June 2011 Sylph – Color Scans

Lol what? The Burger King mascot is being laid off?
Wow…what’s this world coming to when even fictional characters are losing their jobs D:
I admit that he wasn’t my favorite fast food chain mascot – in fact, he was racing pretty even with Ronald McDonald – but gawd was it fun making fun of that character xD

Ah, that bit of news aside, on to the meat of this post: color scans of Comic Sylph :3 Sometimes it feels like I’m scanning the exact same pictures from the last issue xD

I mean, how much Brothers Conflict can be shoved in my face before they run out of info? ~ (`∀´) ~

And Hakuouki…just let it go….just let it go xD

At first I was thinking I WANT THESE but then I thought, oh wait, I’m not even into this series lol never mind xD However, if you’re a fan…sweet ~

I wonder if Sora Kara! My Nanny will ever get popular enough to have a post card? :3 It has its own website so maybe?

New manga for the month ~ We have Hakase Ga #1, BROTHERS CONFLICT #2,  Torikagoshou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi #3 (final), (and in smaller print), Zeele Sacrifice #3 (final), Devil S Princess #1, and Scarlet Prince #3 (final).

Advertisement for the furoku to be included in the next 3 issues of Sylph. Oh snap, was Sylph generous! DGS keychains AND BROTHERS CONFLICT STUFF? Um, I love you Sylph <3

Lol, speaking of BROTHERS CONFLICT, here is your monthly dose of bishi ~ In the bottom picture you finally see the mom and your dad. The chick in the school uniform is your BFF ~


Also, wtf to the blond hair guy. Is he stoned or something? o__O;

TOTALLY thought those Heart Lights/Heart Shaped Flashlights were something else. Like, we’re talking something found in a porn shop xD I don’t know why I though that!!!

Those chibis are so adorable ;A;

Oh, if you’re curious, the article is talking about some DGS event called 4LOVERS ONLY/4LO

Lols, for a second I thought two of these guys had their necks broken but it turned out the white things around their necks aren’t braces – they’re face mask xD

Article for the Hakuouki OVA coming up. Involves talking to the cast who voice the characters.

An article for an otome game which is also going to be serialized in Sylph (the next issue will have a preview) – STORM LOVERS (one otome game to replace the one that ended I guess xD). For an otome game, I think the guy in the chair needs to vacate the seat and let the protagonist sit there. Otherwise, it just looks like a dude with his man bitches xD

I know guys usually look like one another in a series but is it me or do a lot of these guys look the same o___O Times like this, sky blue hair is appropriate xD

Pretty stuff that we’ll never see 8D Yay ~ tease ~ Damn I want that pink PSP!

And that is it ~ hope you enjoyed ~ I’ll be getting to BBB and snippets here soon ~

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