotion thing?

薄桜鬼 千恋抄 Hakuouki

コミックとノベルで綴るアニメ公式アンソロジー! コミックはアニメ公式 『薄桜鬼』 のひらく椥のほか、『白アリッッ』 のぺぷ、『大和彼氏』 作画の純愛鏡など。ノベルは 「ブラコン」 シナリオ担当の水野隆志。 An official anthology for the anime Hakuouki, comprising of both literary pieces and comic shorts. Comic shorts will be drawn by Hiraku Naku (who is currently drawing the official comic adaptation in Sylph), Shiro Ari‘s Pepu, Yamato Kareshi‘s Junai Kagami, and many others. The novel potion of the anthology will be written by Mizuno Takashi(?), author of the Brothers Conflict novel adaptation (currently running in Sylph).

白アリッッ(2) Shiro Ari (Snow White and Alice)

「白雪姫」 と 「鏡の国のアリス」 を融合させた、異色コラボファンタジーの第2巻。主人公の白雪は元の世界に戻るべく、アリスと行動をともにする。そこへ白ウサギ、ハートの女王、そして赤のキングが現われる! Imagine Snow White and Alice of the Country of Mirrors (where everything is backwards, including Alice’s gender~) forced into a partnership and you have Shiro Ari, a unique fantasy focusing on the alliance forged between two unlikely characters. Volume #2 continues to follow protagonist Snow White as she works together with Alice in order to return back to her world. The two will encounter many foes this time around, including the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, and the Red King!

死神DOGGY(2) Shinigami Doggy

ドS死神・シンと共に日々彷徨える女性の魂を救う貧乏高校生・ケン。しかし、実はその行為は死神の禁を犯すもので…!? ケンの犬生活は波乱続き!! ソウルレスキューDOGGY’sライフ、目が離せない第2巻! Ken, a poor high school student, continues to work along aside the Sadist/Shinigami Shin as they help the wandering souls of young girls find peace. However, it turns out Shin’s method (which uses Ken’s body to house said souls) is actually against Shinigami protocol! Ken’s life has been a bumpy one and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it in sight. Soul Rescue. A Doggy’s Life. Volume #2 is not one you want to miss!

ダダダダン。(1) Dadadadan

超シャイで、超女嫌いで、超二次元オタク―― そんなダメ男子3人組が繰り広げる、ドタバタ学園コメディの第1巻! 女の子が苦手で嫌いで興味がない3人の前に、ある日突然、女の子が現われちゃって…!? One is super shy around girls. The second just hates them. The third could give a care unless she’s 2-D. Welcome to DADADADAN, a slapstick school life comedy following the antics of three fail males and their troubles with the enemy – females. Though the trio can’t stand to be near the opposite sex (either out of hate, disinterest, or difficulty), the girls themselves have no problem migrating to them!

5 thoughts on “August Sylph Covers

  1. I bought the Shiro Ari 1… and I’m already so addicted though I didn’t understand majority of it, haha! I suppose it’ll be the same w/ Volume 2.

    And I think I’ll also get hooked to Dadadadan 1 when I see it *_*


    • :3 Well I’m glad we’re going to work on this project together then 8D I hope others will enjoy the insanity that is Shiro Ari ~

      (I haven’t gotten #2 yet – will probably get it in October when I make my bimonthly order ~ the only thing I’m worried about tho is how bad the dollar will be to the yen ;____; it just gets lower and lower, which means I can only get so much booooo)

      DADADADAN is fun 8D It’s got a lot of text (for a Sylph title) but the comedy makes up for it ~ Grumpy and Doc are my favorite characters <3


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