8/19 WTF Search Term Hit(s)

I like making my wtf search term posts but I get lazy and forget about them. So I’ll do a daily one whenever something wtf pops up ~


“fine as frogs hair”

Ahaha, someone was either trying to figure out the meaning of this saying or they were looking for others who use this xD

*looks at the next one:*

“dog jizz”


I love tumblr. You can get the best gifs from there xD

2 thoughts on “8/19 WTF Search Term Hit(s)

    • Will do xD
      I’ll usually only have these posts when some crazy ones come up though (I’ve had days where I only get normal stuff – I get so sad over that for some reason xDDDDD) so don’t be worried if I go a few days without publishing one ;D May the weird terms never end haha (should I really be wishing for that? o3o)


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